Twinj Rab miliya episode 40

Hey guys how R U all I am back n shoo sorry thoda gussa hogaya na??but really yaar thank you for ur lovely comments thank u keep supporting me like this 😘😘😘😘😘
Here we go :
The episode starts with twinj waking up n sees someone knocking on the door
Twi : I’ll go n check
Kunj : no u stay I’ll go n check
Twi : but UMm
Kunj : shh stay back I’ll check he goes n open door n finda kriya there
Twi : kunj who is there ??
Kunj : my baby …Kriya
He lifts kriya n takes her to their room
Kriya : mumma u forgot me ??
Twi : no baby how can I forget
Kriya : see I have fevel u didn’t notice
Twi : what fever when did it come ??
She hurriedly takes kriya from kunj n checks her
Twi : baby u don’t have fever
Kriya : yep know n shows twinkle tongue
Twi : u fooled mumma
Kriya : yes n she runs from there

After sometime everyone comes downstairs for break fast …when babee says
Babee : now leela give us permission to go to our house
Twinj looks on n leela gets sad
Kunj : leela maa what relation I have with u mother son ya mil -sil
Leela : puttar u r my son
Kunj : so u have to stay with us at our house
Leela : but puttar how can I stay at my daughter in law’s house
Kunj : maa I am telling u to stay with ur son forget about twinkle
Leela : but ….
Twi : no but vut it’s decided that ull stay with us at our new house
Leela : ok puttar as u say
Kriya : yeah we have 2 2 houses now
Kunj smiles n kisses kriya n says yeah my baby

At Anita mansion
Anita : so now uv marriage is done I and surjeet have to go back to Australia
Uv : but mom
Anita : uv u know na our business we have to go
Mahi : but mom why so early
Anita : mahi we have to go one day na that’s y
Uv : ok mom as u say
Anita : now go get ready u have to go for pag phera ritual
Yuhi hugs Anita and surjeet n leaves from there

At leela mansion
Yuhi comes there n all comes out leela does their aarti n takes them inside
Leela : mahi how R U beta ??
Mahi : maa I am fine
Twi : see mahi is looking so beautiful
Meher : ha look at her pink cheeks aww so cute
Abeer : look at uv also
Kunj : ha see him how he is blushing they tease them n goes inside
Twi : no marriage dine I have to resume office work
Kunj holds her n makes her sit n says no office work see after so many day everyone is happy
Abeer : yes he is right
Kriya : can we go for picnic
Kunj : my baby wat a idea I love u
Kriya : I love u too papa
Ishan : but I suggested her that idea n makes a sad face
Abeer : we love u too ishan
Uv tells them about Anita going back to Australia
They all decide to go for picnic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The screen freezes on everyone excited faces


  1. Sonali05

    Amazing epi sameera… Really cute & loved d family moment….u know what sameera ….ur ff has a special thing that I… we all loved it was there was no villain & d ff was so cute like ham sath sath hai ( my fav film)…loved it to d core.

  2. Baby


    |Registered Member

    woooooowwwwwwwww amazing sameera luvd d episode yehhhhhhhhhhhhh picnic time w8ing fr nxt episode post it asap dear

  3. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Amazing ….nd cute episode Sam …
    Nd don’t be sorry as it happens when we don’t get expected response but ur ff is awesome nd one of mine fav one…..
    loved it..

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