Twinj Rab miliya episode 51


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Recap : twinkle scaring Alisha finally se confesses her crime
The episode start with everyone making fun of
Alisha n laughing
Kunj : her face yaar we have scared her so much ??
Twi : ya kunj only I know how I did this acting
Abeer : hahah now everything is fine
Twi : yep they a hi-fi
Meher : in this we all forgot about mahi
Kunj : after sometime we will do a grand party
to celebrate mahi baby shower function
Twi : yeah n hugs mahi
Uv : so now I’ll take mahi to room she needs rest

Kunj : she needs rest or u want some privacy
Abeer : ahha ahha kunj understand yaar
Uv : what yaar it’s nothing like that huh
Twi : hahaha bechara uv ok take her to room
Kunj : u should take rest also
Twi : no kunj I have to do office work
Kunj : I’ll break ur legs if u stepped out of home from now U’ll work from home itself I don’t want to take any chance now
Twi : ohh my cute baby ….
They go to their respective n twinj moves towards their room
Twi : but kunj seriously ill be bored at home
Kunj : no.more discussion twinkle

Twi wraps her hands around kunj neck n says I don’t know that my cute sweet hubby loves me shoo much
Kunj holds her by waist n says hmm I love u so much n twi u remember ur promise ??
Twi : what promise ??
Kunj : u said me to remarry remember ??
Twi gives him death glare n says I want to remarry ha
Kunj : yep yaar see my wife doesn’t pay attention to me n I am fulfilling ur wish only na twinkle
Twi pushes him on bed n comes on top of him m says Mr kunj sarna if u think of anyone else na I’ll kill her who ever it is
Kunj : ohh miss twinkle kunj sarna so possessive n gives a peck on Twi cheek
Twi : yes Mr kunj sarna she also kisses him on forehead
Kunj pushes Twi n came on top of her n says after so many days I got this chance saying this he smirk
Twi : u shameless kunj n hits him
When suddenly someone knocks on the door n twi burst out into laughter ???
Kunj : ahhh my fate
Twi : go open the door kunj
Kunj : I’ll see u later Twi n smiles
He opens door n finds kriya with her cute teddy
Kunj : my baby come he takes kriya
Twi : ohh my baby what happen
Kriya : mumma I love u so much

Twi : I love u too baby
Kriya : mumma promise me something ??
Twi looks at kunj who nods his head
Twi : what baby
Kriya : U’ll never go leaving me when I were not here na I missed u soo much
Twi : my baby I promise I’ll never leave u n kisses kriya of forehead
Kriya : pakka plosmish
Twi : pakka wala they smiles n kunj looks at them n says
Kunj : huh kriya loves only mumma what about me no one loves me n makes a puppy face
Kriya : no papa I love I too
Kunj : huh no u only loves ur mumma
Kriya : no pappa I love u too she also makes puppy face like kunj
Kunj : then hug me too
Kriya : ok she hugs both twinj n trio looks so sure together
Kunj : let’s capture this precious moment
Twi : means ???
Kunj : let’s take a selfies
They trip take a selfies n smiles when they heard leela calling them
They go downstairs n askk leela what happen

Leela : what happen u r asking me if everything is fine now that doesn’t mean we should no do dinner
Kunj : oh maa u called us for dinner
Twi : yeah maa u scared us
Babee : now lets do dinner
They all sit for dinner n twinkle sees kriya n smiles
Twinj : I’ll feed kriya today
Kriya looks at them n says u both
Twi : no first I’ll feed u
Kunj : huh no ill feed first right kriya
Kriya : offo u both feed me ok
Twinj : ok n they feed kriya happily
Kriya : mumma papa my stomach has filled now
Twinj : ok kriya they kisses kriya n smiles
Twinkle takes kriya to her room with a glass of milk n ask hee finish this fast
Kriya : mumma I don’t want milk says kriya dramatically
Twi : baby u have to drink na plshh
Kunj : I have an idea I’ll tell u a story ok kriya
Kriya : umm ok papa

Kunj tells him the story of a prince an princess how they met
Kunj : one day prince was going to his college when princess comes there n thinks him as a thief n they fight
Kriya : hahahaha how can princess think prince as their
Kunj : bcoz princess was mad that time
Twinkle gives him a death glare n reminisces their first meeting how Twi catches kunj thinking as him thief n smiles
Kriya : then what happen papa
Kunj : then prince n princess have a huge fight n then after so many day they became friends ….he continues n after sometime sees kriya sleeping
Twi : finish now lets go to room
Twinj puts blanket on kriya n went to their room
Twi : u still remember our diary meet
Kunj : how can I forget how siyappa queen came in my life
Twinj smiles n went to their room……
Screen freezes

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