Twinj Rab miliya episode 4

The episode starts with kunj seeing the topic “villagers need” and thinks I have to go with this siyappa to viallages to do my project ??
Twinkle: I also don’t have any interest in doing project with u
Kunj : mujhe b tere saat project nai karna kar kya karu majboori hai
Twinkle : tu to topper hai na to ja lecturer ko bol partner change karne k liye
Kunj: tu order kise se rahi hai bdw mere aane se pehle tu topper thi so u ask him to change ur partners
They started fighting when uv comes n ask them to stop fighting n do project together
Meanwhile Alisha gets very angry thinking now kunj n twinkle will do project together
At home
Twinkle come home n sees a man standing in front of her n runs towards him n hugs him
Twinkle : papa u came back
Rt : yes I am missing my two cute princess’ n my queen so I have to come back
Twinkle: mahi maa come here n see who’s here
Leela: why R U shouting twinkle n sees Rt n hugs him mahi also come n hugs him
Their family was so happy to see him back and a emotional moment continues
Rt asks mahi to join twinkle college and continue her study
Mahi nods
Twinkle tells mahi now we will show taneja sisters power in college ??
At kunj home
Kunj knocks on door n a beautiful lady opens the door n says itni der se kaha tha
Kunj : wo babee kuch kaam tha
Yeah that lady was babee
Kunj sees babee tensed n ask her she says Manohar n usha died few months ago I want to give shawls to poor people
Kunj : I’ll take you to gurudwara tomorrow
Babee : ok …????
Kunj hugs babee
Episode ends on twinkle n kunj family ????

Precap : babee and twinkle meets

I want to thank u all from bottom of my heart
Thank u guys baby callmenazu lama kruti ritzi apoorva maanvi zikra sonali sayeeda lover forever fan of twinj
Thanks for u support n love guys keep commenting as it gives me strength to write with more passion ???????


  1. RiaA MendeZz

    Started to read your ff from epi 2. Going good so far for the most parts tht is in english since that’s the only part I can understand. Do u think u can put english translations?

  2. zikra

    Yaar loved it so much osmmmmmmmm epi dear eagerly waiting for d nxt epi do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.