Twinj Rab Miliya S2 Episode ~35


Episode 35
The episode starts with twinkle pinning kunj to nearby wall and looked at him angrily while kunj was shocked with her bold behaviour …they looks at each other …(tashan e tashan e tashan e tashan e tashan e ~TASHAN E ISHQ )

Don’t you dare step out of this house okay you have your own house so no need to stay at anyone’s house samjhe Mr kunj Sarna twinkle said gritting her teeths …while kunj was dancing inside that he succeeded …

Twinkle tried to moved away from him but he held her by waist and pulled her towards him while she was shocked seeing their proximity …

What if I step out of this house ??? Haan Mrs twinkle kunj Sarna …kunj sensuously says while twinkle looked at him …

You are not a bachelor remember you are a married man whose wife is still alive so don’t you dare think of anyone else … understood she replied …

Kunj smiled victorious that finally she admitted that she is his WIFE …
Okay wifey I’ll not see anyone else until n unless you stays with me he replied back smiling at her ..

That’s when reality stucks her as what she said she was embarrassed however he felt by her expressions and left her ..
Soon kunj luggage arrived their and kunj thanks adi and he left from there …twinkle looks at him …

There upstairs is my room you can shift there she said sipping her coffee while he looks at her …

You want me to stay in your room ?? Kunj asked unbelievably while twinkle bites her tongue ..

No no I wanted to say there is one room beside mine room you can stay there she said trembling while he smiled …

No I’ll shift downstairs don’t worry he said and left to see his room while she too smiled sadlyy ..

So many things changed between us kunj she murmured and left to get freshen up ..

After sometime kunj has been done with his shifting he came out and sees twinkle in kitchen he went and stand beside her .
Why you came here ??? You need anything She asked him while he nodded in no..and continue you are cooking OMG what you are making Maggi or pasta siyappa queen he said while she glared at him angrily ..

Huh I know to cook many things okay my mother in law taught me everything she said while kunj looked down and was moving from kitchen ..

Stop kunj where are you going ??? She asked while he stand facing back to her ..wo I am moving to nearby restaurant to have something as kitchen is busy so I can’t cook anything he said still not turning back …

What ? You can have what I am preparing if you want and don’t worry I learned cooking ab mein itna bhi Bura Khana Nahi banati hoon she said while kunj smiled turning back …

Okay if you don’t have any problem he said while twinkle was done with the cooking kunj helped her and they both sat on the breakfast table ..

Twinkle was looking at kunj to start as she wanted to know his reviews she was eagerly waiting for him …
You too eat kunj said while she nodded and sat opposite to him …

Kunj took a piece of aloo paratha and chutney in his mouth Oh my god it exactly tastes like how mom used to prepare for me kunj said tears brimming in his eyes …while twinkle looks at him ..

Twinkle pov
Is kunj hiding something I haven’t asked him why he is staying here in London was usha maa why he was away from his family should I ask him hmm no I shouldn’t …

Kunj quietly have his dinner missing usha like anything after so many days he had homemade food and was very happy satisfaction was clearly visible on his face twinkle had noticed him all the while as he didn’t fought with her or didn’t irritated her just quietly had his food ..

Soon he left from there after thanking her for the meal ..
Thank you so much he said and quickly Ran to his room and closed the door behind …

What happened to him so suddenly twinkle thought and moved back to her room to change and they both left for their respective places …
Soon twinkle reached her workplace and sees Rey she smiled and both started talking about different events soon sanaya too joined them …

Thank you so much twinkle everthing went so well last night sanaya said while the trio sat taking twinkle was very happy being with Rey and sanaya …after sometime she left to see other works leaving them alone ..

So Mr Rey what’s going on you are on your phone only since I came hmm meri sautan se baat kar rahe ho kya she asked him with suspicion …

Hahah sautan ??sanaya tum bhi na it’s nothing like that I was just talking to her SHE is coming back after a week he replied …

Hooo finally after almost an year she is coming back hai na she said while Rey nodded and they both continued talking ..
The day flied off so soon and twinkle left back to her house she sees kunj didn’t came still and went in his room she called on his office number but he didn’t picked up …she sat there waiting for him to come so that they both can have their dinner while kunj didn’t came soon after sometime in midnight he came back twinkle hearing the bell sound went and opened the door to find him …

You are still awake it’s quiet Late you should have slept kunj said entering inside …you were waiting for me ????
Hmm no nah wo I wasn’t getting sleep so she lied to him while he stands looking at her …

Okay then good night bye he said moving towards his room ..
Kunj stop she said while he turned and looked at her ..

Why you came so late ? She asked him
Wo I usually come home at this time only he replied smiling as from past one year he had made himself so busy that he won’t miss anyone …

So late she said while he replied in hmm and dinner twinkle asked him again…
Wo I don’t have dinner usually he smiled sadly while some part of her pricked her seeing him he was so upset today since the morning ..

Hmm okay then good night she too was moving towards her room without having dinner when this time he stopped her ..

Twinkle stop ! You had your dinner ??? He asked while she nodded in no ..
Let’s have it he said while she looked at him and they both went and had their dinner kunj hardly had half of his dinner soon they both went to their rooms and was thinking about each other ….

Kunj wasn’t getting sleep he went upstairs and knocked on twinkles door while she opened it …

Can I come in he said while she nodded
You are here you want anything ??? Twinkle asked looking at him …

Yeah I wanted to talk to you actually apologize to you he said …I am so sorry but trust me I never meant that twinkle it just slipped out of my mouth that day he said looking down folding his hands infront of her trying once again to apologize while she looks at him …

Kunjjj plzz don’t do this go and sleep she said while kunj looked at her painfully ..

I am dying each n every second by this guilt hope you forgive me someday he whispered slowly while she heard him ..
He turned to go and again called twinkle
Hmm she replied …

Just say me one thing will you forgive me ever he said but twinkle was just looking at him he didn’t get any response and hence left from her room while she looked teard eye ..(pyaar mein ek Dil ki jeet hai ek Dil ki haar hai …har Dil hai mohra pyar mein )
Next morning ::::
Twinkle and kunj both had woken up on the same time ..while they come out of their rooms with towels in their hands as in their room washrooms water was not coming they both had to get freshen up …
They look at each other and laughed ..
Even in your washroom water is not coming …

Haan dont know what happen to it twinkle said ..
I think you must have done something siyappa queen …

Huh you sadu sarna just shut your mouth and don’t you dare call me siyappa queen okay …

I’ll what will you do Haan siyappa queen now I have to get freshen up what should I do kunj said frustratedly …

Huh why are you asking me I am not plumber okay she said ..
She went in common bathroom there to check if water was coming there or not ..

Arey here water is coming in tap while kunj too comes and sees ..
Thank god babajiii twinkle he said and pulled twinkle outside bathroom ..

What happen she said while kunj asked her to look back she did as he said while he entered bathroom and closed the door ..

You cheater ??come out I have to take bath first huhuh come you can’t do this with me huhuh she said banging the door ..

While he opened slightly and asked what ????
I’ll take bath huh she replied angrily ..

What ? You wanna have bath with me hoooo you have become shameless siyappa queen he said …

Huh I’ll take bath alone you come out I’ll go she said while he nodded in no and closed the door again while she went from there angrily having no other option
After sometime he came out and gets dressed in his formals while twinkle took bath she came out and see kunj left already …

This guy huh he left no one can understand him ever argghh sadu sarna she murmured soon she too left for her work place …

A week passed by their nok jhok was still same while kunj was apologizing to her every day but she was not forgiving him she was stucked between her mind and heart they both were enjoying again being with each other their morning fights and other things they are again cherishing their moments …

Kunj was at home today as he decided to go after lunch because he is having cold from past 2-3 days while twinkle was going to office and sees kunj …

She was moving towards him when she got a call and left for her workplace she didn’t found Rey there and asked his pa about it he replied …

Twinkle had urgent work with him and needed his signatures on some papers so she decided to go to his house and take his signs ..

After sometime she reached his house and ringed the bell while he opened and was surprised to see her …

T you here come he said while twinkle nodded and entered inside she was coming to his house first time ..

Wo I need some signatures on this papers so I came twinkle said ..while he asked for pen ..
I don’t have pen she said while he smiled when his phone ringed ..

T you go it’s there in my room till then I’ll take this call he said and moved aside ..

Twinklee entered the room and was searching for pen in his wardrobe when she found it she was moving from there when her eyes caught something she was freezed at the Moment …she hold the pic in her hand and came out of his room …

He ended the call and looked at twinkle who was standing with tears in her eyes ..
What happen t ??? He asked looking at her while she gave the picture in his hand…

Wh.o are in thi..s picture she asked stammering …

Wo these “MY CUTIES MY SISTERS” he replied while she looked at him ..

WHO ARE YOU ??? twinkle asked him while he looked at twinkle confused ….
Screen freezes …
Precap : revelation ?
So how was the episode ???
Hope you all like it ..
Plzz guys comments if you want next or your wish ..
Thanks to all who liked and commented on last one and …
Love you all ?????

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    Kunj drama?????. And Kunj awww missing his mother. Aww so sad. The way he apologized to twinkle aww. It’s true and hard for twinkle to forgive him. kaamaan se nnikla hua teer or zaban se nikla hua lafz kabhi wapa
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