Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE~27

Recap : usha in coma kunj blaming twinkle for her condition RT refuses to take twinkle back ..twinkle emotional decision …
Episode 27 ..
The Episode starts with kunj going towards Bebe and took her to room he made her sleep …she was not ready to leave usha but kunj somehow managed to made her sleep even Manohar too went to another room to sleep while kunj went in usha room …and sat near her feet …

K : mom what happened to you wake na maa plzzz you can’t do this with me maa you can’t do this plzz wake up scolds me whatever you want to do you can but plzz wake up na maa I’ll never ever forgive her for making you like this never ….he got up from there and ran to his room …he sat on floor angrily .. but was sad too Thinking what he told twinkle …

K : I would not have said her those words I am no to blame her for her brother death it’s their matter I was so angry and it just slipped out of my mouth …he held his head in his hands …recalling what all happened today soon he too drifted to sleep …
@ taneja mansion :::
Rt was sitting sadly in study room while Leela came towards him angrily …
L : enough is enough what you did today was really bad she is your daughter when you will understand …how can you say that she is his wife and you can’t take her back home …

Rt : she is my daughter I know that’s why I have done this for her good I didn’t know the outcome will be this …
L : what do you mean ..RT looks at Leela teard eye …

Next morning :::
It was a sadful morning in Sarna mansion..the house which was full of happiness has turned into sorrowful now ..

@ twinj room :::
Kunj was laying on floor with his back against the ceiling …he without opening his eyes started murmering ..

K : twinkle wake up it’s your turn today to use washroom first ..go and use it ..or else I’ll go then don’t come to fight with me …okay …twinkle …he shouted again and got up realising the reality of his life he looks at himself how he had fallen asleep on floor …soon his eyes turned heavy …realising twinkle wasn’t there ..he went downstairs …searching for her ..he didn’t found her in whole house now he was panicked as where she would have went ….he went outside the home and saw twinkle there sleeping in sitting position with her head on the chair kept there ..her face was fully gloomy ..she has been sleeping in sitting position since all the night ..he was very much sad looking at her ..his heart was continuously paining seeing her in that condition …he was moving towards her when one servant (meena) came towards twinkle and woke her up …

Meena : twinkle Bhabhi …Bhabhi uthiye ..
Twinkle slowly opened her eyes and her back ached badlyy …she looked at Meena and recalled how she slept last night …
Meena : Bhabhi are you okay ..

T : hmm Haan you go and prepare breakfast soon I’ll be coming to help you ..
Meena : okay she left from there while twinkle got up and looked at kunj who was staring at her only …she turned her gaze while kunj went inside …

Both twinj came Inside the house kunj was climbing the stairs when twinkle called another servant (Nina)
T : Nina you go to kunj room and bring my luggage from there plzz …

Kunj who was been climbing the stairs stopped in middle listening to her …while Nina went and came back with some clothes of twinkle..

Soon twinkle made breakfast and made Bebe and Manohar have it …she has also told her decision of divorcing kunj …
Kunj came downstairs going for office when twinkle stopedd him …

T : you are going somewhere ..
K : yep office do you have any work ..
T : yes lawyer called us to reach his office …

K : for what ????
T : for our divorce …kunj gets hurt and looked at her …I think we should go soon and end all the matters…

K : you really wanted divorce ????
T : yes everything will be ended problems will be solved …

K : okay then let’s go …he said while she nodded and they left for lawyer office ..
Soon they reached there both were upset they were sitting in front of lawyer ..

Law : are you guys sure you wanna do this …both twinj looked down they didn’t knew what to say and what not …

The duo wanted to say no but couldn’t say as kunj was in anger still and twinkle didn’t wanted to lose her self respect more …
Law : woah guys say na ????? …

Twinj : hmm yeah we are ready …
Law : okay then I’ll be making papers you both have one week to decide about this ..

Twinj left form there and came out they both look at each other …
K : come I’ll drop you home …

T : no need I’ll go myself …she walked off from there while kunj stands there with frown …he left for office too ..
@ night :::
Kunj was back from office when Bebe comes towards him …
Be : where is twinkle kunj ????
K : whatttt ????? Twinkle is not at home ???? ..

Be : no kunj she has left with you in morning from them she didn’t came back …
K : what ?? Where she went you don’t worry Bebe I’ll go and check …he was going towards door when heard doorbell he opened to find twinkle with lots of bandages and her one girl giving her support …

Be : twinkle puttar what happen to you beta she asked worriedly seeing twinkle condition …

T : nothing Bebe don’t worry Woh when I was coming back from lawyer office ..I was waiting for cab when a car came in speed and I had a small accident that’s it ..
K : I told you that I’ll drop you …

T : Bebe I am fine you don’t worry this girl helped me alott ..
Be : thank you so much puttar the girl left from there …

Kunj was going to hold Twinklee when she composed herself taking the support of wall …
T : Bebe …
Be : Haan puttar ..

T : can I stay in your room for few days ???
Be : of course puttar she said and took twinkle with her ..while kunj look on ..
Soon they all had their dinner Manohar and Bebe were sad seeing twinj …they had asked them to think again about divorce too soon twinkle went in Bebe room …
@ midnight :::
Kunj was just turning the sides in sleep ..he woke up and sat there …he decided to see off usha once he looked at usha for sometime …them was going back to his room he stands in front of Bebe room …

K : I should see Bebe too if she has slept or not he went inside without making noise and sees Bebe sleeping didn’t found twinkle anywhere …where is she now …he came out and went in hall heard someone weeping …he looked near sofas and found twinkle sitting there …sobbing and weeping badly he ran and sat beside her …

K : twinkle twinkle what happen …
T : it’s paining so much …I can’t take it …
K : can’t you take care of yourself see now your are hurt..

T : I am hurt since long don’t know when my pain will end she cried badlyy and hugged him while he was shocked but reciprocate to her hug …

K : shh calm down don’t cry everything will be fine ..he looked at twinkle and pecked her forehead …
T : nothing will be fine everything ended for me you go now plzzz she said while kunj wasn’t ready to leave her …
A week later :::
Whole week have been passed no change in their life kunj was miffed with twinkle still now whenever he sees usha he gets angry recalling that incident while twinkle has decided that she will not back off now …

She woke up in morning got freshen up she came out and woke up Bebe too …
T : good morning Bebe …
Be : good morning puttar …

T : Bebe can I ask you one thing ..
Be : Haan puttar ..
T : today our relationship is gonna end will you love me the same way ???

Be : Haan puttar you have became a daughter from daughter in law I wish you both would reconsider you decision as I don’t want you guys to get separated ..

T : what fate has planned for her that will happen Bebe you don’t worry ..and take care of papa mummy g and kunj too ..both Bebe and twinkle cried …
Screen freezes …
Precap : 2 phase of story ..?

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