twinj saga of love (episode 10)


…… Recap:
rt reached at mall along with twinkle . bebe asked them to go seprate for shopping .. after shopping they They reached at park .
in park
yhey did their shopping and went in park..
They were slient for half an hour .. Kunj said to break d silence
Kunj -why u was not in mood .. ? What is that bothering u so much?? U can tell me as u consider me as ur best friend ..”
Twinkle surprise and fake smile came on her face ..
Twinkle – me..? And sad.. Nnnooo not at all..
Kunj – dont lie .. If u cant.. Ur face telephy ur mind ….. I bevhave rudely to u cheer u up. . Please dont mind..”

Twinkle .. ” ok. But .. Tell me .. How u came to know ..that what i wants to tell u..?

Kunj – i know .. Im vry handsome. U want…. That ur so cute .ur vry handsome and all.. !
Right..?? But dont worry.. Evey girl want me compliment me like this..”

Twinkle look at him and sigh..and said with happiness ” ohh …. That .. ??! I thoght ..!!”
And stopped
Kunj – what ??..
With pick one eyebrow up !?
Twinkle – nothing…
Kunj – let it be.. Wann eat iceacream ??

Twinkle noded ..and he went to buy icecream..
here Twinkle decide to tell him everything .. When he came back Twinkle said – “kunj…i dont love you.” Kunj was stunned ..
Twinle – I love someone else.. His name is yuvi.. I tried so many times to tell you .. But i failed. .. My has been forcing me to marry u.. I know it is too late but .. try to understand.. please break this marriage.. i beg you.. please do it for…. I sorry kunj ”

Kunj.- what..??? Cant u tell before ..the day after tommarow is our marriage.. .and it is 1 month complted to fix our marraige… U cant play with my family prestige.. . I wont spare u.. U have to marry me.. Otherwise people will bow down my father .. ”

And slaped her hard..
Kunj – u r shameless . I will not break this marriage.. !
Twinkle run from their .. And collide with someone . .. she was about to fall but he hold her..
she was tears in eyes ..
she looked at him with teary eys .. he was kunj .. icecream falls on them.. (sajna ve momemt <3 )
kunj made her stand properly and hold her shoulders. and shake her to came in sences . she was nummed..
knj – twinkle.. !
twimkle realised she was in day dream..
kunj – r u ok…??
twinkle – kunj.. tum?
kunj – haa main.. aur ye tu kaha bagh rahi thi. ? kya hua h tuze.. ?
twinkle – nothing .. im fine..''
she whisperd
munj – u spoid our icrecream.. but ok.. i will bring another ..
twinkle – its ok kunj .. i m not in mood ..
kunj – twinkle yar.. muze bata tuze hua kya h.. aise kyu behave kar rahi h !? ..
twinkle despite .
kunj – ok .. lets go home
twinkle nodded in yes ..
in car they didnt talk each other even a small word .
kunj did turn onn fm ..
there was playing all romentis songs..
twinkle got more irritate but smile akwardly at kunj .. kunj did same ..
kunj he turn off it again..
suddenly kunj got call from manohar.
kunj – haa dad .. bolo..

m:u did ur shopping ??
k : yes .. .. we are coming to u..
m – plz ..come in our home .we are waiting for u..
k : why ?? i mean .. is everything fine ?
m: no nothing to worried ..
kunj : we are on d way . coming in 5 mi.
kunj and twinkle reached at home .. kunj immeditely went in worriedly..
twinlle followed him .
junj and twinkle was stunned to saw decoration and mandap in hall..
ktwinkle in her mind.. " what d hell is this ?! flowers and decorations and mandap.. who is marring here ??"
kunj though same ..
kunj – papa.. what is this..? who is marring here ?
m: you anf twinkle..
kunj – what ? kunj was stunned ..he paused and said .. ""but we are going marry day after tommarow.. what was eeed of all that ?? "
m: i will explain u it later .and i thought u both will be happy with this .. but u look disappointed both.
..twinkle was unable to think what was going on? as she was lost her sences.
kunj – nothing like that.. .. .
kunj glanced twinkle and said.. " offcourse we r happy ? but lill bit shock.. "
m : now dont waste tym go and get ready in half an hr..
kunj went his room .. with anandbhaiya and twinke went in chinkis room for get ready..
rt in his mind – i am sorry twinkle.. i was strict with u.. .. it was for u only.. you will definitly realise it after somedays.. i did it for u only."

fb is shown
[ rt call a pandit yesterday . rt saied pandit to lie to manohar .that if this marriage will not happen tommarow .. they will remain single for whole life … '
for that rt gave some handsome amount to pandit .
and they came to meet manohar..
manohar denis for this but after insisting he got agree .. and they decide to gave suprise to kunj and twinkle. ] fb end

preacap.: twinkle and kunj's 1st night

Credit to: Tannu (Tanvi)

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