Twinj Rab miliya episode 38


Hey guys how R U all fine na ???? Missed me ??
I know I know u all missed me hai na ??
Sorry sorry for this bakwas but thought to tease u all epi chahiye ???
No aaj sirf baat karenge ok chale ga na ??
Gussa ho kya ?bat nai karni mujh se ??
I know baat karna hai …..????
Sab yehi soch rahe hoge na pagal to nai hogayi hu ??no no aisa kuch nai hai
Ok now no more bak bak
Byee take care love u all
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Wait kaha ja rahe ho epi to lelo ???
But 1 condition I know u all must be thinking pehle itni dimag khaliya n ab 1 condition b
So my condition is keep a 440 volt smile on your face n come with me

Here we go
The epi starts with a cute boy calling twinkle mumma Twi turns n looks at him
Twi : ishu my baby
Ishan : twinkle mumma I missed u
Twi : I missed u too baby
While kunj was confused as why this boy calling twinkle mumma
Kunj : Twi who is he ??
Twi : he is my son hai na ishu ??
Kunj : what ?? ???
Twi : sorry sorry actually he is meher son but stays with me more so he is my son right ishu
Ishu : yes n they hi-fi
While kunj smiles n they goes inside taneja mansion
They get inside n sees everyone busy with the arrangements Abeer sees them n say
Abeer : see thay have came
Leela : Twi puttar tu kaha thi ??
Twi : wo maa hum dono ….
Kunj : nahi ma kuch kaam tha sorry
Leela : ok beta
Twi : well I have a surprise for everyone especially mehbeer
Mehbeer : what

Twinj gets aside n shows ishan
Meher : ishan my baby
Ishan runs towards meher n hugs her tightly while Abeer looks at meher n she nods in yes
Ishan goes tiwarda Abeer n calls him papa
Abeer hugs him tightly n says yes my baby
They had a cute family moment when kriya comes there n says everyone forgot me
Meher : how can we forget u come
Ishan : ha they all forget u n teases kriya
Meher : ishan ??
Twi : haha my baby ishu
Ishan hugs Twi while kriya hugs meher n shows them tongue
They all smiles n went for their respective works

At mahi room :
Every one get busy with mahi n makes her dresses as bride
Leela applies her kala teeka n says u r looking like a princess they all get teard eye
Uv calls twinkle
Twi : hello Twi
Twi : hello uv what happen
Uv : Twi u forgot u said U’ll come from my side
Twi : ohh ha actually I am coming there
Uv : ok come soon

At twinj room
Twinkle gets ready while kunj comes there n says sorry twinkle
Twi (thinks ): it’s high time to tease kunj huh I’ll not forget u
Kunj : so U’ll not forgive me ha ?
Twi : yes
Kunj pulls her closer n holds her tight
Twi : kunj leave me I have to go to uv house
Kunj : no ill not leave u
He gets closer n ….Twi : leave me kunj I am getting late
Kunj : hmm no first kiss
Twi : no ku….before she could complete kunj kissed her n she too reciprocates
After some time they get back n twinkle blushes badly????
Kunj : how u r looking so beautiful while blushing I wish to eat u ??
He comes closer again twinkle pushes him on bed n shows tongue
Abeer comes there n says Twi let’s leave uv is calling me
Twi : byee kunj
Kunj : byee n makes a sad face while she smiles n goes from there

At Anita mansion
Uv gets dresses as groom while Twi Abeer suhana n Sid enter
Twi : oye hoye monkey is looking so handsome today
Uv : what u called me monkey I’ll not leave u
Twi : ok ok sorry
Anita : oh Twi u came let’s gets his aarti done
Twi : yeah Anita aunty
Anita does uv aarti n says don’t forget ur mum after ur wife
Uv : ok mom and hugs her while surjeet comes n says what about me
Uv hugs him too n they head towards the venue
With band Baja baraat …….

At venue
Kunj alomg with leela meher mahi bubbly n others comes n leela ask meher to take mahi to room she nods n they goes
Kunj was wearing a blue n cream combination sherwani while twinkle wears same combination lehenga
Abeer was wearing a red n white sherwani while meher in red n green coloured lehenga
Uv was wearing white n Blue colour sherwani with turban while mahi was in pink colour lehenga
Twinkle n others also reaches venue ….n dances with baraat
Kunj along with leela n others comes outside n kunj sees Twi dancing n smiles looking at her
They all head towards the entrance
Leela does uv aarti n pulls his nose as a ritual n also does same with Abeer
Kunj : stop uv u can’t enter ….
Uv : what ???
Meher : u have to give Shagun before entering
Twi : uv U’ll not give them anything
Kunj : ohh siyappa queen
Abeer : yes we r from groom side
Kriya : no u have to give Shagun
Ishan : no we will not give
They get into fight while twinj n mehbeer separate them
Uv finally get inside n twi says no ill come with bride
Kunj : this is cheating
Twi : why cheating she is my sis n uv is my besti so I have right to come from both sides
Kunj : oh really
Abeer : point boss point ???
Twinkle n meher bring mahi n uv gets mesmerized seeing her
They make her sit in mandap beside uv
Uv (whispers in ear ): u r looking so beautiful jaan
Mahi : huh but I m angry with u
Uv : y what I did jaan ??and teases mahi
Abeer n kunj : ahha ahha …..
Kunj : uv wait for sometime she is yours only
Abeer : yes wait for sometime
Then they all went for jai mala Garland’s ritual
Uv was going to put jai mala while kunj n Abeer lifts mahi n says if u want her then jump …
Uv jumps n makes mahi were jai mala n mahi too makes him wear
Then finally with all rituals they get married n head to take everyone blessing
Leela : may god bless u
Anita : now mahi is ours
Leela : yeah n they hug
Uv : my shoes ……???
Kunj : we had not steal it then who did it ??
Meher : yes we had not steal it
Cherry : so where did shoes went
Bubbly : it seems shoes got their legs back
Twi : ohh now uv can’t go to his home
Uv : but where R my shoes
They screen freezes on everyone shocked faces
So guys do u like the epi ??
Jhoote kaha gaye any idea???
Guys I am lil angry bcoz of low comments
Track is boring ??plshh comment guys should I change the track
N silent readers plshh comment kardo I’ll be happy
So guys bye bye
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Shatakshi

    Awesome Sam❤❤

  2. Angita

    You know Sam on my phone right after the episode the ad that came was a a shoe ad…..amazing cute filled with funny fights

  3. Fan

    Super epi..

  4. Gr8 gng..

  5. SidMin

    Sameera Loved it waiting to know who stole the shoes (the next episode) 🙂

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….loved it….

  7. Kruti

    Amazing epi sam

  8. Sayeeda

    Sooo cute ….episode yrr ..
    Twinj scene so good ….romantic one..
    Well I loved ur bak bak at starting …
    love u

  9. Aamu

    it was amazing n i think shoes is wih twinki

  10. Baby

    samera amazing episode dear luvd d twinjs scenes n well i thnk d shoes r wid twinkle or kriya mayb

  11. Baby

    well pls sameera post nxt episode asap bcz now dis shoes wala thing gonna b smwt vry interesting dear

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