Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE ~10

Episode 10 …
The Episode starts with twinkle standing wiping her tears …she smiled and got up and went inside her room lied on bed soon sleep took over her …

After sometime kunj comes in his night suit and sees twinkle sleeping on bed he smiled …went towards their bed lied …for sometime …he was in deep thoughts …when he got up from bed went towards his wardrobe he opened it and bend down to find a diary kept hidden behind his clothes ..he took it out …and went on bed again he opened it to find what all he used to wrote before becoming sadu sarna ..

He smiled as he reads his diary …at the end it was pic of his with a girl .. he smiled and touched girl pic ….he held the pic closely to his heart and murmured I MISS YOU ?…

He hide that diary again and lied on bed …seeing twinkle actually admiring her …when he sees her shivering in sleep he slows down the AC and covered her with blanket she was looking soo cute he thought and was just seeing her soon sleep took over him …
Days passed by with the beautiful turnings in twinj life …their life has became normal from that day twinkle didn’t said him anything about his past they forget the night incident easily in this two weeks they got very much close to each other or I can say they got habitual to each other …their morning can’t be beautiful without the nok jhok it’s was like a cup of them fighting daily for whose will use bathroom first then twinkle naughtiness keeping the room dirty makes kunj get angry on her but she used to cool down him with her senseless talks …they both were completing each other in every manner sm twinkle has became everyone’s favourite ..ushar Bebe used to love her like she is their own …she was very much close to Bebe and kunj used to feel jealous seeing her close to his Bebe as he was the ladla but the lady in his life had took his places he was happy seeing it too …and was moving ahead in life …
2 weeks later :::
Twinj room ::::
Kunj was sleeping peacefully on his side ..when he started speaking in sleep …

K : siyappa queen go and use washroom it’s your turn today to use it first …if u don’t go I’ll go then dont come to complain me about it okay he was speaking n speaking but there was no response from twinkle ..he turned to find twinkle side empty …where is this siyappa queen ???? …don’t tell me today miracle happen that she woke up early wow babaji improvement haan Haan meri sangat Ka asar hai ?he raises his collar …he went to washroom to find it empty too …she is not here too where she must be ? ?..he came out of his room and ask one servant about it …where is twinkle ? …he was too restless ..

Ser : bhaiya she is kitchen with usha maa g …

K : ohh he said and went inside took his towel and went to get freshn up …
On the other side :::
Twinkle was with usha in kitchen and other servants …usha was teaching her how to prepare aloo parathas …they were having fun moments while dough the flour twinkle did her full make up with her ..usha smiles seeing her …

U : uffo twinkle ye Kya puttar tune she said and removed it …

T : mummy g soo sorry ..but ye ho hi nai raha tha she said showing her hands which was dirty due to liquify flour …both laughs seeing that …then she asked servants to clean it ..they were doing it..

but Twinkle was increasing their works then apologizing to them cutely making them smile to at her antics …soon after soo much the aloo parathas are prepared by Twinkle …sarnas too got habitual too twinkle very much her antiques her cuteness she was not a DAUGHTER IN LAW but a DAUGHTER for them …

Be : wah Kya baat hai Twinkle puttar …go and call kunj till then servants will serve it on dinning table …

Man : haan Bebe them meri beti ne banaya hai …twinkle smiled …

T : ji ..Bebe she said and ran towards her room …she went murmuring pakka he sadu sarna apni biwi ke Saath hi chipka Hoga(laptop) ??she opened the door to find noone there at that exact time kunj comes out of washroom in towel and screamed …

K : whattttttt the hell …how can you be here ??????…covering his bare body with his hands …

T : ohh mr sadu sarna this is my room too she said and turned …bdw u should have known this fact that u are not single anymore ek din neeche Kya chale gayi Bina jhagda kiye … khud ko bachelor samjhne lage …

K : huh then also …he said while twinkle was peeping him ..and smirking …don’t turn …I am taking my clothes …he wasn’t able to find his shirt …

T : can I turn now Mr hotty if u are done with it ???? ..she says still taking glances of her s*xy hubby body ….

K : no I am not getting my shirt ….it was here only last night he said Still finding…
T : wait I’ll check she said and moved towards the wardrobe …kunj again covers his body while Twinkle smirked and said don’t worry I won’t take advantage of you ..or..waise bhi i am.your legally wedded wife ….she winked at him ..she was searching for his shirt and he was beside her …she looks at him ..followed by an eye lock …

She moves his hand on kunj chest and pinched him ???and took his shirt from her other hand from the wardrobe and showed him …

T : aankhein hai ya button shirt yahi par thi she said …while kunj looked at her shocked …

K : ohh siyappa queen why u pinched me …he said looking at her …

T : bcoz u wasted my time sadu sarna go and wear your clothes ..or else …

K : or else what ?????? He asked raising his eye brow …

T : or else she said and moved ..closer to his ear and whispered I’ll snacht your towel too ….

He looked at shocked she started laughing badlyyyyy ..???while kunj was shocked …huh he said gritting his teeths…and looked at her smiling …
Screen freezes ….
Do share your views …
Thanks to all who commented on last love you guys ??????…
Kthh will be posted soon ..too ..
Bye ????

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  1. Cheena2001Cp

    ?????? Aww Sam …..
    It was an AMAZING episod ???
    Twinkle is so funny and naughty ??
    Bechara Kunj ??

  2. SidMin23

    Love the episode and twinkle was saying she will snatch his towel ???? and his expression ?? post other ff too.

  3. Kiya1234

    Superb episode loved laptop ? Kunj ki biwi ??????????
    Amazing ? yaar sami post soon

  4. Baby

    hahahahahaa ♥
    samieeeeeeee god dis twinkle i love her sooooo much ♥
    she is soooo naughty n soooooooooo cute ♥
    ufffff hahahaa m still not able to stop myslf from laughing god ♥
    hahahaa loved it ♥
    towel n daughter in law nahi daughter n dere cute antiques ♥
    hahahaa n also biwi dat’s his laptop hahaahahahaa♥
    n den atlast d dialogue ek din jhagda kare bina neeche kya chali gayi apne aap ko bachaelor samjh liya gosh m sooo vry love wid it ♥ sry short form darr lag rhi hai papa aagye toh ♥
    chal c u soon ♥
    love u lods n lods ♥
    post soon as soon as psbl ♥
    muahhhhhh ♥ byee yrrr how mch i speak fas jangi haha 😛

  5. Amazing episode

  6. Presha

    Awesome dii..
    Loved it
    Post soon…
    Love u

  7. Awsm episode.
    Loved it
    Loved their nok jhok…
    Hope that kunj will try to move on in his life with twinkle..
    Plzz post soon.
    Love u

  8. Hahaah
    Nice one
    Post soon

  9. amazing fantastic lovely !
    laptop kunj ki biwi that was epic luved whole epi
    keep writing
    thanks for posting
    luv u

  10. hahahahahah….
    Fantabulous episode…
    Good going…
    I m enjoying each nd every episode…
    Plzzz twinj ko ek doosre se pyar karado…
    Ab ye tumhare hi haath m h ???…
    Post soon..

    Ur sis

  11. It was so amaz8ng and funny and cute and hot and brilliant at the same time pass post jaldi na

  12. Ananya_DSK

    Sammmmm! Too good to handle…
    This was so amazing…..
    Loved it!

  13. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    Twinkle antics are to cute

  14. Awesome

  15. Twinj2000

    Tooooooo goooodd???
    Loved it ya Sameera ❤️❤️❤️
    Superb ???
    Post soon?
    Waiting ??

  16. Awesome fabulous episode dear

    twinj scene amazing
    post soon dear
    luv u

  17. Rochika

    Oh god…yrrr i m laughing till now…???
    Sooo funny yrrr.. ??????
    It was soo amazing..???
    The dialogues were hilarious..?????
    u Nailed it..?????
    Enjoyed the whole epi..??
    Post soon…
    Love u!!!!!???????

  18. Aamna_2690

    OMG ??
    Just Loved it Yaar ❤❤❤
    TWINJ were hilarious ???
    Towel cheen lungi ??? Haww ?? Twinki is very naughty ??? But I love her ??? Post Soon Babes ??? Love U ❤❤❤

  19. Yashasvi

    Yrrrr that was so hilarious dude….
    Sam u nailed it dear????
    Loved twinj so so much….????♥♥♥♥♥♥?????
    And dat towel Wala scene….??
    Twinkle is sooo naughty….hahahaha….
    And bechara kunj…..
    And dats not fair …. Kunj ki second wife bhi he….par acha he likes laptop he
    I enjoyed it a lot dear…
    Post soon ?????

    Keep smiling and stay blessed ???♥?♥?♥♥♥♥???
    Love you ♥♥??
    Yashu!!!!!! ?????????

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