Twinj Rab miliya episode 47


Hey guys thanks to all of u for ur lovely comments ……I decided to write this ff till 50 I respect all of u n I’ll try to continue it n thanks to aamu baby n sayu for their suggestion
Thanks to angita rashiverma kruti aamu baby shreya sayu shatakshi fan srija siddhanshi
Shreya098 sujina purnima n everyone
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N zikra lama arundati where r u all ???
Recap : twinj moments mahi pregnancy n twinkle kidnap
They episode starts with Alisha taking go herself n says what u all thought that I’ll accept my defeat no Mrs twinkle kunj sarna I’ll take my revenge from u hahaha she laughs n ask to goons to her if twinkle gains consciousness they nod n she leaves from there
At twinj villa
All r tensed as twinkle didn’t reach home till now
Kriya is seen continuously crying saying I need mumma
Kriya : mumma nani where is mumma I need mumma
Kunj : baby mumma will come soon u go n sleep
Kriya : no papa I want mumma
Kunj : baby don’t cry if mumma sees u crying then she’ll also cry I’ll promise u I will bring ur mumma back
Kriya : pakka papa

Kunj : ha pakka my bacha now go n sleep
Abeer signals meher n she takes kids with them
Abeer : kunj I think we should file a complaint
Kunj : they will not take complaint till 48 hours
Uv : let’s go n find her
Kunj : yeah let’s go
He looks every where office house even on toads everything but doesn’t find Twinki
Uv : kunj don’t get tensed she’ll be alright
Kunj : I know my siyappa queen is very strong
Kunj pov
Where r u my siyappa queen plz come back I wish that I had not leave u to go plzz Babaji show me some way where is twinkle
Pov ends
He gets a call from leela n they leave for home
Kunj comes to kriya room n makes her sleep he too sleep with her
Next morning
Sunrays fall on kunj n he gets up n comes down asking leela about twinkle
Kunj : maa did twinkle came
Leela : no beta

He gets sad uv n Abeer gives him support
Abeer : I think someone kidnapped twinkle
Uv : yeah even thought I think same
Leela : but who can kidnapped Twi
Kunj : there is only one person maa ALISHA that witch
Abeer : Alisha but why will she kidnapped twinkle
Uv : bcoz n tells him whole truth of Alisha
Kunj : I will kill that witch now
Uv stops kunj n then they hear bell ring ting ting
Mahi opens the door n sees Alisha …..
Alisha : oh mahi it’s so nice to see u
Uv : who is there jaan
Alisha : oh uv u didn’t invite me in ur marriage
Kunj gets angry n Abeer signals him ti behave normal
Alisha : hi kunj
Kunj : hi Alisha how R U
Alisha : I am fine n where is twinkle yaar
Kunj gets shocked n thinks is she doing drama infront of us
Kunj : she is out of city for some work
Alisha : thinks so they didn’t know twinkle is kidnapped oh good
Uv : how do u came here Alisha
Alisha : actually I m going from there n sees house so came to meet u all
Mahi n meher went to kitchen whole kunj uv n Abeer follows them
Kunj : I wanna kill her right now
Uv : kunj we have to do everything perfectly
Kunj : yeah I know

Uv : kunj listen to me I have a plan u go to hee n hug her
Kunj : have u gone mad
Uv : listen to me u go to her n hug her n paste this gps locater n transmitter on her back we will get know about Twi location if this kidnapping was done by Alisha
Abeer : good idea yaar
Kunj : I don’t wang to hug her but I have to do this for Twi
They all joins their hands n says we will show Alisha what our family is
They comes out with snacks after sometime
Alisha says I think I should leave now kunj wait Alisha
He goes towards her n hugs her tightly sticking gps locater n says take care yaar
Alisha : ok kunj I’ll take care
She leaves from there n thinks I will make kunj fall for me she smirks n leaves
Epi ends

So guys did u all like the epi
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Love u all
Take care
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  1. Angita

    What an episode
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  2. Kruti

    Amazing epi sam

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    Ooohhhh……gonna kill Alisha …cheapo …..
    Hope kunj finds Twinkle soon ….
    Episode was amazing ..
    good .
    Waiting for next one..

  4. Ooh lala! Uv ka dimaag kafi tez chalta hai!! Kunj apne siyappa queen ko dhoond hi lega❤️

  5. Awesome epi

  6. Baby

    oh god wow sameera luvly episode now kunj ll get his twinkle frm dis witch post nxt episode asap dear n thnks fr thnking nt 2 end dis ff sooooooooo soon luv u

  7. Srija

    lovely ??????????
    & wonderful plan by uv
    continue soon

  8. Awsome

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode asmeera….it was awesome

  10. Shreya098

    Wow… Nice plan.. hope they’ll find her soon

    Epi was awesome

  11. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Awesome epi sameera

  12. Amazing

  13. its lovely

  14. hats off 4 uvs plan…
    hope tw will be found soon…
    n post asap….

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