Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE~24

Hello guys I am back with next part Haan I know ??I am late so sorry for that ..
Recap : twinj in Chandigarh kunj grandfather death anniversary kunj and twinkle playing cricket … twinkles pov

Episode 24 ….
The Episode starts with twinkle moving towards kitchen for preparing dinner while kunj was burning in jealousy thinking about the guy who he had killed several times in his mind …he went from there too and reached store room …

K : ahh how much I missed this house my every memory is kept here he said and entered inside and started finding something ….after sometime of searching and getting frustrated he found out one album and few letters he smiled as he took it …

Here it is he said happily and sat there making some space for him …

Missing you soooooo much my love he said opening the album it contains many pics of he with Jasmin and Karan having fun during their school days pics of Thier excursion he smiled tearfully as he was going through the album recalling each n every memory smiling like an idiot …

I miss you so much Yaar no days passed without me thinking of you …I miss you each n every passing second I don’t know wheres you who’s you but still my heart’s beats just for you …I am longing to meet you once I love you very much made me feel what’s means to love someone .. he saw the letters and smiled ….

Flashback shows :::
Sid and Jasmin was both sitting in the park nearby to Jasmin hostel it was Thier summer holidays going on before Sid moving on to class 10 …Karan had this time also went to his house where as Jasmin stayed at hostel only didn’t went to her parents house for vacations …

Ja : what happen Yaar Sid why you are sitting so sadly share it with me na what’s happen

S : arey Yaar ????this time also we are not going for vacations as papa is busy with his office works even I am not going to Nani house as mumma health is not fine …

Ja : ohh chalo let’s play something ..
S : kya ????? ..
Ja : we will right some letters conveying our wishes to God what’s say ???

S : Haan seems interesting …but wait he said and got up …

Ja : what happen ??? Sid take out some money from his pocket and went to buy balloons …he came back with 8 balloons both divided 4-4 among themselves ..

S : we will tie our letter with this balloons so that our wishes should reach babaji .
Ja : Haan okay ..they both started writing while writing they wasted many letters finally they wrote many letters and tie them and flyed them in air ….

Both smile looking at each other ….??????…

Ja : now what we will do of these letters ..
S : wait I’ll kept it with me next time when we visit here na at that time we will fly them okay ..

Ja : Haan done ..
Flash back ends ..

K : so many memories with you Yaar …ahh babaji ??

He sat there for sometime then went downstairs twinkle has already prepared dinner and called usha Bebe Manohar for dinner everyone sat they were leaving back for Amritsar the very next day …all had their dinner all the while kunj was silent which was killing twinkle from inside knowingly or unknowingly …after dinner twinkle kept the things back in kitchen and went to room …

Kunj was standing in the balcony seeing with wind chime ..he was having a sad smile on his face …twinkle sat on chair beside him ..while he looks at her ..

T : sit here she said patting the seat beside her …while he sat …what happen sadu Sarna ??? So much engrossed in thoughts ..

K : Haan Yaar ..?I am feeling much pain today he didn’t realise he was speaking it in front of twinkle ..their had been that much close to each other in the past few months sharing everything …

T : pain ??? Par kyu kunj ???
K : I am missing HER alott ?he said while twinkle heart pricked too listening to him …he kept his head in twinke shoulder …

T : Haan kunj …don’t be sad Yaar I feel that you will be with her soon ..
K : and why do you feel this ???

T : don’t know just ..
K : twinkle can I ask you something
T : hmm

K : don’t you get angry on me I am telling infront of you that I am missing other girl then too you are not angry why ? ..

T : kunj see you love someone else it not your mistake you had clearer to me
everything so I should not expect you to stay with me ..

K : if I find her then ???
T : then what ?? I’ll happily unite you both and move from your life she spoke with heaviness in his voice while kunj smiled ..

K : nope I’ll not let you go anywhere my siyappa queen …
T : kyu ???

K : just if you leave me then with whom I’ll fight Haan ..don’t you dare think of leaving me …
T : huh you are impossible ..

K : yes I am ..let’s go sleep now tomorrow we have to go back ..

T : yeah ..they both went and sleep on the either sides of their bed ..
Kunj pov :::
It’s true that I love Jasmin still but that doesn’t mean I’ll let twinke go away from me already she has bare so much in her life I’ll not give her more pain ..i just wanted to hear her point of view that’s why asked her if I find Jasmin then …even if I found her too then too I’ll give twinkle everything what she deserves ..
Pov ends ..

Thinking about the things kunj went to sleep despite of the shocking fact what’s gonna reveal soon …
Next morning :::
Kunj had gone for morning walk with Manohar while usha and twinkle was packing the stuff back ..soon twinkle was done with packing when Bebe called her …

T : g Bebe you called me ????
Be : Haan twinkle puttar come with me nah …

T : where Bebe ??
Be : just come …
They went from there and reached store room …

T : store room they went inside …and Bebe told twinkle to take out some albums …

Be : Haan that one too okay come down now puttar …twinkle handed her four albums …
T : what’s all these bebe ???

Be : some previous photographs my wedding album usha and monu wedding kunj birth I want to take these to Amritsar …

T : awe Bebe I want to see this …
Be : Haan puttar I’ll show you …she was opening album when kunj came there ..

K : ohh my lovely ladies we have to leave back …
T : but kunj I want to see this pics …

K : twinkle Bebe is taking this with us don’t worry Amritsar me ache se Dekh Lena now come he said and took them ..

They all kept Thier luggage as usual ushar and Bebe was coming with driver while twinj alone …by their car ..

The journey was going smoothly with twinkle seeing off the farms coming in her way teasing kunj with her singing …they both were enjoying it …
T : stop stop stop …

K : why what happen stopped with jerk while twinkle shows him sugarcane juice stall ..

T : I want too drink …
K : but …
T : plzzz na sadu Sarna

K : firstly don’t call me sadu okay …
T : Haan okay sadu ??

K : huh no juice ?he started to drive again but twinkle shouted sorry ..he smiled …(hawayein plays in BG ….)

K : let’s go ..he saw twinkle sitting still and went closely to her ear and whispers would to like to walk or should I give you lift of my arms ??? ..

T : huh I’ll walk she said breathing heavily at his closeness while he smirked and both drank with juice …one more twinkle said and kunj nodded soon they went back again in their car and reached off Amritsar ….

Precap : may be end of journey ??
Huh back ???don’t know what I wrote my hands are seriously shivering and I was hell confused with what to write ???…soon back after almost 20 days later …so sorry but it’s not my fault too you all only confused me ? .. don’t want separation and I had no story left ?rather than that and yes I am not getting time too so ….
Ba Bye will try to post next one soon ??????….may be the last one ?????…
Love you all thanks to all who commented like and dislike on last one ..

  1. Kiya1234

    Ayeeeeeeeee??????don’t dare to think about to end samji na….. why giving heart attact to me ??????…..
    do whatever you want to do separate Twinj I’m happy with that… I already told you… it’s better samji.. and you know what storyline in your mind so you know better than us….
    I want to read more…. kuttiya…. nahi toh you’ll gone.. coming on the episode… it’s superb… and that flash back too..!l
    Like each and everything ❣️❣️??:.. kunj jealously ufff more want..! And loved kunj kindness…. whole episode was awesome…:
    Car part tooo….?boring toh bilkul bhi nahi ta. After all tune jo likha hai boring ka toh sawal hi nahi hota hai..❤️❤️?::. I’m okay with Twinj separation okay… but no end get it… bye love kamini…post when you free

  2. Vags

    Episode was awesome
    Pls don’t. End it instead of separation I wished. That kunj fall for twinkle and than come. To know that she is jas same with twinkle

    Post soon
    Loved it

  3. Presha

    Di awesome
    Loved it
    Too good..
    Plz dont end it…
    Bring separation track..
    But dont end it
    Love u

  4. Ananya_DSK

    Sam!!! Like I’ve said so many times before.., you’re such an amazing writer!! And yes, the delay was totally worth it, because we got such a lovely episode to read in return…. Kunj’s jealousy was my favourite! I can’t wait to know who ‘he’ was too… Poor Kunj though, he seems to be really torn apart between his love for Jasmin, and his unknown feelings for Twinkle!!! He is concerned for her, which is really touching.. Hey!! I wanted to see those albums too…. Looks like in the little time Twinj spent together, they have developed a really lovely bond…. Poor Twinkle! She is ready to unite Kunj with his love and walk away… You’ve ended this episode on such an emotional turning point… absolutely loved it!!! Sam!! I would definitely not want to see this story ending… You can bring in the separation track, but please don’t end it… Like I said even the last time, you know best how to carry the story forward… So please do continue, with the separation track or not…. Loads of love ????

  5. Baby

    nooo nooo nooo it can’t end at 25 only samieee ??
    well eisode schii mein maaa a agayyaaa ?
    loved it it was sooo cute bt kuch masaaleedaar sa dede yrr TRM mein ?
    love u sooooooooo mch ?
    osm ?

  6. Its amazing…..yaar write the story according to ur wish……i know it will always be best

  7. super episode dii
    loved it
    but plz dont end it plz i m ok with separatio of twinj but dont end it plz

  8. awesome sam but no plz don’t end this
    do whatever u want i m ok with it !
    kunj jealousy part was superb ,flashback was also good !
    I want to read more episodes of this ff
    plz plz don’t end it
    post next soon
    luv u

  9. Awesome yaar …..
    Plz don’t end bring the separation track 🙁 But don’t end ………..

  10. Hello everyone
    I’m a silent reader can anyone tell me where I can read stories in WATTPAD
    I’m not getting it please…

    coz one of the writer said that she will be posting it in WATTPAD & not in telly updates coz of her personal reasons…

    I want to continue reading her stories

    please HELP!!!

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  12. No sameera don’t end it plss and it was not at all boring plsssss don’t say I’ll end I have read each ff of this and all other stories all are beyond fantastic plsssssssssss don’t end

  13. The episode was damn gud not boring at all n plz don’t end it, get separation track n do write whatever u hav in ur mind just pen it down but don’t end it… Plzzz?

  14. Fenil

    Fabulous Chappy.
    Loved it.

  15. Vibhu

    No No No .. u can’t break us hearts this way … we really love ur story alot … I personally wait for all my fav. stories to be posted all day and night … Its very funny but I don’t open my fb accounts as many times as I open this TU (lol)??,
    Plz Sameera .. hum gareebo se unki khushi mt cheeno ??

    About the episode
    It was marvellous, amazing, fabulous, and what not.
    Kunj’S Jealousy ?
    and now Twinkle would see the album .. woow
    can’t even describe the feeling when I saw the story posted ?
    and now as everyone saying u to post ur separation plot .. u can go with it but plz do show Kunj or Twinkle’s love realization ( either one or both)
    rest is up to you
    But plz do continue this story!! ?

  16. Twinj2000

    This was so amazing ?❤️❤️❤️
    Absolutely Loved it ❤️❤️
    Superb ??
    Twinj ???
    Jas ll meet sis soon ❤️
    But plz don’t end it ???continue it in some other way rather than separation but plz don’t end
    Post soon??
    Waiting ??

  17. SidMin23

    Superb episode and hope U don’t end the journey waiting for next part post soon.

  18. ohhh god sammu finally tune post kiya yrr mne bahut wait kiya iss ff ka
    Episode was fabulous amazing mindblowing dear
    aur haan last me kya bola tune end krne ko to aesa sochna bhi mt samjhi nhi to me tere se gussa ho jaugi samjhi

    post soon sweetheart
    luvvvv u dear

  19. Anusha

    This was amazing
    I just love ur ff
    Don’t end it na plz
    If u want to do separation of twinj even that is k for me but plz don’t end
    I love this ff very much plz
    Post soon
    Love u

  20. Twinj

    Hey there sam
    May yaad hu…haa haa pata hae yaar saadiyon se gayab hu…sorry yaar…waise maine tere phele chappys toh padhe nai but yeh padha n as always u nailed it…an awesome plot with a beautifully potrayed writing…ending W-H-A-T… no yaar cont plzzz…n sorry yaar

  21. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing superb
    Hope kunj will know that twinkle is only his Jasmin
    You wrote amazingly
    Love you

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