Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE ~9

Episode 9 …
The episode starts with kunj n Alisha looking at each other …..
Al : kunj go and talk to her …

K : yeah he ran from there …n thinks what’s this new siyappa I want to tell twinkle since the beginning but never got chance and today she got to know like this what will be her reaction …what blunder I have one…he was walking when usha stopped him …and took kunj with her for some work …

Soon the left over guests also left from there ..Bebe and Manohar was sitting in hall talking to each other …

Be : everything went so well thanks to babaji his life is on track ..he is behaving normal now ….like my old kunj he will soon become that fun loving kunj again twinkle is really a blessing for us …I never thought after that incident that I’ll see the day when kunj will be married …

Man : haan Bebe sahi kaha apne …we should thank babaji enough for it ..they both smile …

Flashback shows (London) …
A college going guy was shown writing something in his diary …he was smiling all the while ..sitting in the calm surroundings was cool weather he was revealed to be kunj …I miss you so much when u will be back na then I’ll show you these things that how much I missed you in these years …I love you very much …he said and smiled closing his diary …soon his friend(Naman) ..joined him they both were chuddy buddies used to do everything together …soon Naman fell in love with a girl(natasha) she too accept his proposal for time paas …kunj was happy for his buddy …

He was sitting in his room sipping coffee when he got a call from hospital …
Whatt ??? He said and ran taking his jacket to find his buddy in ICU …he asked the guy who called him …he told that Naman tried to commit suicide by jumping off from a building ….kunj was hell shocked he waited there …when the doctor came …

K : doctor hows Naman he asked with choking voice and worried face …

Dr : he had a severe blood and if he didn’t woke up in few hours then he will go into coma doctor said and left …

Kunj was shocked …he became sad and went to college to find there the reason for his buddy condition …from one of the guy he got to know that Natasha has left Naman she was just with him for time paas …he met Natasha …
Yeah it’s true …I was just for time paas with him now I don’t want him …she said …he slapped her hard across her face ..she was shocked kunj bursted on her …he went back to hospital and got to know that his buddy went in coma ..he was shattered badly as his only support was also not there he started living alone ..didn’t talked to anyone ..with many days …just lost in deep thinkings and thoughts about his love too ..missing his girl badly each n every passing second ….soon it takes no time for him to went in depression …ushar and Bebe got to know about his condition they came London and see their puttar and got sad ..soon he gave his finals and Manohar took him back to India ..even they got to know about his love …they felt really bad to see their fun loving kunj like this …they supported him and he started recovering seeing his family care and supports towards him ..he started living his life normally but he was not that fun loving he became a sadu now ..he had buzied himself in business soo much to avoid everyone else ..then yuvi and Alisha became his friends …
Flashback ends …

Be : now everything is getting back to normal I pray kunj and twinkle will stay forever with each other…
Man : yeah …they both sees usha coming with kunj …

Be : kunj where is Twinkle ???
K : Bebe she may be in room it’s late na ..
U : yep u go and sleep now too ..
K : yeah good night he said and hurried towards his room …

@ twinj room :::
He opened his room door to find the room empty …he went inside and went towards balcony to see Twinkle sitting on the railing …looking at the moon …he took baby steps towards her …and slightly said twinkle but she didn’t turned …he moved closer …twinkle was still seeing the moon …

K : see ..Twinkle I should have told before but I never thought this truth will come out like this….i tried to tell you before a wedding also but didn’t got chance m..he said but still there was no response from twinkle …he kept his hand on her shoulder ..she turned back and removed her earphones ..kunj looked at her shocked …

T : what happen sadu sarna ??? U Said something sorry I didn’t heard she said showing her ear phone …making puppy face …n thought I lied I heard you …

K : u are not angry with me ???after listening that too ???

T : nah kunj why I would be angry with you she said …and turned towards railing again …sit she said and kunj too sat …
Kunj was shocked as how can she behave like this even after knowing her husband loves someone else but lil he knew that this girl is very much smart in hiding her emotions and feelings from everyone …

K : I thought u may be angry with me ….it’s true what you heard ..that I married you just because of maa papa and I love someone else ..

T : nah I am not at all angry with you…sadu sarna she said and smiled at him ..inside the heart she was crying …as getting love from her husband dream also shattered for her …even I married you bcoz of maa papa she said and kunj looked at her …she looks back at him followed by a painful eye lock between them …

There was awkward silence between them ..when twinkle broke it I am shocked sadu sarna knows what’s love she said and winked at him ..

K : ohh hello don’t provoke me …I knew very well about love I was a fun loving guy ..before it’s just that an incident made me like this he said and bowed down his head as he remember about naman and his depression …

Twinkle moved towards him ..and kept her hand on his shoulder…what’s the reason kunj ? ..

Kunj looked at her numb she understood and let go off the topic when kunj told her she was shocked too seeing him like that a sadu sarna crying infront of her …
She hugged him immediately …he responded back …and was crying in her embrace ..she too melted seeing him like this …they broke the hug and sat as they were …

K : sorry twinkle …but I won’t be able to gave love which a wife expects ..he said but I promise I’ll give you the respect you deserve …and I’ll fulfill my every responsibility towards you ..

Twinkle looked at him …and smiled ..I am glad kunj ..u have told about this and I don’t wanna know who was the girl what’s your story …I promise if I could I’ll unite you with her for sure …kunj looked at her ..while she smiled showing her 440v smile …now go and change she said and kunj said yeah …but before that he hugged twinkle tightly … thank you he said …she control her tears he smiled and left for washroom ….

Twinkle pov :::
Life is so unfair …the place where I thought I would get love I didn’t got maa papa never lovedd me …and the place where I didn’t thoughtt anything I got love from Bebe mummy g papa g …I never expected anything from kunj ..and I’ll not feel bad too coz he love someone else …as its in my destiny …I’ll live my life as I was living from past years ..tears drops ran through her beautiful cheeks …
Screen freezes …
Comment comment ????or forget the updates soon …????
Bye ???????

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  1. Amazing episode…

  2. Yashiska

    Awesome update……update soon…????????

  3. Plz plz plz plz POST SOON….
    Eagerly waiting for more…….
    Not so early, but i hope kunj comes to know about her pain……
    Like after reading her diary or something like that…

  4. SidMin23

    It seen like black and white mail start and well love this episode and try to post soon and do post other ff too.

  5. Awsm episode
    Loved it very much
    But felt bad for twinkle??
    Kunj shouldn’t have done this with twinkle.He should accept twinkle as his wife,his love.No other girls should be in boy’s mind or life after he is married.
    But hope that he will understand her pain and will change soon and will accept twinkle.
    Plzz post soon
    Love u

  6. Gosh samieee m eagerly waiting ♥
    Thanks for posting it but really dis ff is d 1 for which I cant wait yrr yeh hi shuruwat thi n dis is really something close to me also ♥
    Loved it osm emotional cute ♥
    Past was too sad emotional ♥
    Post soon its damyanti nly

  7. awesome amazing yr
    post next soon

  8. Amazing post soon

  9. awesome episode dear
    Post soon dear
    luv u

  10. Awesome episode.
    Post soon plz.
    It’s my favorite ff.

  11. Literally I was at the verge of crying cause u. Wrote it so brilliantly how twinkle his her emotions and kunj hugging her make me emotional plsss post the next today or tomorrow

  12. Ananya_DSK

    That was so beautifully written Sam!
    Amazing! I’m speechless….
    You made me cry… Loved it!

  13. Kiya1234

    Superb episode sami as always ?????feeling bad for twinkle now ???
    Hope Soon Kunj forget his first love again fall in love with twinkle I know he too love her?????post soon I can’t u know me raj ????
    Bye post mine favourite kthh

  14. Unheard-Of

    Cant describe my luv for this epi….?
    Both kunj n twinkle hugging was the best part…???
    Eagerly waiting for the next one….

  15. Farwah fathima

    It was fab yaar
    Loved it
    Plzzzzz post next one soon

  16. Rochika

    Yrr what’s this di …it was such an emotional epi… ?????????
    I m feeling really bad for twinkle..????
    It was damn amazing di?????
    U rocked it..????
    Post asap…
    Love u!!??????

  17. Ayesha51

    it was awsm amzng fab epi
    literally heart touching
    my eyes turned glassy after reading
    felt bad for twinkle
    plz post asap
    love u a lot ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Yashasvi

      Hey Sam
      How are u dear…..????
      Well the episode was really emotional yrrrr
      Really heart touching??????
      Awww twinkle is shooo sweet….????
      But feeling bad for both twinj……
      .. post soon dear….,???????????????
      Keep smiling and stay blessed ???
      Love you ??????♥♥♥♥♥
      Yashu ?♥♥♥♥????

  18. Janavi_surya

    Will eagerly wait 4 d next episode

  19. Presha

    Awesome dii..
    Loved it

  20. Vibhu

    awww .. poor Twinkle .. felt really bad for her
    amazing update
    loved it

  21. Mia12

    Ufff ufff ufff kya episode hai.????? Amazing awesome episode??????bhtttt Dil agya yarr.???? meri twinkle twinkle bechari??? Jo bhi ho jaldhi jaldhi post kar samjhi.?????

  22. Aamna_2690

    Sam ??
    Episode was Super Amazing ??
    Loved it ❤❤
    Felt bad For twinkle ??
    Post Soon samjhi ??
    Love U ??

  23. Twinj2000

    That was just awesome ❤️❤️
    Maybe that gal is twinkle because she told I don’t wanna know ur story …is she would know then they would get to know …maybe …that’s my assumption
    We’ll the episode was just superb
    Twinj scenes ,the hug n that Naman part was so emotional
    Post asap

  24. Baby

    loved it ♥
    love u lods ♥
    post soon ♥
    dat was me but i thot to cmnt agn haha ♥
    m soo sad for twinkle yrr ♥

  25. Anusha

    Wow dat was so amazing
    Feeling sad for twinj
    Post soon

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    Awesome Sam amazing superb lovely
    Felt bad for both

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