twinj saga of love (episode 11)

….Recap: kunj and twinkle was in the park . Twinkle tried to tell kunj that she doesnt wants to marry with him but she darenot ..they reached at twinkles home and found arrangements for their marriage.

Episode . Chiki : bhabhi you are going to be lookin very beautiful today.. Bhai will die after seeing you. Tbut twinkle doesnt reply . Chinki : kya hua bhabhi ..? Aap nerves ho?

Twinkle : .. Actually im thirsty .. I want i glass water can u bring please.. ? And.. I need to make call to Naira .. My friend .. ! Can i make it from ur mobile please?? Chiki : dont be formal bhabi.. Chiki gives her mob. And she goes to bring water.

Twinkle calls yuvi. T: hellow yuvi .. ! Where are you .. ! Yuvi : is everythig fine ? U seems to be tensed ? Twinkle starts cring .. And tells him with sobbing in betn talking

T: im in mess yuvi. .. Today.. After 1 hr .. Im going to marry with kunj .. Dont know why suddenly it happens? Our plan is flop yuvi . Please come here .. To take me with u. I can’t live without you. Please do something in hr. Yuvi.: dont cry. Im with you . Im coming only .. Dont loose hopes.. Stay strong . No one can seperate us even god. .. You trust me ..? T: yes .. More than me. Yuvi : now go and get ready fast .. Today i will finish this matter.. I coming to marry with you . We will tell everything to everyone. .. Im coming .. Twinkle hears sound of footstep and says koi aa raha h.. Bye

Yuvi : ok bye. She cuts d phone And says in mind : i completely trust u yuvi. I konw u will definely came. Love u. Chinki gives her water. And they gets ready for marriage . Here kunj also getting in other room with his brother . Kunj is quite nervous . And sitting sadly. Anand : kya hua bhai ..? Chupchap kyun ho?? Kunj : bas… Thoda sa darr lag raha h ? Anand : kuch nahi ye to shuruwat h…. Tera isase bhi bura haal hoga shadi ke bad… Puri wat lagegi teri bhai.. Shadi ka laddu khaye wo pachtaye.. Aur jo na khaye wo bhi pachtaye. .. Kehate ye such hai.. Anand says to kunj to cheer up.. Kunj : bhai .. U have to support me at this tym .. But tum aur bhi dara rahe ho.. Anand : tuze dara nahi raha mai . .. Maine to jo such hai wohi bola.. And stated to laughing.. Nikki cames their and says. “nikki : anand .. ?? Kya kaha tumne Abhi abhi..?? (with angrily) Anand : kuch bhi nahi teri tarif kar raha tha mai to.. N: dont lie … I was listen everything Kunj is grinning badly And says : bhabhi .. He is big lier.. U r right.. Nikki gives angry look to anand. And says kunj looking at kunj. Kunj : ise to mai bad me dekh lungi.. Pahale tum taiyar hoke jaldi niche aao.. Sab wait kar rahe hai. ..and kunj ua looking vry handsome today..

Nikki leaves from their.. kunj started loughing badly.. Anand pinches his nose brigde . Anand : bhai . .! Dekha ..??? Ye to sirf trailer tha.. Picture abhi baki hai mere dost.. !! Kunj is still loughing

Anand : has has le.. Waise bhi teri .. Hasi shadi tak hai.. Im going downstairs .. If u want to come then come.. Kunj with controling laughing. Kunj : bhai. .dulhe ko to le chal. And they goes to downstairs. .. In twinkles room Twinkle is sitting sadly .. She wears beautiful lenhanga which kunj was choose for her. Leela comes their and says pinni L: ohh.. Look my doll is looking. Vry vry. Beautiful today.. Pinni : Omg ..! Kunj will die after look at you.. ! Twinkle gives lill smile at them .. She stands and hug to leela . Twinkle : maa… !! And started cring Maa. : dont cry.. And leela also gets tears in eyes . But she controls and says to cheer up to twinkle .. L : if u cry like this ua make up will spoil. Pinni: .. Omg .. Twinkle…!! she is correct . See.. Ur eye liner is starting spread. T all smiles looking at twinkle . Twinkle in her mind ,” ohh , where is yuvi.. Why he came not yet ?? Hope, he will came on time.. I cant marry with kunj . ” Nikki : lets. .go .. All are waiting for twinkle. Theys goes to mandap . Kunj was already there. Kunj mesmorised by seeing her beauty. Nikki: where u lost ..Devarjee??? Kunj : kuch nahi bhabhi.. Mai thik lag raha hu naa ?? I mean .. Twinkle se mathch kar raha hu naa ?? Nikki : ohh ffoo devar ji … U know.. Twinkle is very lucky that she got handsome hubby like you.. U are looking hot .. Twinkle will die after seeing you. Jnj laugh.. Twinkle goes on stage . Kunj gives glance twinkle . She gives akward smile to him . Twikle is waiting for yuvi only. She prays ” please god .. Yuvi jaldi aa jaye.. I cant marry with kunj ” Rituals starts twinkle followes with teary eyes as there is no other option to her. They takes all 7seven rounds around fire with 7voves . Pandit explains meaning of 7 seven rounds to them . Then kunj fills twinkles mang with sidoor .. But twinkle is cring only. Kunj feels very bad for twinkle . Kunj whisper in her ears ,”please twinkle dont cry.. Otherwise.. U will look vry ugly in pictures . And then u will not match with me as im very handsome ”

Kunj make her wear mangalsutra .. Meanwhile yuvi enters there he sees kunj is wearing her mangalsutra , Twinklr is cring . yuvi about say anything but before he hears . Pandit – aap dono ab pati patni ban gaye.

Twinkle’s tears has no bounds . She controls them but fails . She questios herself ” why babaji ?? Why i u did this with me ? How can i forget yuvi. And accept kunj?? Why yuvi was not came to bring me. ?? He ditch me ?? How can he so irresopsible ?? Why ?? ” And she cries with sobbing . Kunj wipes her tears. Anand and raman come their and says them to go royal restorant . They was booked honemoon suite for them . Kunj feels akward . He looks at twinkle with embrassing . She looks down as she doesnt finds words to talk. Kunj : raman mamu .. Ye sab ki kya . ? I mean its ok . ! But seeing no option they sits in car and leaves for hotel.

They reachs at hotel . Kunj goes to recepeniost and asks for suite takes keys. Kunj gets call.. K- twinkle u go ..iwill coming after taking this call . She nods . S she finds one room having nameplate ‘ Honeymoon Suite’ Sshe conform and goes in and Sees decorations . Room is decorated with roses . Petals of roses are spreed all over the room and bed. She thinks ” ohh. .. Babaji.. ? What is this ?? What do i do now ? ?I barely known to kunj and this all ?! ” She sits numb on couch As her mind is not working well. She thinks , ” how can i do this with stranger ? But he is my husband now ?? I cant start new with lie. I have tell him everything about my affair , my love . ” She closes her eyes to gather some energy. And stands up. And goes to bed. She sits on bed with veil like new bride but are rolling contineously from her eyes.

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