Twinj -a sad love one shot part 2


@ concert
A voice is heard nd is revealed to be of kunj who is singing and dancing with the hot girls on shut up and dance from walk the moon
Dashing , hot guy that any girl would fall for
After the concert he makes his way to his Mercedes with his bodyguards and leaves where as girls try their best to get his autograph

The screen shifts to a room full of kunj’s pics and a girl whirling round having his pic
She stops and kisses his pic
Her beautiful smile , sparkling eyes are shown
She is none other than our twinkle
Leela knocks at her door and twinkle unlocks it
L : get ready soon, we are getting late
T : maa I’ll get ready soon
Twinkle feels weird and dizzy and falls down unconscious
They hear some noise from twinkle’s room and everyone hurry up to her room and get shocked to find her fallen unconscious
Uv : twinkle !! ( Uv is twinkle’s bro)
He makes her lay on bed and calls the doctor

On the other hand kunj is at club flirting with girls .. He leaves to his mansion and reaches his room
As usual he finds thousands and thousands of letters from his fan but ignores it and settles himself on his bed and plays games on his cell
Wind blows and one of the letters fly upto him and settles down near his bed
Kunj notices this and takes the letter and reads it
It’s from twinkle

I know I may be nothing for u
but u have become my everything
I am a huge fan of ur voice and u fill my day with ur songs
I wish I could meet u cse I feel so restless to just have ur sight
Ur fan forever ,
Twinkle taneja

Kunj gets a bright smile on his face after reading it
Kunj thinks : I have read so many letters but never felt so happy before
I will meet u my fan

On the other hand twinkle’s check up is done and everyone are gathered at her room
L : is my daughter fine doctor?
D : she is got too week
I doubt she is suffering from some severe disease
she got to do some tests
Uv and doctor leaves and Leela cries
Twinkle gains consciousness and Leela clears her tears
T : maa what happened ? Y r u crying
L : no beta , something had gone into my eyes
T : u r sure maa ?
Leela nods in a yes
L : yes beta

Twinkle is taken for tests
A week later
Test reports have come and Uv and Leela gets stunned
Twinkle is HIV+ and is at its advanced state
Leela falls down to her knees and cries and Uv tries consoling her
I week more has passed
Twinkle is seen lying on bed
Twinkle still has kunj’s in her hand and cries
Kunj enters the room whereas Leela and Uv peep through the window glass
Kunj comes and sits beside her and twinkle is teary eyed and is about to hug kunj but stops
T : kunj I am a huge fan of urs
when I got to know of me suffering from AIDS I had my last wish and that was to meet u b4 I die
And today my last wish got fulfilled
Thank u Mr kunj
Kunj hugs her tightly but twinkle doesn’t
K : u can hug me back
AIDS doesn’t get transfered if we hug
Twinkle smiles and hugs hum back and they have some talks

A week later kunj gets a letter from Uv to inform him that twinkle has passed away
Kunj gets teary eyed and goes to his cupboard and gets out the letter written by twinkle and kisses it
K : may ur soul rest in peace

@ concert
Kunj announces
K : this song is dedicated to one of my biggest fan twinkle
He sings sun rah a hai na tu
Kunj gave up flirting and hanging out at pubs as he had fallen for twinkle at first sight
His first and last love miss twinkle taneja

Credit to: Sanam

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  1. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    what yaar sanam u made me cry…very bad haann…still crying….are yaar it was really emotional….it was best…amazing work sanam….

  2. Fantastico

  3. How sweet and heart touching story was it yarrrr

  4. It’s amazing dear. This story touched my heart and even made me cry. U r a great writer. Loved it .

  5. This is so wrong.. U make my heart wrench with pain..but u know what?? …I luv u for that?

  6. U always makes me cry yarr..
    Instead of twing- sad love. Make a happy end dr.
    anyway u r an awesome writer. Heart touching story naa..

  7. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    Very emotionally iam depressed with your OS pls in next try to give happy ending

  8. U made me cry San am it’s really heart touching u r a great writer

  9. Awesome yaar was heart touching story ..u nailed it
    LUV U..

  10. so u have decided to make me cry..right?? but on a serious note…i lovedddddddddddddd it…!! sanam ur os are so so so good….please tell me the secret recipe of ur ffs nd os.. 😛 😛 just u nd ur ffs..muahh

  11. Sanam ur jus osmmmmmmmm actually gr8 wrter dear loved it so much really very heart touching story loved it n luv u so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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