Twinj Rab Miliya S2 Episode ~31


Hello guys I am back again ???and this time for Anusha Di …
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Episode 31 …
The Episode starts with Rey sitting in his home balcony and was working on his some files he has been so much engrossed in it …when he sees a cup of coffee in air helding by someone ….

When did you came Yaar and this coffee thank you so much for this Rey said taking the cup in his hands looking at sanaya …while she smiled ..

So then what I would have done Haan today was valentine and you didn’t even wished me she frowns …

Arey sanaya ??? I don’t like these things you know na he retorted back ..sipping his coffee …

Haan Haan you were such a akdu ?even I had proposed you then too you didn’t accepted by proposal she said in fake miffied tone ..

He kept his laptop aside and gave a wide smile for her ..girls die for me miss sanaya he said making her more angry ..

Haan Haan ?? I know she said still miffied while he held his hand in his …

I am so sorry Yaar I will never be able to revert back the same way as you love me he said smiling sadly when she held his hand more tighter ..

I don’t want your love meri Jaan …I know you very well and I am completely happy being your bff she said while he smiled …

You know what he said while she gestures him what ????
I love you soooooo much he blindfolded her while she smiled …

You stay here for few mins I’ll be back soon he said while she nodded and sat ..

He quickly went towards door taking the food delivery and went towards dinning table and settled everything and brought candles and lit up them making the ambience more romantic ..

He went towards balcony again where sanaya was sitting singing song for time paas …he smiled ..

Come let’s go he said and held her while she asked him where he too her to dinning table and opened her blindfold ..while she was surprised seeing how quickly he did …

Happy valentine’s Day he said and took chair out for her while she smiled and sat while he sat too smiled serving each other feeding each other they had their dinner while he asked her for a dance too while she smiled and they enjoyed and laughed together …

Now show your signing skills here Rey said to which she nodded in yes after so much of insisting of him she sang a song for him …

Kaun tujhe yu pyaar karega Jaise mein Karti hu she sang while he smiled ..

Amazing miss sanaya I am very much impressive and I can request for you audition in rising star he said to which she laughed loudly …

Now I think I have to leave she said making sad face while he smiled hugging her …

Go now he said dropping her till gate while she sat in her car and left for her place while he smiled back …and went inside and laid in his bedroom ..

Hah Yaar sanaya is so cute but I really feel bad sometimes for not retorting back to her feelings …but I can make her happy sometimes he smiled as his eyes fell on a pic kept on his side table …
My cuties he smiled caressing the pic ..

Rey pov :::
Life is really so unfair you won’t even know when it will take a turn …what happened years back I still couldn’t forget how can they do this with me ..well leave it my life was going on she gave me the love of their side but I miss them too … I went Mumbai last year I had work their for some days …when I met T there hah she too was hell cute yar when I met her she did a big siyappa …as HE says she is really a biggest SIYAPPA QUEEN hahah seriously but don’t take it as joke she really has great event planning skills and I was hell impressed with her that I had made her to join me in my business and yes she did ..but when I met her she was lifeless don’t know what happened with her …we went into party of Rishabh there she saved his son life putting herself in danger someone saved her and took her to hospital when I got to know I quickly moved towards there she was sleeping peacefully as she had been given anasthesia …I saw the man who saved her was paying all the bills he had tears in his eyes …I went towards him and asked him that I am her friend I’ll made her payments ..but what he said me was hell shocking for me …

Flashback shows :::
Kunj was doing all the payments there as he decided he will go.from there once making sure that twinkle is fine ..when Rey came towards him …

Sorry but she is my friend cum colleagues I’ll do her payment you don’t have too and thanks for saving her …Rey said …

How I couldn’t have saved my life kunj said tears forming in his eyes …

What did you said you know her ??? Rey asked to which kunj nodded and told him that he was her husband ..

while Rey was shocked ..he told him because of some misunderstanding they were separated …

And then she left us we all thought she died that day kunj ended keeping his palms all over his face …

I can understand what you are going through I don’t know what circumstances made you leave each other but I’ll help you to win her back …

Are you sure ??? Kunj asked to which he nodded in yes …and Rey hugged kunj…

So we will start with friendship ??? Rey said forwarding his hand while kunj smiled and shakes his hand …

By the way T is hell cute you are really lucky man ???
Who is T ??? Kunj asked to which Rey looks at him …

T your wifey he ended …
Achaa twinkle kunj said while Rey looks on ohh t stands for twinkle Rey said and they both laughed …

Flashback ends ::::
And yes thats how I met kunj don’t know but that day I found a genuine love and care in his eyes the pain of loosing her was clearly visible in his eyes too I decided to make them patch up at any cost don’t know why and then we were friends now he is my best buddy he is really very nice in this attempt I got a best friend …then I got to know T name twinkle hah then my motive of helping them became too strong as I remembered her ….
Pov ends :::

Soon thinking about the things sleep took over him …
Next day :::
Twinkle had been woke up and freshen soon this time she went towards her room and sees the same note sticked on her wall she watches the note again and made all the assumptions about it …

Who will write these words for me ? But I feel someone generally wants to apologize to me …then I don’t think this is for me no one knows me being jasmine just I know that …ahh I’ll get mad thinking about this …

Rey said right may be this was for someone else hah but that apology was so cute the way the place was decorated …I loved it …

She smiled and had her breakfast and was going to leave for office when she was her house owner (Peter)

Peter you here ??? Twinkle asked seeing him with a couple …

Yes you have to vacate the house today itself as I decided to sell this house to these people Peter said ..

How can you do this ??? You didn’t informed me before how I can vacate within in a day ??? Twinkle asked unbelievably …

I am in urgent need of money and I have to do this miss T I am so sorry but you have to do this today only ?? He said ..

Twinkle got Rey call and told him everything he came there after sometime …

What the hell you can’t do this ?? Rey said but Peter wasnt ready when he gets someone’s call too ….

You dont have to sell the house to anyone as I’ll buy it the caller said in strict tone …

But I had decided to give the house to them Peter said and continued who are you ????

Well that’s doesn’t matter okay I’ll pay you double and even how much you ask but that house shouldn’t be sell off to anyone the caller said again ..

Peter looked at the couple and then said yes to the caller …

Okay then my pa will be there soon with money and legal documents the caller ended the call ..

Peter told them that he is selling the house to someone else while the couple was shocked and left after fighting with him alott ..

Soon adi reached there with papers and gave him the amount he said …while Peter left …

Adi and Rey smiled at each other ..then adi was shocked and looks at twinkle ..

You don’t need to go anywhere you can stay here as long as you want …adi said

But ? Who’s the owner ?? You are ?? She said while he nodded in no ..

No he is someone else …you don’t need to worry as my boss can’t see you worried he said while twinkle didn’t got his words ..

What ??? She asked again ???
Nope nothing …he said and left from there before bombarding with any other questions …

Twinkle looks at Rey who was standing with uncontrollable smile on his face ..

Very much impressive na ..he called and buyed house hai na T ufff what an attitude Rey said and twinkle nodded …

But why did he let me stay here ?? She said ..

That toh he only knows Rey said and left after asking her to come as he is waiting in car to take her to their work place ..
Twinkle being confused followed him …
On the other side :::
Kunj was standing looking at the view from his office when adi entered …

Work done kunj ??? But the house should be on whose name ???? ..

Twinkle kunj Sarna kunj repiled back smiling….
Screen freezes …
So how was the Episode ???
Hope you all liked it ??
I told you na guys separation guys will be amazing ? So are you enjoying ?
And yes as told today it had Rey pov too with some glimpse of hints ??
And Sia you asked me when will twinj meet ?thoda sa wait soon they will have a face off ????
So yess questions today ??
Why Rey can’t revert back to sanaya feelings ???
What made him help kunj ????
Will kunj be successful in making twinkle his back once again ?
Answers will be cleared soon ???
Thanks to all who likes and commented on last one ?? and dislikes too ??
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And yes it will also depend based on comments when twinj will meet ??
Now depends on you all ????

Bye bye ??????

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  1. Awesome episode dear
    Loved the way kunj got house for twinkle and said that it should be named after
    Plz make twinj meet as soon as possible
    Post ASAP 🙂

  2. Amazingly amazing epi,,……
    Please stand post soon

  3. Hi sam relly happy to see u soon waa relly missing u yaar anc the episode ws fab I like kunj ka secret lover wala phase and twinkle ka question book wala attitude I think rey is twinkle s brother don’t know but just a assumption plss post soon yaar

  4. Ananya_DSK

    Sam!!!! That was yet another out of the world piece of writing… I was bubbling with questions about Rey, and I’m glad that atleast some of them got answered… But why can’t Rey return Sanaya’s love? I want to know…. And what is about his past? I want to know that too… Poor Sanaya!! She’s living a life with her unrequited love being her friend… The way Kunj rescued Twinkle was extremely cool though… “Twinkle Kunj Sarna” that feels so perfect and complete… I’m really excited to know what is coming up next!!! Will Twinkle know of her secret admirer??? I hope so… Fingers crossed… Absolutely loved your work… Loads of love ???

  5. Anusha

    Waw its awesome gift sam
    thank u so much for dedication my fav ff for me i loved it so much
    N yes u can call me di my b’day is on 24th n before only i got such sweet gift ibwas waiting for ur ff like anything thank u so much?????
    N episode was superb
    I like secret lover kunj nb question bank twinkle n i think ray is rohan twinkle bro
    Wanna know what will be twinkle reaction when she ll meet kunj n kunj said to register house name onb”twinkle kunj sarna” so sweet loved it so much ???
    Love u ??????

  6. Epi was awesome!marvellous!
    Luved it ….so much ??????
    Now answers!
    I think rey luvs twinkle
    That’s why he is helping kunj
    Kunj will bring his twinkle back in his life i m Samne sure ??pta h tu twinj ko separate ni kregi
    Ok kafi dino bad tumne apni black mailing white mailing start ki h ??even I luv ur black mailing white mailing .
    Post next soon
    Luv u
    Thanks to Anusha uski wjh se hme ff jldi mili read krne ko.

  7. Vibhu

    God .. It was again superbly written .. With Rey’s POV .. I strongly believe that he has some conne tions with Twinkle’s past . Also I won’t be surprised if he comes out to be Rohan in the end..!!!
    Rey and Sanaya loves each other .. Well that’s great ..!!!
    All the flashback scenes were great like when Kunj met Rey and told about his and Twinkle’s story …
    And .. Lastly kunj buying twinki’s house .. Waahhh great sarna and the way he said ” Twinkle Kunj Sarna” .. Wohoooo .. It really felt amazing .. Can’t wait to read futhur story
    Post soon

  8. Presha

    Loved it

  9. Awesome chappy
    Loved it
    And ya i dont it will be true or not but i really feels that rey is twinkle’s elder brother…
    Post the next part soon cant wait to read more.

  10. Amazing episode..
    Loved every bit of it..
    Well,now I think that rey have very strong connection with twinkle..I think he is twinkle’s elder brother..
    And last part was my fvrt??
    When kunj said’Twinkle kunj Sarna’..that was so sweet???
    ALL the fb scenes was very nice..
    Eagerly want to know that why rey doesn’t revert back to Sanaya’s feelings.. But I am sure that rey doesn’t love twinkle bcoz if he love her then he wouldn’t have helped kunj..
    God knows what’s there in ur brilliant mind..??But I am sure there’s must be something interesting…
    Do post soon plzzzzzzzz
    Love u loads

  11. SSK

    Amazing episode 🙂

  12. Baby

    sammie loved it ?
    sorry can’t cmnt that big exams on head ?
    love you ?
    it was beautiful n amazing episode ?

  13. Twinj2000

    Lovely episode ❤️❤️
    Amazing ???
    I’m wondering why Rey cannot reciprocity cate her fellings
    Twinjs past is hurting but I’m sure the future ll be amazing ???
    Waiting for the face off
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  14. Kiya1234

    Lovely episode yaar amazing ????..
    Superb (S)♥️♥️♥️Nailed it..
    Ray and Sanaya ?????? funny too.
    Kunj buying twinkle house ??? right sepration ????toh fully marvellous yaar…
    Twinj face waiting ?????.
    My twinj past hayeee really sad..
    I loved ray ????…
    post soon sorry late busy ti??
    Bye love you raj

  15. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing superb
    Kya attitude hai kunj ka
    Matlab seeda ghar kareedkar de di.
    So cute

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