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Twinj Rab miliya episode 37


The episode starts with twinkle n others entering the pub they get inside n shouts
We will have fun they hi-fi n get inside
On the other side :
Kunj Abeer n uv r chilling out while cherry says let’s play spinning the bottle
Twinkle n other wear maks as it was their theme πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kunj n other things they R the call girls they started playing bottle stops at kunj
Uv : now u have to propose any of the girl pointing at twinkle group
Kunj : no I can’t do this yaar
Abeer : chal na yaar kunj we will have fun
Kunj : agar twinkle ko pata chal gaya to
Abeer : no yaar kaise pata chalega
Kunj : ok if u all say
He heads towards twinkle n stands behind her
Kunj : hello miss lovely lady I am kunj sarna c I think I am in love with you
Twinkle turns n kunj doesn’t recognize her
Twi : oh really Mr
Kunj : kunj sarna
Meher : ab toh kunj gaya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mahi : ha di twinkle di ab jiju ko itna maregi dekhna
Maya : so it means boys r also doing party here
Bubbly : yep I think they all r here
Meher : ok now let’s tease them
They go towards boys ………

Twinkle : so what R j telling me kunj
Kunj : I think I am in love with you
Twi : but u look married it seems
(I know u all must be thinking kunj doesn’t even recognize her voice but let me tell u Twi changes her voice n talking )
Kunj : what married n me I am a bachelor
He turns n uv n Abeer shows thumbs up
Twi : so u r not married ??
Kunj : no …..I am a bachelor only n thinks beta kunj ye zyada ho raha hai twinkle ko pata chale ga to maar dalegi
Twinkle : u must be shocked seeing my face
Kunj : what do u mean ?
Twinkle removed her mask n kunj gets shocked seeinv her
Kunj : Twi…Twi …twinkle tu yaha
Twinkle : so this is uv house right n u r a bachelor
Kunj : haahaha Twi tu kitni intelligent hai mujhe pehle se pata tha ye tu hai
Twi : don’t lie kunj don’t
Kunj : wo Twi sun na plshh
Twi holds him by collar n says I thought my hubby loves me huh I hate u kunj she says in childish way

On the other side
All the girls comes wearing masks n uv says let’s continue our game
Abeer : yep continue
Cherry : see this girls first we will dance
All agrees n heads towards girls n cherry says
Showing uv he is going to be murdered tomorrow
Mahi : means
Cherry : I mean he is going to be married tomorrow
Uv : can I have a pleasure to dance with ….
He takes mahi with her while Abeer with meher cherry with Maya n others
Mahi : so u r getting married tomorrow
Uv : yep n makes a sad face
Mahi : u don’t want to marry ??
Uv : no not like that but if u meet me before I married u
Meher :u r single or married
Abeer : I am single see my cute face it seems that I married
Meher : ahha no
Abeer : see I am a small boy I am a bachelor only
Meher : ohhh
They all remove their masks n boys get shocked seeing them
All boys : u all
All girls : yes we r here only
Meher holds Abeer ears n says what u said u r a bachelor ha u r shoo small right
Abeer : baby I didn’t mean that
Mahi : n u uv what u said that u don’t want to marry I will not marry u now
Uv : mahi jaan u r taking me wrong
Mahi : no

Twinkle also comes there with kunj n says let’s enjoy our party girls these boys r like this only
They head to drink ………
Kunj : what they R doing drinking
They all goes towards bar n says challenge girls vs boys we will se who will win now
Twinkle : let’s see 😎
Kunj : see who is telling u can’t control yourself
Twi : oh really sadu sarna leta see now
They all stated taking shots n get full too talli
Twi gets overloaded n goes somewhere while kunj follows her
Abeer : let’s go home now ….
Meher : no I hate u I’ll not come with u
Mahi : I don’t want to marry shadi cancel
Uv : jaan don’t do this baby plshh
Mahi : no maine kaha na shadi cancel
Meher : yeah shadi cancel
Bubble : so now shadi cancel
Uv : jaan I am sho sorry
Mahi : no it’s final shadi cancel n they all head towards leela mansion
On the other side twinkle comes out of pub n says I am alone this sadu sarna has left me
Kunj : oye bevadi sun na
Twi : hey don’t call me bevadi
Kunj : sorry na Twi it’s just a joke
Twi : what joke huh she shouts leave me I am alone uwaaaaaa 😭😭😭 police was doing patrolling there n hears twinkle
Police : kya hua chori q chilla rahi hai
Twi : my wish I’ll do what ever I want who R U haa
Police : the chori pagal lagti hai leke chalo ise
Twi : leave me leave me
Kunj : ha le jao iss bevadi ko huh
They take twinkle n kunj thinks ye siyappa ko sachi leke chale gaye hahaha pagal kahi ke
He laughs on road n then thinks I have to go home but first I have to free this siyappa
He also reaches police station n sees twinkle shouting from cell
Twi : u all don’t know who am I myself twinkle sarna I’ll buy this police station
Kunj : inspector sir plz leave her
Inspector: ye chori ko hum nahi chod sakte
Kunj takes gun n says leave her plzzzz
They put kunj also inside Twi cell
They both stand n shout …….
Constable: sir ye chori chori manne pagal lagte hai kya hum ine chod de
Inspector: no πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Twinj shouts to leave them n falls asleep
Twinkle wakes up n finds herself in cell n says
What happen to my room why it is looking like prison
Kunj : we r in prison only πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
They again stand up
Twi : constable plzz bring lemon water na
Constable: thus is police station not a hotel
Kunj : hahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Twi : u don’t know me I’ll fire u
Senior inspectir comes n sees Twi
Si : miss twinkle u here
Con: sir they R full talli last night so we bring them here
Si : leave them
Con : ok sirr
Twinj cimes out n glares at constable n thanks si n goes from there
They reach leela mansion n a cute boy comes shouting twinkle mumma
Twinkle turns n looks at him n says ishu baby
While kunj looks on confused
The screen freezes on his confused face
So guys did u like the epi ??
All talli behavior hope u all enjoyed
Thank you all for liking my os too
Meet u soon
Love u all
Take care
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

  1. Joonakanksha

    It was awesome dear

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow……sammeera dear it was lovely…..awesome blossom…..who is ishan???? Excited to read further…

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…full to funny….& who is ishan…????

  4. SidMin

    Wow loved it waiting to know who Ishan is pls post the next part soon 😍loved it

  5. Kruti

    Able epi me liye ek aur suspense ……amazing epi SAM….indeed a funny one loved it β™₯β™₯…..eagerly waiting for d nxt one

  6. Baby

    amazing sameera luvd it srsly osm n yah who is ishaan who is calling her mumma

  7. Angita

    Awesome…so funny ….DPs very cute

  8. Sayeeda

    Amazing….. awesome …..
    loved it …
    Yrr but who is this Ishan …post next soon

  9. Amazing!!Ishan??

  10. Fan

    Awesome epi..

  11. Aamu


  12. Awsm….talli behaviour wz tOoooooo gOoooood….

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