Twinj Rab miliya episode 42

Hey guyss back again with another epi …
Thanks to all of u for ur comments n support
So now come with me put a smile a smile on your face
Here we go
The episode starts with twinkle coming back to
the place where everyone is sitting kunj comes from behind n joins them
Abeer : badi der kardi aane me (u have come so late )
Meher : ha Abeer I think they forgot that they have came with family
Mahi : yeah I also think so
Uv : what twinkle n kunj u too here also
Twinkle blushes n kunj smiles looking at her
Twinj : just shut up u all ….
Kriya : what we will do now
Kunj : it’s just 5 since we came
Twi : we will play something
Mahi : yep blindfolded game ok
Uv : I am already blind in your love
Twi : ahha ahha uv I heard everything
Uv : huh Twinki

They all stand to paly the game ……..
Kunj : who will be blind fold first
Kriya : let’s decide by Stone paper scissors
Kunj : ok stone paper scissors n twi turns comes
All together : aww Twi phase gayi …
Twi : huh I will see all of u ….
Kunj makes Twi blind fold n spins her
Everyone runs asking Twi to come
Abeer : Twi see kunj is behind u
Meher: oh no he is in front of u
Everyone makes twinkle confused
Twi : kunj u know I want to tell u something
Kunj comes forwards Twi understand his foot steps voice n catches him
Kunj : oye siyappa this is cheating
Twi holds kunj n pulls him closer n says everything is fair in love n war My sadu sarna
Kunj smiles n says I’ll show u babes
Next turns comes of meher then Abeer then mahi n kriya n uv then at last kunj turn came
Kunj gets blindfolded

Twinkle was behind kunj n follows his direction
Kunj understand that twinkle is behind him n smirks
Kunj : ahhh I think glass piece has cut my foot
Twi : where kunj where
Kunj holds her n says I won
Twi : hawww kunj cheater
Kunj : u only said na siyappa queen everything is fair in love n war
They all enjoy n get tired n sat in mats
Uv : now what we should do
Abeer : I heard that their is a play going on
Kunj : on whose love story
Abeer : the great Michal emperor Akbar n maryam uz zamani live story play
(Actually guys before tei jodha Akbar was my fav serial I was mad adkha fan )
Twinkle : wow let’s watch it
Kunj : ok let’s go

They all head towards drama section n buys tickets …..
The play start n kunj holds twinkle hand in between I think one day people will talk about twinj also (am I right guys )
Twi : haha kunj tum b nah
Kunj : twinkle I am serious yaar
Twi lies her head in kunj shoulder n watches play
Play was going on n its time for akdha separation
Twi gets teard eye n kunj looks on…..
Kunj : what happen twinkle
Twi : nothing kunj just seeing separation is nessesary to realise live for each other
Kunj : yeah n kisses Twi on her cheek
Play ends with akdha reunion n twinj gets super happy
They come back to their bus n says I think now we should leave everyone nods n get inside the bus
Kriya sleeps on kunj lap n twi see this n smiles kunj also sleeps n rests his head on Twi shoulder
They all reach leela mansion

Twi : kunj kunj wake up we reached
Kunj : ohh n get up n smiles looking at kriya n takes her inside while Twi n others follows him
Twi : now I think we should sleep good night guys we have to shift tomorrow to our new house also
All together : good night n goes to their rooms
Screen freezes on their sleepy faces

So now I am going
Did u like the episode
I feel like it is getting boring day by day??
Plz give me some suggestions
Love u all
Take care
Di read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    No sameera episode is not boring at all…..I really liked it…..awesome….????

  2. Kruti

    Amazing epi Sam loved it……that play part was awesome

  3. Trust me sameera!! It was awesome?

  4. Sayeeda

    Awww….so cute episode ….amazing …awesome ….
    It’s not getting boring infact it is getting interesting ..
    Nd same pinch Jodha Akbar was one of my fav serial …

  5. SidMin

    Samera it was awesome the game was so cute everything is fair in love and war???

  6. hey what a co incident
    accualy i had watched jodha akbar from last so i was watching it with your fff
    lov eit

  7. Shatakshi

    That was damn good
    Loved it to the core❤❤

  8. Sameera it was awesome

  9. Aamu

    Muah loved it ????????????????????

    1. Aamu

      N yes u r right
      I m not liking it??????
      Coz I m loving it??????????????????
      U know I wanted to see ur face at that me I wrote not liking it????

      1. Sameera

        ??? that was my face expression

      2. Sameera

        N aamu read my new story also pyaar pyaar pyaar twinj ss

  10. Shonaa...

    Loved it sam it’s just awesome….

  11. Srija

    amazing awesome ???????????
    it’s not at all boring don’t u dare to say that

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..eagerly waiting for next part….

  13. Angita

    Sam Sam Sam
    Another time i see you saying your ff boring that’s it
    Loved it awesome

  14. Baby

    oh wooww sameera luvd d episode amazing pls post nxt asap

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