Twinj Rab miliya episode 8


The episode starts with lying on floor when some people comes there n sees them in that state n takes twinj to their village

Next morning
Kunj wakes up n find himself in a room a villager named bhuvan comes there n asks kunj how was he feeling now n says that girl was very brave she didn’t care for her life n saves ur life
Kunj : where is she right now
Bhuvan : she is resting right now u also after sometime u can go n meet her
Kunj ( thinks ) : why she doesn’t care for her life n saves my life why??
On the other side twinkle wakes up n shouts kunj and gets up from there kunj sees her n go towards her twinkle hugs him tightly sajna ve plays in bg
Twinkle : are you fine kunj ??
Kunj : I am absolutely fine twinkle see
Twinkle comes back to her senses she has tears in her eyes
Kunj : why did u save my life
Twinkle : u idiot dumbo mad sadu sarna u R asking me why I saved it life u know how worried I was seeing u in that state n hits him
Kunj : ouchhh I am just asking u can take revenge from me then why u saved my life
Twinkle : I am not that bad kunj and bdw if I didn’t save ur life then with I’ll fight Mr sadu sarna
Kunj : is it the only reason ?
Twinkle nods

Kunj ( thinks ) : kitni cute lag rahi hai ( she is looking so cute )
Village ladies come there n asks twinkle to change n come with them for festival
Twinkle says ok and goes from there while kunj eyes her lovingly
After some time twinkle dressed in a beautiful saree n kunj gets mesmerized seeing her
Kunj pov : she is looking stunning her eyes shows how much innocence she has if I’ll give her comment she’ll show me attitude ???
Kunj : u R looking very gorgeous
Twinkle : I know that ?? n steps forward n turns to kunj n says bdw thanks
Twinkle and kunj smiles seeing each other ?
Twinj dance with the villagers on the song cham cham cham
They enjoys the festival n kunj buys a beautiful pendant for twinkle
Kunj : twinkle I want to give u something
Twinkle : what ?
Kunj : gives a box n asks her to open it
Twinkle : opens it n see pendant n says wow kunj this is so beautiful ur choice is so good but why R U giving it to me
Kunj : because and comes closer to her
Twinkle : what kunj ?
Kunj comes near her ear n says : becoz u saved my life ??
Twinkle : ohh that’s why
Kunj : what do u think that I ……
Twinkle : no I didnt think anything??

Kunj forwards his hand n says friends
Twinkle : soch lo kunj sarna meri friendship tumhe bhtt mehangi padegi ( think my friends will become expensive for u
Kunj : mujhe saste cheezo ki adat b nai hai ( well I don’t have habit of cheap thing )
Twinkle ok friends n both shakes their hands
Sab Tera songs plays in back ground
The song continue twinkle tries to wear the pendant
Kunj : can I help u
Twinkle nods
Kunj helps her n says done
Twinkle thanks him n goes from there
Kunj : yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai ……( what is happening to me )??
Screen freezes on kunj tensed face

Precap : twinkle n kunj go to gurudwara n a chunri falls over them

I hope you guys are enjoying my ff thanks to u all for giving me love ???
Thank u zikra lama sayeeda kruti shatakshi rashiverma maanvi n silent readers too comment plzzzz ???
N also comment whether I should continue or end the ff ???
Byrr guys
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ?

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  1. Kruti

    Amazing epi sameera

  2. Yaar sameera do cont plzzz…….
    N epi ws jus osmmmmmmmm loved it……..
    Loving kunj sarna…..
    N precap omggggggggggg do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

  3. Amazing yaar…payaar ki shurwaat aahaan ??

  4. Shatakshi

    Sameera that was really Amazing
    Loved it??

  5. Off course continue it’s awesome one…I’m really loving it …Ab toh asli maza arha hai nd u r telling to end it …loved it..

  6. Lovely epi. I know I don’t comment on every epi because I get busy sometimes but I read all & I think you write beautifully. Well done.

  7. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sameera plzz do continue….luved it

  8. I lyk ur relation i mean kunj’s nd triwinkle sarna ki

  9. And finally our hero kunj is feeling something for twinkle.. The conversation between two of them is just so cute and adorable.. Its just superb,, the episode was fantastic

  10. wow sameera wow yr luvly episode

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