Twinj Rab miliya episode 41

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The episode starts with getting ready for the picnic and roaming here n there
Twi : all arrangements done na
Kunj : yeah …πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mahi : so let’s go now
Uv : why so early jaan
Abeer : ahha we r here only
Meher : yep 😎😎
Kriya : uff when will this bus come
Ishan : uff fool wait for sometime
Kriya : ha u called me fool how dare u ?
Ishan : u r a fool only n shows tongue
They get into a severe fight n twinj n mehbeer seoarate than
Twi : kriya baby fighting is bad na
Meher : ishan say sorry why u called her fool
Ishan : huh sorry kriya
Kriya : it’s ok huh n shows tongue
Kunj : sure she had gone on siyappa queen only
Twi : haww kunj u r so bad
Uv : now u too don’t start
Mahi : yep di and jiju
Leela m babee : bas bas see bus has come

They all head towards the bus n makes them comfortable
Twinj on one seat with Twi on window side
Mehbeer,yuhi , cherry and Maya ,on other side
Leela and babee on one
Kriya kush and ishan on one seat ….
Sid suhana on one seat
They all makes themselves comfortable n bus starts
Due to air Twi air comes on her face kunj moves her hair n gives a peck on Twi cheek
Twi : haww kunj shameless we r in bus
Kunj : so what … I am missing my wife not anyone else
Twi : huh 😳😳kunj u r becoming shameless day by day
Kunj : oye siyappa queen huh u r so boring n makes a puppy face
Twi also gives a peck on kunj cheek n says I love u my lovely hubby
Kunj : ha that’s like my queen
Twinj holds their hands n smiles ….
They reaches a park n everyone gets gown from the bus
Kunj : now we all will have only fun right guys
All together : yeah 😍😍😍
They enter the park n everyone eyes get popped up
Twi : see water slides I am going there
Meher : pool games I am going there
Kunj : oye hello we have to stay united ……
Twi : kunj we r not kg kids to be missed
Mahi : yeah …
Abeer : kunj bro let them go they will not listen
Kriya : papa I want that teddy
Kunj : ok my baby
Leela : u all go enjoy we will stay here …..
Babee : ha we will stay here

Twi goes towards water slides n says wow my fav
She changes her clothes and goes to enjoy
When someone holds her from behind she tutns n looks at. …..
Mahi was going towards roller coaster n uv holds her n says u wanna go alone
Mahi : no I am not going alone I am going with meher di
Uv : huh u r so bad ….
Mahi smirks n meher comes there
Abeer : meher let’s enjoy rollercoaster ride
Meher : no I am going with mahi
Abeer n uv : ohh u r going with mahi/meher yeah holfs their respective partner hand n locks the roller coaster ride
Abeer /uv : now sit with ur lovely husband
Mahi /meher : ok n smiles
Twi was going into rife when someone holds her n she turns n looks at kunj (kunj hi hoga na am I right ??)
Twi : kunj u
Kunj : u r going alone in slides
Twi : no kunj see they R many people here
Kunj : huh I hate u
Twi wraps her arms around his shoulders n says but I love u my love
Kunj holds her by waist n says I love u too jaan n kisses her
Twi : kunj we r in public place
Kunj : so what see they R couples only
Twinj goes on a slide together and falls in swimming pool
Kunj : may I have a chance to dance with this lovely lady
Twi : sure n forwards her hand
Tere sang yaara from rustom movie plays in background
They R dancing sensually while having an eye lock kunj moves her hair n kisses her ….
Twi smiles n shivers kunj see this n smiles too
Yuhi : ohh se this love birds
Mehbeer : ha we have gone on roller coaster ride n they R enjoying here
Twinj : huh so what we can do now
Meher : ha Abeer let’s leave them alone
Twi : I will show u meher
She runs in pool n makes meher all drenched
Mahi : I’ll also come Maya n mahi also joins them
Twi : I am forgetting something
She gets out of pool n comes with kriya ishan n kush n takes them into pool
They all play water games n enjoy
Kriya : mumma I am enjoying so much
Twi : my baby and kisses her
They all dance in water n enjoy them selves then they move in rain dance ….n freely dances in the songs
Kunj : now go n chages then we will move towards rides
All nods in yes n went to change
After sometime they come back n moves towards roller coaster
Twi : let’s go to some other side
Kunj : ohh so twinkle sarna got afraid
Twi : no no see kriya is with us she will be afraid that’s y I am telling
Kriya : mumma let’s go na to roller coaster ride
Kunj laughs heavily n says ur daughter is not scared u r scared
Twi : so what kunj I don’t like these rides
Kunj : dong worry everything will be fine
Kunj Twi n kriya sit in seats while others on back seats
Twi : Babaji plzz help us
Kunj : oye we r not going on war
Kriya : laughs hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ride Starts n twinkle gets tensed n start shouting while kriya n kunj looks on
Twi : Babaji plzz save me
Kriya : ohh mumma
Kunj :Twi be calm it’s nothing see just open ur eyes n get ur fear out
Twi does the same thing n they enjoy the ride
Then they go to dashing cars n enjoy and after enjoying they came to same place where leela n babee r resting
Babee : u all have came puttar
Leela : so now lets eat something
Kriya : u know nani we enjoy alot first in pool then in ride
Kunj : bas bas now eat something
They all eat sandwiches with soft drinks n enjoy
Twi makes kriya ishan n kush eat sandwiches
Kunj : I am also here …..
Twi hits him from shoulder n says shut up u r not a kid
Kunj : hayee my witch wife
Twi : u called me witch I’ll not leave u
Kunj : ohh siyappa queen he pulls Twi cheeks n runs from there
Twi :I’ll not leave u now sadu just see
She runs behind him to beat n they go far away from family
Twi : where is this sadu I’ll not leave him
Kunj pulls her from behind n holds her by waist
Twi : how dare u called me witch
Kunj : if I didn’t called u witch we haven’t escaped from there
Twi : ohh kunj leave me leave
Kunj : no ill not leave u first give me something
Twi : what ?????
Kunj : kiss and comes closer to her n they both get into a deep lip lock
Twi : now leave me ….
Kunj : no ill not leave u
Twi : ohh mahi u r here
Kunj leaves her n she runs from there showing him tongue
Kunj smiles n says shit I love her ….
The screen Freezes ok their face
So guys did u all like the epi ???
Did u enjoy the picnic scenes ???
Ok byee I am going
Take care
Ba bayeee
Love u all
Thanks for ur support
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  1. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Amazing epi sameera and sorry for not commenting on Ur previous epi
    Tdy’s pool fun reminded me of my recent trip.with my frnds
    Loved d epi

  2. |Registered Member

    di i want to convey that I have always loved your ff but can’t able to comment regularly due to work.actually I have read all your episode and all are fabulous.
    M:mind blowing
    A:awesome WRITER

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