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Twinj Rab miliya episode 45


Hello guys how R U all ???
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So now lets forwards to next epi
Recap : twinj enter their new house kunj n others make dinner n then they all decide to watch a movie

The episode starts with twinkle meher n mahi go to make popcorn n snacks while kunj n
others arrange a set up to watch movie
Kunj : now it will be fun
Abeer : yeah girls got scared of horror movies n it will be fun 😂😂
Uv : they r not giving us time to get close when we will watch horror movie
Kunj : then we can get close to our lovely ladies
right guys
Abeer n uv : yeah n they hi-fi
At kitchen
Twi n others r preparing snacks when meher
ask Twi
Meher : why u said yes for horror movie
Twi : becoz it’s our lovely husband plan n tells them how Twi saw kunj signalling Abeer n
understand his plan
Mahi : wow di intelligent
Twi : now lets show them that we r not scared of anything right girls
Meher n mahi : yeah n they hi-fi n comes with snacks
At hall
Kunj n others make a set up to watch a movie
Twi n others comes there Twi so shall se start
Kunj : yeah come sit with me
Twi : no I am thinking to sit with meher n winks at meher
Meher : ha even I am thinking same n winks
back at Twi

Abeer : no no yaar u have to sit with ur husband only
Mahi : why jiju is it necessary ??
Uv : yeah jaan it’s nessesary
Kunj holds Twi n makes her sit beside him
They all settled down n lights went off movie starts
Uv : even I am scared of horror movies thinks this n smiles at mahi
Kunj (thinks) what happen to fhis siyappa why is she not getting scared
Twi (thinks): u r mad to think that k will get scared sadu
Half movie ends but still girls doesn’t show that they r scared
Twi : wow yaar thanks uv for suggesting
Kunj (shocked): she is looking this movie n ask Twi r u ok ??
Twi : yeah kunj y ??
Kunj : nothing this movie is scary na
Twi : scary huh not at all in fact I m enjoying it
Kunj (thinks): even I am scared but look at this siyappa queen she is not even reacting she is enjoying it as if she is watching any romantic movie
Abeer : meher r u ok na ??

Meher : yeah Abeer movie is so good na
Abeer signals kunj ask him what happen
Kunj : how would I know
Abeer : our plan is failed kunj
At last after sometime movie ends n girls says wow what a movie
Twi : yeah superbb I enjoyed alot n smiles
Kunj Abeer n uv were hell shocked n looks at each other
Twi n others started laughing badly saying your planned failed boys
Kunj : what what planed
Twi : don’t behave innocent kunj as we know what u all were up to
Abeer : what I am not getting anything
Meher : u all want us to get scared to that u can come close
Uv : no meher it’s nothing like that
Mahi : ohh uv n holds him by ears
Kunj : but how did u get to know about it
Meher : Twi saw u signalling Abeer n understood
Uv : oh so this Twi failed our plan
Mehbeer n yuhi went to their only twinj were lift in the hall
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle n says u r so bad twi
Twi come closer to him n says what happen my sadu 😘😘u don’t have to watch horror movie to come close to me says Twi
Kunj : ohh n holds her by waist n says I know that n kisses her
Kunj : now I have to pay for destroying my plan twinkle he lifts her in bridal style n went to their room
Whole Twi eyee him lovingly ……

Screen freezes in their faces 😘😘😘😘
So guys did u all like the epi
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Love u all
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  1. Angita

    Amazin Sam just amazin

  2. Awesome

  3. Bechara boys…but superb epi…awesome..

  4. Sayeeda

    Amazing …..awesome episode Sam ..
    Boy’s idea was too good but our girl’s r more smarter than them ….
    loved it…
    love u

  5. Shreya098

    Poor boys ….our twinkle is way smarter for their plan…😜😂😜😂
    Enjoyed it a lot💞💞💞💞

  6. Kruti

    Awesome epi sam
    Twinkle roked kunj shocked bechare ka popat ho gaya

  7. Awww!!! So sweet n sooo funny😂

  8. hey sorry for not cmnting on previous
    dis was amzing

  9. Love the whole episode di but not more than you as I love you continue soon.

  10. Cute…sweet

  11. awesome..loved the girls plan and the way boys were irritated that their plan was not working

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..lovely episode…enjoyed a lot….

  13. Baby

    amazing sameera luvd it soo mch osm episode bechare boys haha wts d precap dear

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi

  15. so swt n cute epi loved it…
    n poor boys plan flop…
    hehe better luck nxt tym 4 khulam khulla romance…

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