Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE~23

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Recap : twinj in Chandigarh Dil diyan Galla love is in the air ..

Episode 23 ..
The Episode starts with next day .. everyone was awake since the morning as it was the death anniversary of kunj grandfather and Bebe husband the preparations was done for the prayer for him ..all were dressed up in white clothes and was looking for the works twinkle and usha was busy with the chef’s for the preparation of food to be disturbed among the Poor people …

Sooon everyone came out and sat in the prayer Bebe cried but kunj and Manohar handled her while the prayer was done they all went to the nearby gurdwara and disturbuted food clothes and some money to the Poor’s …

Twinkle was distributed the shawls along with Bebe kunj smiled seeing her …

They all came back and was very much happy helping others all smiled and sat on the couches …

Be : thanks you all sooo much for doing everything so good ..

K : arey s*xy no need ???he hugged Bebe while she smiled ..they all had their dinner and went to get ready …

While some childhood friends of kunj came and took him with them outside ..while twinkle was left back alone …as usha was bzy with her neighbour friends Bebe was sleeping and Manohar too was out …

Twinkle went to her balcony and smiled inhaling the breeze …

Twinkles pov:: (chalo take it as new year gift unwrapping the big revelation ??)
“CHANDIGARH” how much I missed this place Yaar in these years the place where I had the best memories those days with them ahhh after Bhai death I forgot to smile I used to be alone …but that day changed everything Yaar I still remember each n every …every bit of it how you came in my life and showed be how to smile back hah meeting ??when you were struggling for the money ..those puppy eyes …I missed my two idiots very much specially …”HIM” but even I was angry with him how could he even ignore me like this Yaar I know studies are more important but still ? he forgot me and then maa papa came back and took me back to Amritsar and I didn’t even met him before going I really miss HIM … I wonder if he still resides in Chandigarh or not …wait twinkle why you are thinking that much about him you are married now he taps her forehead and smiled …when she noticed someone gaze on her and turned back …to find ..
Ahana ??(how many of you thought it’s kunj ??? Comment about it ?)
Ahana was standing along with her daughter shanaya(pinky) …

Ah : I hope I had not disturbed you ????
T : no no come nah she said nah they came towards balcony too ..twinke matched her height down shanaya height awww she is really such a cutie kunj was saying right about her …

Ah : haaan kunj really loves pinky ..when they came last year i was at my mum house so they couldn’t meet her ..

T : ohh Haan he told me ..they both smiled …and talked for sometime ..
Ah : waise I am taking shanaya to nearby park I wanna you to join us too …

T : ?waise b I was getting bored I would love to join you she said and they went from there to the nearby park and was walking when twinkle gets hit by someone before she could fall he catches her in his arms …she closed her eyes in fear while he smiled …

K : twinkle you here ????? Twinkle slowly opens her eyes listening to kunj …

T : kunj tum …he made her stand properly Woh I came with ahana …

K : ohh Acha …waise enjoy I am going to play cricket ..
T : cricket kunj ???? .

K : yess like we all used to play in childhood just reviving old days he winked at twinkle while she smiled at him and sat in the bench along with ahana and pinky watching the match and smiling at him like an idiot …the match finally got over …and kunj make them meets his gang …

K : twinkle they are shivaye,abhi,Sahil,saiyyam,sanskar laksh and u met Rishabh na ….

T : yeah hey Everyone …
Sh : hey you are really pretty …
K : abey oye ???

Om : hahaha just se his face …
Ri : hey guys let’s have a match boys Vs girls ????? …

K : but it’s just ahana and twinkle here other girls …
Sh : wait kunj we will call our wife’s too ..they call Anika Gauri Anushka(Sahil wife) Krishna (saiyyam wife) swara and ragini after sometime they all came too ..
An : what happen shivaye ?? Aapne achanak bulaya ???? ..

Sh : haaan and he told her everything …
Ga : ohh omkara g how many times you will loose …

Om : huh ???
Sw : yeah see them sanskar you too ..
San : Haan so what ???

Rag : hahah ???wanna loose again we don’t mine let’s play …
Lak : shut up ragini …

Boys : oye hello we will see that okay ..full said with full tashan …

K : twinkle you can play na ?? ?Mera naam mat Duba dena .
T : sadu Sarna I can play better than you better think of yourself …

K : Ahaan ??? All hooted and them they tossed first was boys batting …they were playing really well when the girls started their tactics making them loose their concentration ??finally their batting ends now it’s time for girls ..

.they came on batting Anika and twinkle ..Anika was opening while kunj was bowling and twinkle was standing beside him …

K : saying again twinkle ..if you want you can go ….
T : just shut up and mind your own business ??

K : okay ??? he throws the ball while Anika shots and twinkle and she runs all the girls hoots now twinkle was on batting whilst kunj smirks seeing her …and then throws the ball while twinkle gave a 6 kunj was shocked and looks at twinkle who did her collar up showing him …he fanned himself with his hand while she smiles …

Again they were playing boys were intentionally loosing so that they can see that smiles on their girls faces finally girls won while boys smiled showing thumbs up to each other …

An : really we had so much fun today guys …
T : Haan thank you all sooo much for welcoming me too in your gang ..

Rag : arey twinkle no need all the girls hugged whilst they went to Pani Puri stall and all had it …fighting with each other soon everyone returned back to their respective homes …
@ Sarna mansion ::
K : I must say you played really well Haan …???
T : then I told you ?? you only didn’t listened to me …after all he has teached me how to play cricket she said and went into flashback …

Flash back shows :::
A ground was showing when some schools boys were playing cricket actually they were practicing for their sports week when they left … A girl was seeing them sitting on the bench ..who was none other than twinkle …when a boy comes to her …

B : oyee dreaming queen what you are thinking Haan ????
T : you all are playing so good I wanna play too ..

B : do you know how to play ..
T : uhmm no she nodded in side ways ?while the boy smiles …

B : come I’ll teach you he held her hand teaching her how to keep the bat first while she was smiling they both were enjoying …
Flashback ends :::

Twinkle was smiling all the while in her dreaming world …

K : ohh miss dreaming queen ??? Kunj shakes her bringing her out of trance ..

T : what did u said ???? She asked ???
K : I said to come out of your dream world and …

T : and what ????
K : who teached you he said burning in jealousy …

T : huh why you wanna now ?move now I had to prepare dinner …she pushed him slightly and moved to kitchen ..

K : such a siyappa queen she is I can’t understand her ever … siyappa queen he said still burning in jealousy …
Screen freezes
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