Twinj Rab miliya episode 36

Hello lovely people back again n say how R U all
Fine na ???so so so without any bak bak I’ll start this epi
Here we go :
The episode starts with Twinkle turns n sees kunj smiling …….
So u did this all kunj
Kunj : no ur neighbor did this huh
Twinkle : awww n hugs kunj
Kunj : happy birthday sweetheart
Twi : thank you kunj n gives a peck on his cheek
K: do u like the decorations
Twi : yes of course
Kunj forwards his hand n says may I
Twi gives her hand n kunj takes her to table
He pulls the chair n twi sits 😘😘😘
Kunj gives her a rose n says I have a surprise for u he lits crackers n it appears on sky HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE”
Twi smiles seeing this n gets happy another cracker shows” I LOVE YOU ”
Kunj comes n hugs her from behind n says I missed u Twi in this 4 years
Twi : let’s forget what happen we will start afresh
Kunj : yeah may I have a dance with lovely lady
Twi : UMm me ??
Kunj : q tujhe koi aur yaha nazar aaraha hai kya (y can u see anyone here )
Twi : hahaha kunj look at your face
She pulls his cheek n says let’s dance
They dance in the song aadha ishq from band Baja baraat )
Then they go on the table kunj comes with a cake having twinj picture in it
Kunj : let’s cut the cake
Twinj together cut the cake n they both feed eo
N then kunj opens wine bottle they both drink
Kunj was talking n sees twinkle asleep n smiles

Kunj pov
Look how cute she is looking she must be tired due to marriage functions ohh my siyappa queen i know twi u have faced a lot of things but I promise I’ll give u only happiness
End of pov

Kunj lifts twinkle in bridal way n takes her to their room puts her in her covers with blanket
Twinkle holds his hand n kunj sleeps too
They both sleep peacefully in eo embrace

Next morning:
Twinj wakes up n comes downstairs n sits with everyone to have break fast
Leela : Twi I was thinking to arrange a bday party today
Twi : maa no need after all tomorrow is mahi marriage so what’s the need of bday party
Kriya : ohh mumma I have a gift for u
Twi : what my baby ??
Kriya gives her a gift n ask Twi to open
Twi open n sees a collage of twinj marriage pic kriya bday party pic with whole family
Twi : thank u baby this is the best gift for me but how did u get it
Kriya : actually mumma papa helped me
Twi looks at kunj n smiles
Fb shows
Kriya coming to twinj room n wakes up kunj
Kunj : what happen my baby
Kriya: papa I want to give something to mumma plz help me na
Kunj: baby u give her anything she will like it
Kriya : no papa n she roams here n there
Kunj : idea n tells to give her a collage
Fb ends …
Twi : ohh thank u soo much
They all done with their breakfast n goes
Uv comes to leela mansion
Abeer : uff hayee sirf ek hi din ki to baat hai itni b intezar nai ho raha hai tujhse (ahh only one day left u cant wait for one day also )
Kunj laughs n says : see how desperate he is
Uv : ohh guys shut up now actually I came here to meet u all
Kunj : ohh really
Uv : yeah

Mahi room
Twinkle meher Maya mahi bubbly suhana (kriya care taker I hope u all remember but Twi regard her as sis only ) they all r discussing something let’s see what they R discussing.
Maya : uff yaar only one day left for mahi marriage n single days
Meher : yep yaar
Twi : yes right mahi only one day left for u
They tease mahi
Mahi : what we will do now
Bubbly : I have an idea let’s celebrate a cocktail party
Twi : yep we will have fun mahi from tomorrow u r going to be Mrs mahi luthra no miss mahi taneja
Meher : yeah will celebrate cocktail
They all hi-fi n says we will go to xyz pub n have fun
Lawn side
All boys were discussing n Abeer asking uv for bachelor’s
Uv : bachelor party ???
Kunj : yep yaar bachelors we didn’t think of it
Cherry : tomorrow is marriage we can do it today
Uv : ok ok let’s go to xyz pub
Cherry : but remember one thing ye baat ladkiyo ko pata nahi chalni chah ye
All agrees

At twinj room
Kunj was getting ready to go to bachelor’s party
Twi : what happen kunj where R U going
Kunj (thinks ): how to tell this siyappa queen now
Twi : kunj kunj n Pat’s on his shoulder
Kunj : hmm UMm wo Twi actually we r going to uv house as he is feeling lonely
Twi : ohh that’s good n thinks it’s good that he is going now I enjoy cocktail n smiles
At mehbeer room
Abeer : beta Abeer jaldi ready ho ja isse pehle meher yaha aajaye
Meher : me yahi hu Abeer
Abeer gets shocked n turns
Meher : what happen u r sweating
Abeer : wo wo nothing I am just going to uv house
Meher : did I ask u anything
Abeer : gulps in n says no
Meher : ok go byee
Abeer n kunj comes from there room n collides
Abeer : let’s leave
Kunj : yeah let’s leave
They go to that pub n meets uv cherry Sid n shravan (Twi n kunj PA )
On the other side
All girls gets ready n says ok we will leave now
Twi gets a call n says : ohh yaar shit that pub is closed today
Mahi : omg now what ?
Meher suggests them same pub where boys r partying
They agree n head towards the pub
Hey guys did u like the epi
Now what will happen when they all meet
Let’s wait for next epi
Ba byeee
Love u all
Thanks for ur lovely comments keep supporting me 😘😘😘😘😘
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Sameera Loved it waiting for the next episode where they will be partying in the same PUB Loved it waiting for the next πŸ™‚

  2. Rashiverma2199


    |Registered Member

    Superb sameera….lovely it was…..waiting for next part…..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’–

  3. Saby


    |Registered Member

    Sorry for late comment…
    Loved the epi….
    Eagerly waiting for twinj meet in pub???
    Actually excited😍😍

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