Twinj Rab miliya episode 39


Hey guys I am back but I am angry with u all I am getting Less comments daily plshh guys suggest me if u aren’t liking the track plshh plshh it’s my request I wanted to end it soon but can’t end it bcoz of some lovely people plz
suggest whether u should continue or not
So now no more bak bak

Here we go :
The episode starts with all are roaming here n there to find the shoes …….
Uv : arah yaar ye joote gaye kaha (where did this shoes went )
Abeer : I think shoes have also get their partner sandals so they went with them
Uv : hahaha very funny
Abeer : no I am serious
Kunj : but seriously yaar if we didn’t steal the shoes then who did this ??
Bubbly : don’t know
While everyone was busy finding shoes twinkle was smiling broadly kunj notices her expression
And gies towards her
Twi : what happen kunj ??
Kunj : u have uv shoes ??
Twi : no why will I have
Kunj : then y r u smiling this like
Twi : ohh sadu my wish huh
Kunj : I know shoes R with this siyappa queen only
Uv : ohh god plz give my shoes back
A voice came from behind we have ur shoes
Uv n everyone turns n looks at kriya kush n ishan
Uv : kriya ishan u have my shoes
Kriya : yes uv uncle
Ishan : if u want ur shoes then give us naik he says in childish way
Meher : we r searching here n there n see they have shoes
Uv : ok babies I’ll give u naik but y u didn’t tell anyone about this
Mahi : kriya how did u get idea about stealing shows
Kriya : mumma told me n she asked me to stay quiet
Everyone turns n looks at twinkle angrily
Uv : so this is ur plan twinkle
Twi : wo wo uvv…mein ha this is my plan what I can do I am feeling bored so that’s y asked them to steal ur shoes
Flash back shows
While everyone were busy in seeing marriage twinkle comes tiwarda kids n ask them to come n have dinner n gave them idea
Fb ends

Kunj : ohh siyappa queen u r tauting ur ugly habits to my kids too
Twi : hey sadu they R my kids too
Uv : ok ok don’t fight know he gives Shagun go kriya kush n ishan
They take it happing saying thank you to uv
Everyone head for bid farewell of mahi …..
Leela : uv beta plz take care of my mahi
Uv : I’ll also ne there with mahi leela maa
Meher twinkle bubbly hugs mahi n cries
Kunj : don’t cry yaar ??
Abeer n kunj teases yuhi n them yuhi meets kids
Kriya : mahi maasi u r going
Mahi : don’t be sad I’ll come tomorrow
Kriya : pakka ??
Mahi : pakka pinky promise
Kriya hugs mahi n they heads towards Anita mansion…….

At Anita mansion
Anita does mahi grah Pravesh while uv look on
After all rituals tbey head towards their room.
Uv comes to his room n sees mahi
Uv : jaan I am sho sorry for last night
Mahi :ok baby let’s forget it
Uv hugs mahi tightly n she too hugs him back
At leela mansion
Mehbeer leela along with kids n babee went to their room only twinj r left in the hall
Twi was continuously looking at mandap kunj comes n hugs her from behind n ask what happen
Twi : nothing kunj just seeing mandap n reminiscing our marriage first it took place without our will n second tym by drama
Kunj : hmm yep my queen u r right ??
Kunj holds her n takes her go mandap n says
Kunj : we will once again recall that promises
Twi nods n they go towards mandap
Kunj takes first round n says I vow to build our marriage on foundation of faith
Twi : I vow always to put ur needs being my wants
Kunj : I vow to always be your best n loyal friend
Twi : I vow to help you achieving your God given purpose
Kunj: I vow to u that my commitment will be bigger than any circumstances
Twi : I vow to freely give you and seek forgiveness
Kunj Twi : I vow to love till death apart us or even after death
Twi n kunj hug each other n says we will fulfill this promises in every situation
Kunj wipes Twi tears n says now only happiness will be there …..
He lifts hee in bridal way n takes her to their room
Twi gets shocked seeing her room fully decorated …n says kunj
Kunj : now I can’t wait more let’s become one again
Twi blushes kunj pins her to the wall n kisses her while she too kiss him back
Kunj horns Twi blouse dori while Twi was shocked
Twi : kunj……
Kunj : shhh if u don’t wang it then ok
Twi says no n kunj lifts her n takes her to bed n pull blanket over them selves …..
Next morning
Kunj wakes up n looks at twinkle lovingly he thinks how cute shw is looking I wish to her right now
Twi who was sleeping don’t see me like this or else ur evil eye fall on me
Kunj : twinkle u r awake
Twi : yep kunj she gets up n gives her peck on his cheek
Kunj :wow n gives a peck on twinkle cheeks n says I wish to eat u now
Twi : ohh I wished to eat u too ??
Kunj : ok n comes closer towards twinkle
Twi : I need to get freshen up n stand up
Kunj : kunj why so early it’s still 7:30 am I know none has awake till now he pulls twinkle n cuddle himself m says let’s sleep
Twi : ok n they both joins their heads n smiles
The screen freezes on their cute faces
So guys did u like the epi ??
Plshh comment guys
Plshh plshh
So like twinj scenes
Ba byeee love u all
Take care
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. SidMin

    Sameera Loved it it was so cute and I am loving the track so please do continue 🙂

    1. Sameera

      Thank you sidmin

  2. Joonakanksha

    It was awesome yr…

    1. Sameera

      Thanks yar

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….loved it…loved twinj scenes ……

    1. Sameera

      Thanks purnima?

  4. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Sameera

      Thanks chehak

  5. this epi was only needed
    it make me to comment although i read your ff from beggining but can’t comment
    so good luck and yaa i want to read your ff till my last breath
    relax! i am only of 13 but will survive for 5000000 years if you keep continuing your ff
    lods of love

    1. *loads of love

    2. Sameera

      Thank you Fiona I am glad that my silent reader commented??

  6. I don’t like twinj scenes.i loved ????????it
    Haayr twinju ☺???????????????????
    N don’t u dare to stop ur ff or ????????????????

    1. Sameera

      Thank u aamu ??ok ok I’ll not end it

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera the episode was too cute and romantic….lovely…..awesome….??????

    1. Sameera

      Thank you rashi ??

  8. Sameera it was awesome yaar…pls dont end it

  9. Sameera it was awesome yaar…pls dont end it …and the epi was so cute

    1. Sameera

      Thank you??

  10. Baby

    smaeera yr osm n pls dont thnk of ending ur ff haan n i always cmnt dear haha acha cming 2 d episode it ws fab yr luvd it d sidmin scenes were toh jst amazing

    1. Sameera

      Thank u baby I am glad ur liking it

  11. Isha_

    Sameera it was amazing sorry could not comment but i read all episodes and they were amazing

  12. Angita

    Pls…..don’t get angry Sam……or don’t even think of ending it
    Today’s episode was amazingly great???

  13. Itz very cute n sweet epi…

  14. Sayeeda

    OMG ! Sam ……episode was just mmuuaahh…..Wowww yrr ..
    That shoes hiding ceremony was to cute nd twinj romantic moment’s were what to say it was just lovely nd I want to eat u line was too awesome … loved it ..

    Nd plzz don’t think to end ur ff plzzz…. I know I’m demanding but in frnds it’s OK..
    love u

  15. It was fabulous loved the epi

  16. Sriya

    it was fantabulous amazing chappy sameera di loved it to the core so hot romance of twinj loved it love u loads di keep smiling always xx

  17. Shatakshi

    Omg Sam…it was Awesome❤❤❤

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