Twinj Rab miliya episode 46


Hello guys how R U all ? So I am back here with next epi of my ff thanks to all of h for ur comments n support too
So guys here I have a news for u plshh forgive me …….ok now don’t spoil ur mood n bring a smile on your face n come with me
Thanks to angita ashwita siddhanshi rashiverma sayeeda kruti lover shreya098 shreya aamu Maggi siddhant fan n baby
N also to sattu lama saby di zikra maanvi ayesha purnima n others too for ur lovely comments

So now lets us begin……..
Days passes everyone life came back to normal
Twinj gets busy in office meetings n all mehbeer also opened a new company everything was going perfect but was it is a message for upcoming storm ???
Twinkle was working in office suddenly kunj comes there n looks at Twi n smiles
Twi : what happen kunj why R U smiling
Kunj : can’t I even smile seeinv my wife he said romantically
Twi : yeah my lovely hubby u can smile seeinv ur beautiful wife ??
Kunj : ohh who said ur beautiful twinkle
Twi : I know that I am beautiful n I don’t need anyone approval
Kunj : comes n sits in the table n says oh yeah it’s true u r beautiful
Twi stands up n kunj holds her by waist while Twi looks on shocked
Twi : kunj this is office control darling
Kunj : huh no I can’t he said giving peck on Twi cheek
Twi : but kunj

Kunj : no but vut I need some private time with my wifey
Twi : u can get it at home know ??
Kunj : when I get a chance someone comes in between n spoils my mood
Twi : ohh my lovely hubby n gives a peck on kunj cheeks
Kunj started playing with her hairs while Twi shivers n they both get in a deep lip lock
After sometime Twi phone rings
Twi : maa y is calling me ?? Hello maa
Leela : Twi puttar mahi is coming today so plz come home early
Twi : ok maa we will come early
She informs this to kunj n mehbeer too n they went for twinj villa
At twinj villa
Twinj along with mehbeer comes home n greets elders
Kriya : mumma
Twi : happen my baby

Kriya : nothing u know I got a new frnd at school
Twi : oh that’s nice go n play said twinkle
Kriya : ok mumma she gives a peck in twinj cheeks n went to her room
Yuhi comes there n meets everyone
Leela : mahi puttar u r looking so weak what happen
Uv : nothing leela maa she ate street food n I thinks she had food poisoning
Leela : mahi …..
Mahi gets up n runs as she was feeling like vomiting
Leela : how many times should I tell this girl not to eat street food
Twi : maa let it be na
Mahi come back n they all had a talk
Kunj : uv can u stay with us now
Uv : no yaar we r going
Twi : plzz dony go na ….
Uv : UMm ok n twi shows them their room
While mahi was on statues she feels dizzy n faints but uv holds her in Nick of time
Twi n meher understand what happen to mahi n smiles
Doctor comes there n twi meher leela stay inside with mahi while uv kunj n others wait for them
Doctor comes out n uv ask her what happen
Dr : congrats luthra ita avoid news ur wife is expecting
Uv : what an getss happy n hugs kunj
Everyone comes inside n looks at mahi who was still unconscious ……
Twi : now I don’t need to shift from here as we all r here to take care of mahi
Uv nods n mahi gets conscious n ask all about it
Uv : jaan u gave me biggest happiness of my life
Mahi : what uv wht gave u

Twi : idiot he means to say that u r expecting
Mahi : what n she too gets happy n teard eye also
They all congratulate her n went to their respective room
At twinj room
Kunj was in deep thought when Twi shakes him
Twi : what happen
Kunj : nothing yaar Twi I am just thinking about the happiness
Twi : yep yaar kunj I am very excited u know when I got to know about kriya then she gets sad n looks at kunj
Kunj hugs her n they both cry recalling their biggest mistake of life
Kunj : we should also think of baby now
Twi blushes n says kunj let me sleep saying this she went to bed n sleeps
At next morning
Twinj goes to office n attains every meetings
Kunj : come Twi we will go home now
Twi : kunj I have some input work I’ll be back after sometime u go n pick kriya n ishan from school too
Kunj nods n left for home while twinkle goes to some you shop n buys many toys
Suddenly she feels someone following her n runs from.her the goons who were following catch Twi n makes her unconscious with the help of chloroform n goes from.there
Time passes kunj waits fir Twi n gets concerned n calls her while others were worried too n others also went to find Twi
In the other side
Twi is seen tied to chair with many ropes she is still unconscious a woman comes there n says what u all thought that I will accept my defeat so easily now see mrs twinkle kunj sarna Alisha is back in your life’s as a storm saying this she smirks

So guys did u like the epi ???
So the news is I may not be able to continue this ff after 50 reason is some family problems so I don’t know whether I’ll be able to upload or not
Dont get sad I’ll not leave u all so easily
N yeah share ur views about the epi
Bye take care
Love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Angita

    Amazing Sam
    Super cute

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    Sameera episode was lovely…..awesome???

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    Awesome epi sam

  4. hey sam first of all ur all epi till now was amazing……..n ur story is unique also
    plz dont end it
    its k if u will not post daily………
    v will manage
    plissssssssshhhhhhhhhhh pleaje
    i know yaar family problems n all ………………….
    here with me also …..yahi hota hai………..
    fir bhi i will not force u but suggest u to continue plz
    i will misssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh u

  5. Baby

    hey sameera yr luv ur ff soooo mch pls dont stop i m getting it d family problms n all bt ur ff yr u cn do 1 thing if u dont hv any prblm give me ur mail id u ryt it on word n den snd it 2 me i ll post it here or do anything bt dont leave us we ll miss u sooooooooo mch i hhpe fr d best i hpe all d family prblms get slved dear luv u

  6. Fan

    Awesome epi sameera

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    too good beautiful?????

  8. ??alisha!!! Hmmm….it was very nice!

  9. Nice sam… waiting for the next part..

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    Ugghh this Alisha… Again????
    The epi was amazing..

    If possible Plz don’t end it….
    Its OK if u can’t post daily
    ..we’ll wait…

  11. Shatakshi

    Loved it Sam❤❤

  12. Sayeeda

    Amazing ….awesome episode Sam …
    If it is really difficult for u to post ur ff then end it …but plzzz if possible then continue with it …..
    love u

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

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