Twinj Rab miliya episode 50(Golden jubliee)


Hello lovely people here I am with the next episode of Twinj Rab miliya ???
Today guys I am soo happy n its unbelievable for me that I reached 50 so I wanted to thank u all for the love n support
Seriously guys without u all I am nothing I am so happy that I have u guys
So I want to share my journey with u all one day I missed tei epi I came here to read written update then I found ffs I was shocked that what’s this means then I ignored n went
One day I am feeling bored so I decided to read any ff I found first epi of a twinj tale by shruti I was just surprised n thoughts how people write this then registered on this site
So on my birthday that is on 13 June I wrote my first epi of TWINJ Rab Miliya n posted it after that I got comments n I was jumping with happiness that I got comments then I started to post epi then after many os I stared my ss I was a nice journey n in between I don’t know how I get attached to u ppl u know guys first when I woke up I opened tu before going to college tu n after coming tu
U all has became a part of my life (the beautiful thing of my life )
So I wanted to thank each n everyone for supporting me loving me guys we r miles away from each other but still there is a unknown bond which connect us ????
So love u all lots of hugs from me thank u guys
Thanks to everyone sayeeda shatakshi aamu
Sidmin lover saby shreya ritzi Maggi arundati lama zikra rashiverma Ayesha purnima baby
Angita shreya098 srija kruti sujina fan chehak
Siddhanshi sonali siddhant fan sidmin love zaku aishwariya mahi twinjfan tamanna Manu Monica foreeverfanoftwinj dolly joonakansha twinkle directioner apoorwa lg sheikh Mitali Tanisha sharma angel pari fatarajo rushi poorvi
RiaA Ria Pinkistar Sam shikha maanvi callmenazu shona n others too If I forgot ur name guys
So now excited for epi ……????
Recap : twinkle life gets saved n Alisha ko darana????
The episode starts with kunj n everyone gets out of room smirking n laughing while Alisha who was scared stays their n thinks it’s nothing like this Alisha this can’t happen ghost no no it’s nothing stay keep she says n went to sleep
Here outside the room twinj was laughing holding their stomachs
After sometime
Alisha sleeps n twinkle puts pulls her blanket she gets up with a jerk n keeps hand on side table she sees blood on the table n shouts kunj kunj
Kunj with others family memebers comes there n ask Alisha about it she replies that it has blood on side table
Kunj : Alisha y r u seeing only blood see this is sauce
Abeer : taste it n says very tasty
Kunj : I think kriya left sauce here why R U so scared Alisha
Meher : ok we will stay here n talk for sometime then your fear will gone
Kunj : nice idea let’s sit they sit to do chit chat
When Abeer says I’ll tell u all a horror story
Alisha : no no Abeer
Kunj : kya yaar Alisha it will be fun right guys
They all smirk kunj n then Abeer start his story
Abeer : one day a man kills a woman for some revenge n he kept it as a secret that nobody knows about it one day when he was sleeping that woman soul came to take him n then ……
Alisha (shouts): no ill not go with u just leave
Kunj : hey what happen did u kill someone ??
Alisha : no..k.unj how can I y r u asking me
Kunj : ok ok so now sleep we will go
Alisha : ok guys good night
Whole night twinkle scares Alisha n everyone just enjoying seeing here state
Next morning
Alisha was blabbering something when kunj slowly comes from behind n says
Kunj : Alisha bhoot
Alisha : no no don’t take me
Kunj : ?????what happen Alisha it’s me
Alisha : kunj u i thought
Kunj : what u thought ???
Al : nothing
Kunj went from asking her to come for breakfast
Alisha goes to washroom n sees something written on mirror I’ll take u today just wait n watch
She screams n see twinkle standing outside the room with one bullet shot on her hand injured
Twi : u know Alisha when u killed me I have gone through so much pain I’ll will return it to u
She moves towards Alisha who’s shouts n runs out of the room she goes to the call n says
Kunj I killed twinkle but I don’t know that she will became ghost plz save me from her only she can listen to u
Kunj : have u gone mad she is in new York
Alisha : no kunj I kidnapped her n she tells the whole how she gave pain to Twi n everything about bullent injection everything
Twi : correct Alisha u did everything but didn’t succeed to kill me
Alisha : what ???????
Twi : poor Alisha I have fallen in ur own dig
Alisha turns n looks at kunj who has blood red eyes
Ali : kunj this is all a lie I didn’t down anything before she could complete
She gets a hard slap chatakk from kunj n gets shocked
Kunj : u r a snake Alisha what u thought that I’ll believe u I got to know about u many days before but I stayed quiet just bcoz u r a woman but u all crossed all the limits inspector plz arrest her before I kill her shouts kunj
Ali : kunj u didn’t do right
Kunj : don’t teach me what’s right n what’s wrong I’ll live twinkle only don’t ever think to snatch everything of this house u b*t*h
Twi : leave it kunj a snake like her will never understand she is so dumb I saved her from here n she became my enemy she is totally dumb
Inspector: come to your real home now miss Alisha
He takes Alisha when she shouts that u will have to lay for this
Twinj entwined their hands n shows that they will always be together nobody can separate them
Inspector takes Alisha with them whole whole famlily sigh of relief
Leela : I pray to God that twinj always stay together
Babee : even I too pray the same
Twi : I am so lucky to have a beautiful family who supports me I love u all
Kunj : ahh ahha love u all means only love me
He winks at twinkle n smiles
The epi ends on their happy faces
Poor Alisha I feel pity for her ????
So guys how u liked the epi
Share ur views love u all
Bye bye take care
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned bye

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  1. Superb..atlast alisha confessed

  2. Sayeeda

    Finally Alisha confessed her crime… Amazing episode..loved it…

    Sammmmmmm….. A heartiest congratulations to u for completing ur 50 episode…. Thanks for giving us so wonderful ff to read… ??????✌?????????
    Love u

    1. Sameera

      Thanks sayu ???

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous….

    1. Sameera

      Thanks purnima

  4. Kruti

    Poor Alisha feeling bad for her…..
    .bt I’m tooooooo happy for u Sam. …….Golden Jubilee ……50 epi……..congratulations and celebrations ?????❤❤
    OK celebration se yaad aya treat kahan hai. …..treat se kaam nahi chalega party cahiye. ……
    Anyways………Amazing epi as always. ……bechari Alisha kitna dar gays
    Congrats once again

    1. Sameera

      Thank you kruti love u

  5. Rocking sameera!!! Congrats on the silver jubilee!!! I am thoroughly loving ur ff!!!! Amazing!! ?

    1. Sameera

      Thanks shreyu ?

  6. Sorry***golden jubilee??

  7. Fantastic epi dear.. loved it.. finally alisha is caught.. and congrats for golden jubilee ☺☺

    1. Sameera

      Thanks sidvee

  8. this sucks so does all of ur ff….. like wht the hell is this?? no one cares if u r happy u reached 50 epi…. we all know that u and ur life is lonely so is ur ff….

    1. Sameera

      Wow thank u soo much ktherine for commenting I as eating for ur comment in miss imposter I don’t know any one care or not but y r u jealous????

      1. Sameera


      2. because u suck u should really stop there r more people hating on u… if u really cared about ur “fans” u should stop….like get a freakin life byotch…. u wanna fight me? lets go

      3. oh yea read all these messages…. and u wanna know why im saying shit against u…. becuz u stole my idea ….. i made this same ff before…. ur such a fakey!!

      4. stupid girl…. how old r u?

    2. Hey you stop doing this nasty things otherwise tujhe to mei kya karungi mujhe bhi nhi pata and sameera di ne apni sissy ko bola tha na ki tujhe .understand you better understand please na I request you stop bashing others and sorry if you are hurt by my words and dii don’t care for this as you’re best are meri di hai to best to hona hi tha.
      East or west my sameera di is best.

    3. to be honest i kinda agree with her….. this ff serial is so boring i wanna kill my self

    4. omg this got so boring….. like i really cant why r u trying to hurt us…. plz stop writing ff

      1. Sameera

        Miss imposter why can’t u all stop reading it instead n I care about my friends that’s y I want writing this not for u miss imposter b*t*h n if u really wanna fight then do comment with uur registered I’d

      2. Sameera

        I think u three r same miss imposter with diff names didn’t req u to read n comment it’s upon u why should I stop u idiots I think ur life is lonely like ur comments or u doesn’t know the meaning of friendship so u r trying to break our friendship

      3. b*t*h who u! i really dont get u b*t*h like i dont get u…. where the hell do u think i would register for this….. i dont wanna regester just to show u down…. if u wanna fight u better be living in new york!

      4. and ur just thinking shit becuz u think others r the same person…. like get a freakin life…. and why u not posting anymore….”exams” as if…. its summer b*t*h there aint no school and u would’nt be going to school…. where do u live? in the forest….in india…. at least i have a mansion in new york not like u! hahahaha LMAO!! fight u on the comments the stupidest shit i ever heard!!!!! stfu and stop postng ff…. just admit u suck and ur out of ideas….

  9. Angita

    Congrats for golden jubilee
    And amazing episode
    Quite funny
    Likin my cousins do scare me
    Love you sooooo !much Sam

    1. Sameera

      Thanks angita

      1. how old r u? u suck u copied my bff….. like wtf ur a stupid person…. and ur ff suck…..

  10. twinjfan (tamanna)

    so cute episode…

    1. Sameera

      Thanks tamanna

  11. SidMin

    Congo Sameera Loved the episode waiting for the next one and hope you complete your century soon

    1. Sameera

      Thanks sidmin

  12. Chiku

    Hey sam it’s awesome actually i am chehak I changed my name in to chiku on tu….. I just lov ur ff… It’s amazing… Congratulations fr ur golden jublie ????????????????????
    I have one request plzzz show sm family tym fr only twinj nd kriya… Des threes bond..wid each other ??

    1. Sameera

      Ok chehak n thanks


  13. Aamu

    congo!! CONGO!! congo!! to my dearest n lovliest frnd sammu………….
    i m so happy for u ….u reach 50 epi wah………i m excited n happy like i had wrote 50 epi……..or
    dekha jaaye to frndship ka rule
    right? :p
    so its celebration for me also
    again congratulation to sammu
    n dis epi was awesome,wonderful
    do cont jaldi se
    n ur gift of 50 epi will b posted by message so recieve it n do telll me how was it
    chalo by
    bohot long cmnt tha……….
    LuVv U sAmMU………

    1. Sameera

      Thanks aamu
      N yeah right Jo Tera hai wo mera hai
      Waiting for ur gift
      Love u too yaar

  14. Gazab epi love it and congrats

  15. Di aaj khush to bahut Hongi aap two comment wo bhi mere jaisi kanjoos se congratulations for completing 50 episode I wish you complete 100000000 episode ok and its fun to see Alisha condition I know kisi ka majak udana buri baat hai but Jo jaisa karti usse waise hi phal milta you

    1. Sameera

      Yeah I am so happy that u commented lover thanks for supporting me

  16. Amazing episode !!!!! HAPPY GOLDEN JUBLEEEEEEE??????

    1. Sameera

      Thanks u maanvi

  17. Baby

    congratulations dii f cmpleing 50 episodes fr ur golden jubllieee di m very happy fr u luv u di n d epsiode omgggggggg bechari alisha dar ke marre uski toh hahahah srsly di kya likha hai

    1. Sameera

      Thank you baby

  18. Shatakshi

    Congratulations n celebrations
    Cheers Sam for this achievement
    N really the confession was damn cool
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤❤


    1. Sameera

      Thanks sattu

  19. Shreya098

    Amazing epi…… And congrats for ur golden jubliee????????

    1. Sameera

      Thanks shreya

  20. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera it was awesome…. Congratulations????

    1. Sameera

      Thanks rashiverma

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