Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE ~15

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Happy birthday to you…
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Episode 15 ..
The Episode starts with next morning kunj wakes up and sees twinkle still sleeping …he smiles n murmurs that’s what I am thinking why it’s so peaceful today this siyappa queen is still sleeping before she wakes up and creates any drama I’ll go and get freshen happen …

T : hahah sadu sarna that will never ever happen twinkle said opening her eyes looking at him …

K : so u are awake ??? ????
T : kyu ??? Aankhein kharab hogayi hai Kya ???…ya common sense ki batti ud gayi ???

K : shut up you and your lame jokes …huh I have to get freshen up ..

T : no I am going it’s my turn today ?
K : how many time you will have your turn haan ???? …huh it’s my turn today ?

T : no mine …twinkle got up but kunj pulled him she landed on him they looks at each other …followed by a eye lock …kunj takes the blanket and ties her under that during the eye lock and got up from bed ..

K : now stay here ???I’ll use it first …hah siyappa queen ..

T : huh you sadu sarna she said struggling to come out of blanket while kunj left to washroom smirking ??…
Soon after sometime he comes out if washroom to find Twinkle gone he went towards his side of wardrobe and opened it there he finds a packet and remember buying a dress for twinkle when they met in shopping mall ..

K : ohh I completely forgot to give her this if I give her now then she will again tease me it’s better I should keep it in her wardrobe …he opened twinkle side and kept it along with a note …and went downstairs where everyone is present on breakfast table …

Bebe and Manohar was talking while usha and twinkle was inside kitchen along preparing breakfast …
K : good morning papa Bebe …

Be : may you long live puttar come sit she said and kunj sat …

Twinkle n usha comes there along the servants and kept the dishes on table …thy all sat …and was having their breakfast …

U : kunj puttar come from office early today ..beta …
K : kyu maa ???? …any work ..

Be : arey beta u forgot we have to go in hotel inauguration of RT and Leela g …twinkle coughs listening to it and gets sad …kunj sees her …and rubs her back ..she was coughing badly ..and turned red till now …

K : can’t u see and eat hamesha siyappa twinkle …he gave her water …while she looks at him teard eye …kunj felt bad ..I am sorry he murmured …

T : it’s okay ..Bebe and ushar smiled seeing them …soon they had their breakfast and kunj left for office …usha and Bebe went to gurdwara and Manohar for his friend house …
@twinj room ::::
Twinkle went in her room and closed the door behind …and sat on floor …closing her eyes …why u are doing this with me babaji ??..I don’t wanna go there as I know what’s gonna happen ..i don’t want to hurt maa papa more …she was crying n sat there quiet thinking about her life she was not feeling well since last night due to overdose of ice cream as well as playing in rain too ..she took medicines ..and sat again lost in her thoughts … when she sees her phone ringing and see the caller ID ..sadu …she wiped her tears and picked up the call …

T : hello ..she spoke trying to sound normal …
K : hi …twinkle ??? What happen ?? Everything is fine nah ??? …

T : yes sadu sarna what will happen …everything is first class ?…
K : pakka ??? …

T : haan Haan but why u are asking this ??? Office me kaam Nahi hai Kya Jo time paas Karne call kardiya …

K : yess Mrs sarna ? I was missing my lovelyyyyy wifey sooo much baby that’s why called you huh …

T : seriously ????omg baby
K : fut ?? I called you to inform I have a gift for you and that’s in your wardrobe hope you will like it …

T : gift for me ..let me check ..

K : okay you check peacefully I am going for meeting take care bye ..
T : hmm bye ? love you baby ??she said teasing him …

K : acha bye ???he hangs up the call having a cute smile on his face …jhalli he murmured and went for his meeting …
Next scene :::
Twinkle got up and exciteddd went towards her wardrobe and opened it to find a packet …she reads a note now don’t get shocked ? I liked it so buyed don’t think anything else siyappa queen ..twinkle smiled ..and opened the packet to find a beautiful maroon n black netted saree ..

T : wow this is sooo damn amazingg yaar sadu sarna has a awesome choice she hugged it happily …and got busy in choosing the matching accessories for it she forgots her pain and everything for some time …

Soon it was evening and all came back home …twinkle went downstairs and sat with them …then they all have their lunch ..

Bebe went to take rest while usha and Manohar was arguing about what to wear twinkle smiled seeing them ..

Man : usha ???? U are gonna wear this maxi (gown ??) ??? I mean you should wear saree …this is not your age to wear all this things …think you have your bahu with you now are mother in law ..he said teasing her …twinkle was smiling sitting in front of them enjoying ..having knife in her hand …

U : huh Manohar ji aap bhi na ye mera Nahi hai …it’s just exchange in the shopping mall …I have to return it …
Man : don’t lie usha I know you buy this for you no need of lying now hai na twinkle puttar …

Usha looks at twinkle who gulped in ..wo papa g what I’ll say mummy g is saying na it got exchanged …

Man : arey twinkle puttar you don’t know your mother in law .. she has this hobbies of looking young usha you are old now ..
U : Manohar g ..shouted Manohar gulped seeing her …

Kunj entered home to find them fighting and sees twinkle enjoying it ..he went and sat beside twinkle …

K : so bad to see your fil and mil fighting mere maa papa ko lada rahi ho ..haan ..ushar left from there still fighting …

T : what mere maa papa there are my parents too now if u are forgetting Mr sarna she said pointing knife towards him he looked on shocked …

K : ye Tu kya Kar rahi hai keep this knife away …

T : then say ??? Will you tell this again I am siyappa queen ??? Haan …

K : yess I will say what you will do ??
T : acha bachu ??? She said and pushed him on sofa ..and sat beside him keeping knife near his lips …now say siyappa queen …

K : siyappa queen ???still knife was near his lips …

T : if say if again na then I’ll stab this knife and this time I am hell serious ?…

K : you will stab it ??? Where ??? He asked trembling ???

T : where haan ??? She goes closer to him and take apple from the basket and kept on the table beside sofa …here she said and stabbed the knife in apple still glaring at kunj …and then started laughing …omg your expressions ???….hahaha stay fearful of wife then only you will get success in your life bacha she said handling the the apple and ran from there as Bebe called her …

Kunj got up from sofa and sighs ?? babaji acha nai lagta mein ?? Kaisi biwi Dedi mujhe ???…Jao mein aapse Kabhi nahi baat karungi he said and looked at the apple take out knife and bites apple ..pehle I was starving badlyyyyy and this siyappa queen is teasing me …then he left for his room ..

After sometime twinkle came out in hall when sees the landline ringing …

T : who is calling this time ..huh she picked up call …hellooooo …
Caller : hello whose this ???? …

T : ohh hello why should I say ??? You tell me who are you ??? …
Ca : can I talk to Sid ???? …

T : Sid ? Who is this Sid ??? Yaha Sid Nahi sadu rehta hai ???…

Ca : what ??? Sadu ??? ..
T : yess sadu sarna he is angry bird and perfect combination of saduness ??..
Ca : means ??? ..

T : am I saying story no Sid stays here …she was saying when she felt a hand on her shoulder she turned to find kunj …

K : with whom you are talking twinkle ???
T : arey its someone there asking for Sid …

K : pass the phone to me twinkle ..I am Sid ..

T : what ??? When your naamkaran happen mujhe invite b Nahi kya …the caller was listening their talks and giggled …kunj passed a death glare to her she gave the phone and went murmuring Sid Nahi sadu ??…

K : hello ??? ..
Ca : kutte ???
K : Karan ???

Ka : Haan aur kon Hoga Sid ?
K: arey don’t call me Sid call me kunj ..

Ka : bachpan me kehta tha kunj mat bolna Sid bolna aur ab kunj bolo wah Tu ek number Ka sadu hai as she said waise ??? Who was that patakha ???
Hayeee her voice ..

K : oyee have a break biwi hai meri …twinkle my wife ..

Ka : wife ??? Tune shadi Karli saale bulaya bhi Nahi mujhe ???

K : yess Mr Karan khanna was bzy in his honeymoon so I thought not to disturb ?

Ka : waise acha Kiya ..her voice is so cute say my namastey to her ..

They talked sometime and ended the call ..
Screen freezes …
Precap : tanejas inauguration and may be some things related to twinkles past ..
So hows the Episode ???
Comment down down ???…
A very big apology guys haath jod kaar yaar sooo sorry firstly to the writers …from past days I wasn’t visiting Tu … Coz my lab internals were going on ..soo exm stress+completion of records so was bzy with it ..then fever ?????poori life me kachra chal Raha hai ..and this kachra is gonna continue till December ..and I won’t be able to post too plzz bear with me ???…
Bye love you all ✋

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  1. Anusha

    Wow its amazingamazing
    loved it
    Too good
    Twinkle teasing kunj?
    Post soon

  2. Aamu

    Awww……thank u soo dear kamini + meri shammmuu?????

    love you yaar.
    Thank u again..
    And this was amazing..especially that yaha sid nai sadu rehta hai..????.
    Twinkle is hilarious…thank u for posting these…??

  3. Kiya1234

    Superb episode how can you write so well like hats off you dear again and again you become my more favourite one????full pesha washul episode too funny and twinkle was amazing specially that line Sid ? Who is this Sid ??? Yaha Sid Nahi sadu rehta hai ???I laugh so much and when calls come and caller said wants to talk with sid tHat time I though may be Kunj childhood friend jasmine call him but when kunj said karna relife?so much finally I really enjoy yaar give as same like funny and comdey episodes you are to so much queen ? of ff???bye sami

  4. Amazing episode

  5. Presha

    Loved it

  6. My faviurite ff

  7. amazing love it ☺
    and twinj moment was really awesome love it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    post soon and take care☺

  8. Awesome mindblowing fantastic fabulous & funny episode dear
    twinj scene amazing cute & funny
    plzzz post soon dear
    Take care dear
    luv u

  9. awesome yr !hats off to u
    mazza aa gya pdh ke !
    twinj nok jhok was amazing
    luved it so much !
    keep writing
    keep smiling
    thanks for posting
    luv u

  10. Till december wth I can’t live wid out yr ff and see it every day and now u r saying that no ff till december velly bad

  11. i think jasmine is twinkle.
    post soon

  12. Marrie

    Superb yr
    But December ?????
    Plz try to post soon ?

  13. lovelu episode…
    loved it very much

  14. Twinj2000

    WOW that was just amazing ❤️❤️❤️
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    Twinkle doesn’t know anything abt did matlab wo Jasmine nahi hai ??
    First I tht Jasmine ka call to nahi par …??
    Maybe twinkle is related to Jasmine n twinkle n her parents thing is also related to all this
    Let’s see
    Waiting ??
    Post soon??

  15. Ayesha51

    Superb episode how can you write so well like hats off you sammmu di
    Awesome mindblowing fantastic fabulous & funny episode dear
    twinj scene amazing cute & funny
    I think maybe twinkle is related to Jasmin
    but don’t know whats the real truth
    plz post asap
    love u .. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Ramya

    Awesome Yaar amazing
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    Their cute fights and lovely talks
    They are funny and also so cute
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    Superbbbbbbbb episode Sammu. Awesome mind blowing fabulous nd too funny episode. Loved twinj nok jhok nd dialoges were toh fantastic. Love it so much. Post soon.
    Love you ?????

  18. Ananya_DSK

    Sam!!! Your writings are an absolute treat yaar!!
    Really nice to see Twinj’s bonding.. You make it different in every story, and well, that makes you unique!!!!
    Totally loved it!!

  19. Baby

    don’t say sorry samiee tu bas jaldi se apne lab internals deke vapas aajaa ♥
    we are w8ing ♥
    srsly yeh episode monu or usha hahahaa ♥ maxi dress matlab kahan se kahan se laati hain aap yeh ideas ♥
    uffffffff loved it sooooooooo much mei has haske ke lot pot ho gayi ♥
    loved it ♥
    love u sooooooooooo much ♥
    all d best ♥

  20. Vibhu

    mindblowing episode
    hahaa .. “yaha sadu nahi rehta”
    ab karan aa gya hai
    ab sid ko uski jasmine mil jayegii .. mzaa aayega bahut
    post sooner dear

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