Twinj Rab miliya episode 52

Hello guys here I am back with next epi
How R U all guys ??
Thank u shoo much for ur love n support guys
Loved u yaar seriously
I don’t know why this imposter want me to end this ff she is saying that I stole her ideas but guys seriously this idea came in my mind n I posted it I want to end this before but don’t want to hurt u all thats y I have continued it …
Seriously guys I got so much love here but plzz let me end this ff now plz guys
I will end this ff after 2-4 epis plzz let me end it
I am here to make friends not enemies sorry If I hurt anyone plzz
N U imposter dont think I am going bcoz of u
U can never know the meaning of support friendship n I req u to stop bashing taking others name pls

Recap : twinj cute moments with kriya
The episode starts with twinj is seen sleeping peacefully on each other’s embrace they r looking so cute ….when Twi wakes up n smiles looking at kunj
She goes to freshen up when kunj wakes up n doesn’t find Twi
Kunj : where is this Twi now ??
He goes to bathroom n knocks on the door but Twi due to shower sound she doesn’t heard anything
Kunj gets worried as to where Twi has gone
Twi comes out after taking shower n hugs kunj from behind
Kunj : Twi where were u ??
Twi : kunj I was taking shower why r u so worried
Kunj : I knock on the door u didn’t respond
Twi : ohh I think it’s bcoz of shower sound so sorry
Kunj hugs her tightly n says I love u Twi
Twi : I love u too my lovely hubby now go n freshen up we have to go for shopping also
Kunj : yeah n kisses her forehead n goes to take shower
Twi (thinks ): thank u Babaji for giving a cute hubby and a family who cares for me so much thank u she smiles n went to kitchen

In kitchen
Meher along with mahi was preparing breakfast when Twi comes there
Twi : mahi y r u working in kitchen
Mahi : di doctor asked me to do work
Meher : yeah I heard it
Twi : ohh I am super excited for this baby
Meher : me too twinkle …
They trio hug n left for dinning table
Kunj Abeer uv n others comes there n sit to have breakfast
Kunj : oh maa I was thinking let’s do mahi baby shower function
Twi : when kunj ??
Kunj : tomorrow twinkle
Uv : so early we need to do so much preparations
Abeer : dont worry uv we will do it
Leela : if u all said then ok lets come to work now
Kriya : yeah we will go for shopping now
Kunj : yeah baby let’s finish breakfast first
Twi : meher mahi r u coming with us ??
Meher : nope yaar I have work
Mahi : I wanna go out but di can u plz bring my stuff
Twi : ok mahi they all do breakfast n went to work
Twinj comes out of the house with kriya n sits in the car
Kunj : leats do shopping first
Kriya : yeah they smile n went toward shopping mall

At shopping mall
Twinj enters n goes towards kids section first they see many dresses but kriya doesn’t like anyone of these
Kunj : baby see this one is so good
Kriya : no papa I wanna see more
Kunj : jaisi maa waisi beti (like mother like daughter )
Twi : kunj u said something ??
Kunj : no no m makes excuse
Twinj comew with some dresses n shows kriya
Twi : see this is so good
Kunj : no this is is good
Twinj fights over dresses n kriya smiles n says let me choose
Kriya : UMm I like papa dress
Kunj : that’s my lovely daughter n hugs kriya n shows tongue to Twi
Twi : huh kriya ki bachi
Kriya smiles n shows tongue too twinkle takes their pics
After Twinj shopping they finally went to food section
Twi : I am not at all hungry
Kunj : but I am too hungry
Kriya : mee too
Twi orders juice n krinj orders noodles
They have a cute family moment while eating n feeds Twi too n laughs
Then they went to gaming zone n plays wotb kriya

After sometime they get tired n came out of shopping mall
In midway kriya shouts for ice cream n kunj takes her
Kunj lifts kriya n ask which flavour
Kriya : strawberry
Twi : chocolate
Kunj : vanilla
They trio enjoys their ice cream when Twi outs ice cream on kunj face n twiya laughs
Kunj : siyappa queen I’ll ow show u now
He runs behind Twi n finally outs ice cream in Twi face too n smiles
Then they wash their faces n finally went to twinj villa

At twinj villa
Twinj enters n sees everyone roaming here n there n ask what happen
Leela : nothing kunj puttar we r doing our work
Uv : I have invited all the guest leela ma
Abeer : I’ll see off decorations
Kunj : I’ll handle catering section n all
They all distribut their works n left to their rooms
The screen freezes on Twi smilinv face


So guys did I like the epi
Share ur views n do comment
Shoo sorry guys n plzz forgive me
I’ll come back with next story as soon as I get time
Bye bye
Love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Amazing epi

  2. Bindass and tq fr long epi

  3. Angita


  4. Aamu

    tussi ff end kar rahe ho
    tussi naa karo
    hey sammu u had only told me wen fake sayeeda had cmntd ill words n all dat y should i leave coz of dat fake sayeeda dan wat happen to u yaar
    pls aisa naa karo
    i loved derr family moments…..n ur ff too n i dont think u had copied any1s idea as i had not read

    hello all of u
    oory muje ye batate hue bohot dukh ho raha hai(sorry i felling very bad to tell dis)i will not b able to update my ff for 3-4 days as i had told u i had fever n i was felling dizzyness but i dint mnd it…today i was going downstair through stair as my mumma was calling n my room is on 2nd floor n dis kitchen is in g floor…on stair i feel dizzines n fall….so doctor had tell me to complete rest as my head n hand is injured n my dizziness was because of bp low so i will not b able to write my ff for few days ……hope u all dont mind…u all know i would hav updated but my mom had taken my phone as i read ff whole day so dis msg is also written by my aapi(elder sis) from her phone…and dont worry i will read ur ff as my aapi is my caretake she had promished me wenever her phone will b free she will let me read ff n she will cmnt..means i will speak n she will write as my hand is badly injured
    thank u all of u for support
    n sorry also
    n sammu sorry to u too as i cmnted dis long on ur ff

  5. Ranabulbul

    Hi sameera I am a very big silent reader of ur ff
    I know that u don’t know me or whether u know but when ever I thought to comment I stop myself as u might like my comment or except me as reader cum friend but that silly thing kept in my mind from the initial episodes of ur ff and ur as pyar oayr payr I never commented on that also but I always waited for ur ff ur not the one affo di ritzi and many more writers are their whose ffs I liked the most but u know na whom we love the most we fears to loose them when u said that u are going to stop ur ff I was just numb and believe me I didn’t not commented intentionally but u know na I am a 14 year old girl with some doubts but plz di if u want to end ur ff do it but come with a new story na plz and sorry for hiding my feelings for so long

  6. Srija

    toooo goood????
    awesome very sweet?????

  7. Shatakshi

    Please dont do this
    N I m happy that u r not ending it becoz of that imposter
    But as u promised that u will come back with new ff then its fine
    I will be waiting
    But u have to start as soon as u end it
    ..or else I would become angry
    N the episode was rocking
    Loved it❤❤❤

  8. Hey don’t end u’r ff… i love it… btw nice episode… love their family bonding….????

  9. Sameera!! Pls dont end ur ff!!!! Pls…i love it soo much and it is great!!! Love it sooo much!! Dont pay attention to any basher…we are always here to support u!! Pls yaaarrr! N as always ur epi was sooo charming n nice…i wanna read so much more from u!!!! Pls maan jaao

  10. Kruti

    Amazing sam
    And i wont tell u not to end d ff coz i know dragging has no point
    But u have to comeback with another ff

    Love u ❤❤

  11. Shreya098

    Cute epi….

    Plz na don’t end this..

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  13. Baby

    sameera di pls dont go anywhere who is dis imposter whos saying dese r his or her ideas den where is d ff r dese ideas we cnt c di pls dont go pls plsh plsh we dont care if he or she says its their idea bcz we no its all urs pls dont end plomish us pls ll b w8ing fr nxt p[ost asp di luv u n hp u wnt end we all r always wid u luv u

  14. Awesome epi.. I’ll really miss ur ff.. Plz come back again with a new ff with a bang.. ?

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