Twinj Rab miliya episode 9

The episode starts with twinkle n kunj enjoying in the festival after some they go to their respective rooms saying bye to each other
Twinkle : bye sadu sarna
Kunj : byee siyappa queen
Next morning
Kunj wakes up n asks Bhubaneswar is there any bus for Amritsar today he says yes at 1: to pm
Twinkle comes there n asks kunj about today’s bus he lies that today no bus is there for Amritsar
Twinkle : ohh …. shit

Kunj : it’s ok na we’ll see many place here n then tomorrow we’ll take bus for Amritsar
Twinkle n kunj go out n see many places finally there reach gurudwara
They enters gurudwara n a chunri falls over them pandit comes there n says
Pandit: ye chunri jis pe b girti hai wo log ek dusre k liye bane hote hai ( this stole falls upon whom they R made for each other)
Twinkle smiles a bit n goes inside
Twinkle : Babaji what happening to me why am I thinking about kunj
Kunj : mein aaj tak kisi k liye aisa feel nai kiya lar aaj q ( I never feel for anyone but y now)
Meanwhile a baba comes there n says always listen to your heart and gives his blessing n goes from there
Twinkle comes out of gurudwara n sees a mahi tree there n climbs up the tree n start eating mangoes
Kunj searches for twinkle n sees her sitting on branch of tree n ask to come down
Kunj : twinkle niche aa tu gir jayegi ( twinkle come down u will fall from there )
Twinkle : kunj tu b aaja dekh kitne tasty mangoes hai ( kunj u also come here see how tasty these mangoes are )
Kunj : tere weight se daali tut jayegi plz niche aaja ( branch will broke by ur weight plz come down )

Suddenly the branch of tree gets broken and twinkle falls over kunj
They have n eye lock kunj cleans twinkle face sajna ve plays
They come out of gurudwara when twinkle sees pani puri n insist to eat
Twinkle : wow pani puri I want to eat it
Kunj :no twinkle u can’t see it’s so unhygienic
Twinkle: I don’t know anything I just wanted to eat it
Kunj : ok siyappa queen
Twinkle was eating pani puri while kunj eyes her lovingly
Kunj pov
How cute she is looking I just wanted to see her like this whole life she is really a kid how she climbs a tree she is just different from others girls )
Twinkle feeds kunj n they go back to the house where they R staying
Twinkle: good night
Kunj : good night ….
Next morning
They wakes up n reaches bus stand n waves bye to all the villagers
Villagers ask them to come again
They nod n go inside the bus n reaches Amritsar
Kunj says to twinkle we’ll submit the project tomorrow

Twinkle : ok byee
Kunj : bye and goes from there
Twinkle turns to look at kunj n kunj turns to look at twinkle both smiles seeing each other n waves bye n goes from there
The epi ends on their smiling face????

Precap : reason behind Alisha hatred towards twinkle
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  1. zayb_zikra

    Hey sameera epi ws as usual amazing
    Bt plz make it a bit longer……
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz….

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