Twinj Rab miliya episode 5


The episode starts with twinkle comes to gurudwara n starts complaining
Twinkle :Babaji us idiot ko mera partner q banaya aap jaare ho na wo ullu mujhe bilkul pasand nahi ( Babaji why u have made that idiot my partner u know na I doesn’t even like him )
Meanwhile babee enters gurudwara n starts distributing shawls among the poor people
Suddenly she slips but twinkle holds her in Nick of time
Twinkle : aunty aap plz apna khayal rakhiye ( plz aunty take care of yourself)
Babee: actually I am distributing these shawls
Twinkle : plz give it to me I’ll give them and distribute them n comes back n says done
Babee: thank u puttar ji
Twinkle : no need to thank me just give me ur blessing
Babee: may u get all the happiness
Twinkle says thanks n goes from there
Babee: kitni soni kudi hai kash ye meri nu hoti
( How cute she is I wish if she was my daughter in law)
Kunj comes there n asks
Kunj : ab kon pasand aagaya aapko ( now who did u like )
Babee : tells him the whole incident n how twinkle helped her
Kunj : I should say thanks to her for taking care of my cutee babee
He goes towards twinkle n thanks her
Twinkle turns n kunj sees her n ask
Kunj : tumne meri babee ki help ki ( u helped my babee
Twinkle: babee??
Kunj : wo pointing towards babee
Twinkle nods
Kunj : thank you
Twinkle : what mujhe kuch sunaye nahi diya ( I didn’t heard anything ) say it again
Kunj : I said thank you
Twinkle : u R saying it as if you R doing favour on me
Kunj 🙁 in a cute tone ) thank you miss twinkle taneja
Twinkle : ok ok ?
Kunj goes from there n twinkle smiles
Tha epi ends on her smiling face

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