Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE~26

Note : take tissues as you will need it …. if you want you can skip few episodes too as it gonna be a very emotional saga for few episodes ..
Get ready to cry ??????
Episode 26 …
The Episode starts with kunj screaming “MOM” loudly as be has been saw usha falling off from the stairs after colloiding with twinkle …he ran towards usha quickly who has been in pool of blood by now and has lost her consciousness too ..he kept her head on his lap tapping her face continuously …

K : maa maa plzz see me maa open your eyes maa he tried to stop bleeding by keeping his hands ..the land slipped beneath his feets …twinkle too came down running n was hell shocked …

Bebe and Manohar too came who heard kunj screamed they were too shocked too see this scenario …

Man : what happen to usha ??? He asked worriedly …while Bebe holds him ..
Be : kunj puttar let’s take her to hospital ..

K : maa maa he lifted usha in his arms took her to car along with Manohar soon drove off to hospital while twinkle and Bebe reached by another car …

Usha was taken inside the ICU while kunj was standing outside …Bebe and twinkle n Manohar too standing there ….

Be : someone tell us how did this happen kunj ??? How usha has been fallen off the stairs …

Man : Haan kunj tell nah he shouted after seeing kunj not responding anything …
Kunj looked at twinkle angrily who was crying too seeing near the icu and said ..

K : Bebe papa you nu your lovely daughter in law will tell you what happen how maa has fallen …say na twinkle ..
T : Woh papa …I was coming from side and maa was coming from the opposite side …

K : wait I’ll tell what exactly happen twinkle asusal in her hurry mode came running maa was coming from the same side and she … collided with maa …she composed herself while maa has been fallen am I right twinkle …

T : kunjjj …what you are saying Haan …
K : thats what I have witnessed twinkle …just because of you maa is in ICU today fighting for her life …

T : kunj it’s not true ..
K : I am not yet finished twinkle ..I don’t need you fake reasons to know the truth you bumped with her because of which she is in this condition …I swear off my mother if at alls anything happens to her naa I’ll not spare you …I’ll divorce you twinkle …”mark my words” he angrily went from there while twinkle looked at him helpless this has been watched by Leela and RT who came just now …twinkle saw her parents and turned …

Few hours passed still the surgery was going on RT was consoling Manohar while Leela was handling Bebe …twinkle looks at Bebe ..and was worried for her health as she has to take her medicine she too food for Bebe and made her have it ..with much insistence …

After sometime doctor came towards out of OT and kunj and Manohar walked up towards him …
Man : doctor (Rishabh)how my wife ???? ….
.doctor Rishabh was good frnd of manohar

K : Haan doctor uncle hows my mom she is fine na …
Dr : calm down calm down Monu kunj the usha is fine now …she is out of danger ….
K : thank god babajiii …

Dr : but their is one bad news too …
Man : what Rishabh ???
K : Haan doctor uncle say na ..
Dr : as usha has got severe injurie on her head some of her veins has been stopped working because of which she has been slipped into coma …

K : whatttt ???? Everyone present there hell shocked listening to doctor …
Dr : kunj handle yourself don’t worry usha will be fine soon we will give her treatment have faith on God …
K : uncle can I take her home ….

Dr : but kunj how can you take her …she has been operated just now …
K : plzz doctor I’ll provide her everything at home I can see maa lying here fighting for her life plzz doctor I wanna take her home I can’t leave without her…

Dr : okay okay I’ll see for that and will provide nurses too for taking care of her ..
K : thanks doctor …

After few hours usha was been shifted to sarna mansion her room has been turned into hospital ward …a nurse was there to take care of her ….Manohar and Bebe stayed with usha RT and Leela was present there too .. while kunj was standing outside ushar room seeing his mother having tears in his eyes …soon he felt a hand on his shoulder …

T : kunj plzz have something plzz listen to me once …
He took twinkle from there without making noise …
K : what you are trying to prove twinkle Haan plzz let us stay in peace …

T : kunj why are you doing this with me what I have done Haan …tears falling from her eyes …
K : what you have done Haan see maa what you have you will understand ..

T : I am saying na kunj I hadn’t done anything …I was coming down to talk to you to tell you that ..kunj cuts off her ..

K : to tell what Haan twinkle don’t have to rush for anything I would have came in room only twinkle what’s was the need to rush downstairs Haan …just because of your immatureness maa is in condition today I don’t know when she will be back to normal ..

T : kunj plzz I hadn’t done anything plzz trust me once …she shouted angrily seeing him continuosly blaming her ..RT and Leela came out listening to twinkle voice ..

K : don’t shout twinkle …once before too because of your stubbornness YOUR BROTHER DIED he said without realising as he was really very angry ..RT and Leela too shocked to know that kunj knows everything ..

Twinkle heart broke into millions of pieces as the thing for which she was getting blamed kunj told her that too …
Tears started falling down continuosly from her eyes ..her whole world died the person whom she trusted and told everything now has blamed her too for the same reason …

Kunj registered back the words he told just now and looked at twinkle …whose face went pale he cursed himself for connecting two different things …
Leela and RT came towards them while kunj looks at them …he didn’t wanted to hurt Twinklee more …so to avoid any awkwardness he told …

K : Mr taneja plzz twinkle take back home for sometime …I think everyone needs some time …twinkle looks at him while RT looks at twinkle …

Rt pov :::
If I take twinkle back home their relationship will spoil more I should not take twinkle back her happiness is with kunj …I have to hurt her again sorry twinkle but I have to do this mera bachi..
Pov ends …

Rt : no kunj I can’t take her back she is your wife now …I can’t take her back ..Leela was shocked listening to him …twinkle smiled sadlyy …and turned towards kunj …

T : kunj you wanted to divorce me right ..kunj looks at her tearfully ..I am ready to divorce you whenever wherever you without I’ll not even say ishh …I will do as you say …but plzz ask this people to get lost from here plzz …

L : twinkle what you are saying …
T : that’s what I have to say when you killed your daughter just because you lost your son … I wish I would have been in Bhai place instead of him ..I would have died so every problem would have ended ….kunj heart pricked ..

Rt : twinkle beta it’s not like that ..he said coming forward while twinkle moved backwards ..
T : don’t you dare touch me .. “I AM ENDING ALL THE TIES WITH YOU PEOPLE” so plzz don’t interfere in my matters …and plzz you can go …she turned on other side angrily …while kunj requested them to go …

Lert left teard eye from there while twinkle was still standing ..kunj was called by nurse …
Twinkle went outside home and sat in the lawn recalling what all happen in just one day …her whole life scattered …

↗how much happy she was when she to got to know that her “KUNJ IS HER SID”..
↗how she was eager to share this thing with kunj ..
↗How usha has fallen from the stairs ..
↗How kunj blamed her continuosly ..
↗How her father disagreed to take her back with him
↗how everything got scattered completely…

T : I want to laugh on myself life is a complete mess since childhood …I wanted to tell kunj that I am jasmine whom he had taught her to smile when she forgot to …I didn’t know this would happen ..but one thing happen good today …this twinkle died …died completely …but it’s not the end …

Screen freezes ..

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  1. Kiya1234

    What a timing man ?????….::
    I’m giving tissue and even you too???????????….:: raj And Simran connection ??????:.. well episode was hell emotional babes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.:. Awww usha… hope she’ll be fine soon..
    come to sadu..
    I think kunj should realize before Telling this..
    to twinkle it’s right when it’s comes to you that time only..
    and Kunj didn’t tell this too twinkel…
    because nothing difference between twinkle parents and Kunj.. because of this word..
    Kunj unknowing he hurt her lot and break her too.. and divorce hehe.. sadu..!!!
    Twinkle is right..
    now looking forward to see next episode.,
    I think when usha become fine kunj will regret.
    Lot.. two different things he connect.and hurt her….
    Emotional queen Meri ❤️❤️❤️????..
    Okay bye

  2. too emotional episode dii????
    felt bad for twinj espically for twinkle…i know is angery to twinkle but i cant belive that he will also blame twinkle for her brother’s death…today’s episode really made me cry?
    the last lines which twinkle said were really scary dont know what is going un twinkle’s mind…post soon
    bye…take care

  3. too emotional episode dii????
    felt bad for twinj espically for twinkle…i know kunj is angery to twinkle but i cant belive that he will also blame twinkle for her brother’s death…today’s episode really made me cry?
    the last lines which twinkle said were really scary dont know what is going on in twinkle’s mind…post soon
    bye…take care

  4. Awesome yaarrr..???????
    Postsoonnn dearrr???

  5. Twinjsidminfan

    It was sooo emotional ??? our twinki has been shattered completely ??? please please i beg u please give regular updates please ?????????
    Wish our kunj realises his mistake ???

  6. Cheena2001Cp

    Nahiiiiii!!! ??
    It broke my heart to peices Sam!!
    It was heart wrenching! ?
    Hope Usha gets fine soon!
    Kunj should have listened to her! Why would she knowingly hurt her mother in law?
    Kunj was unjustified today!?
    I am with Twinkle!?
    Excited for the next, Sam!!!
    ??? BUBBYEE!


      sry if u r hurt{I never comment but ……. FOR this ONLY}


  7. Really tearfully…….rula diya aapne mujhe……… next episode spoon…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………

  8. My god it was the most emotional episode ever I have read man plsssss post tre next soon as now it is very interesting to know that what will twinkle and how kunj will get his brains back .plsssss post soon sameera as my exam are starting if you post soon na and after that if you take break I might study as I am always distracted by TU but that’s not at a problem as I get good marks but my parents start arguing with me hope u understand see I am fool telling my story instead of commenting on your story the epiosd e wa sfaabbbb I loved sam (can I call u dat) ur a fabulous writer if I might have been a director I would have made sidmin together in a show with ur story and it would have definitely defeated all the shows as the actors and story must be the best plssssss post soon and sorry foe so much bakwass bye

  9. Himanigaur

    Omggg !!! I felt so bad for twinkle!!! Eager to know what happens next!! Pls post soon!! Can’t wait anymore!!! :):) love..

  10. Guys jasmin is being bashed a lot and is being compared with rashmi. People are saying that rashmi has unfollowed her because of the screen space jasmin is receiving. If that is the case then rashmi is an insecure and jealous person. But people are blaming jasmin. Also jasmin is a very brilliant and versatile actress who has made her position in the industry in a short span of time so why should she be compare with a person who was always a side character in most of the shows so please support her

  11. I am a silent reader but I must say that u are a brilliant writer your ff is really good

  12. Your ff is amazing

  13. Woww sammu tune aur kiya ne ek saath emotional episode post kiya
    Yrrr sach me tissue use kiya mne
    Aur iss kunj ne kya bol diya ye twinkle ko

    Ab twinkle aayegi nye avtaar me
    Episode was awesome fabulous amazing mindblowing dear
    Plzzzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvvv u cutie

  14. awesome
    post sosossonnnn

  15. SSK

    OMG…how Kunj can hurt her like this….He dnt even bother to listen to her…It was such an emotional episode…Plz Plz Plz post soon 🙂

  16. Presha

    Loved it

  17. SidMin23

    Ep was emotional ? and how can kunj also blame her for her brother waiting to see new twinkle ✨ post soon.

  18. Yr Sam Kya khaun tumne or kiya ne meko aaj speechless kr diya h kbhi kabhi mai sochti hu tumhari writings ke Samne hmare comments kch bhi ni h !
    Hmare comments se bhi bhut kch acha deserve krte ho u all r best !?????
    Epi was fantastic mindblowing as usual ??
    Kunj ne bhi wahi kiya no twinkle ke parents ne kiya uski puri bat sunne usko smjhe bina khud hi decision le liya!nothing has been changed poor twinkle
    Eager to see New avtar of twinkle
    Plz post next epi soon
    Luv u???

  19. Awesome yaar… Too good??
    It was very emotional.. Speechless…
    How can kunj do this to her.. Kunj was d frst person to whom tw opened up about her dark secret…She trusted him that much and what he did.. He need to control his anger…i really want rohan to be back… So that everyone repent for their mistake..
    Poor tw… She must be hating her life…
    Anyways i don’t want twinj separation…
    Please post nxt epi soon…can’t wait for it…

  20. Baby

    yrrr rula toh rahi hai tu samieee ?
    rula le bas post kardio jaldii jaldii jaisee tu karti thi phele bhi ?
    i misss those updates n ab rona hai aaj hi rula de pura har roz kaisee roun hahaha
    plssssss post asap saamiiiee ?
    cant wait for nxt aaj ka emotional bhott jyada tha bechare lert
    n itna pain osm yrr sad loved it
    kunj ne bhotttt galat kara bhottttt jyada 🙁
    love u lods dude post soon ? pleaseeeeeeee ?

  21. Vibhu

    Oh my god .. Ye kya se kyaa ho gyaa ??.. Usha in coma ?
    Kunj ka gusaa aur ye kyaa bol diya usne .. Divorce ??
    For the first time, I felt Rt really care for twinkle .. But timing went wrong … And twinkle ka gussa bilkul jayaz hai is tym.p
    .. But now these changes in her ?
    Hope everything will be fine soon
    Great episode Sameera

  22. Ananya_DSK

    Sam!!! I needed an entire box of tissues for that… I had imagined so many things that Twinkle would have told Kunj that she is Jasmine, his Jasmine… But Bang! And I must say, you do your things in grand style… Poor Twinkle!! Looks like she has only pain written in her destiny… She’s already been through so much, and now, yet again… Who had thought that Kunj would speak something like that!! Damn!! I’m so worried now! I can’t wait to see what happens next…???

  23. Ramya

    It’s fully emotional onr
    Amazing superb
    Wish kunj had not said about her bhai
    Twinkle had taken drastic decision
    Eager to know what will happen next
    Awesome Sam
    Love you

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