Twinj Rab miliya episode 34


Guys I know here is the next epi for u all as an compensation hope u all will like it
The episode starts with Twi comes out of bathroom n wakes up kunj
Twi : kunj wake up today is haldi n mehandi n u r sleeping this late plzz get up
Kunj : Twi plzz let me sleep na yar
Twi : kunj get up or I will pour water on your face
Kunj gets up n says u r soo bad twinkle he goes to freshen up Twi smiles
Twinj goes downstairs n get to work
Meher comes to Twi n ask her to choose decorations colour
Abeer comes with uv to leela mansion
Uv : u go n talk with Twi n I will come after meeting mahi
Abeer : acha bachu bhabhi k paas ja rahe ho UMm n teases him
Uv : wo wo tu b nah
Abeer giggles n went to meet Twi
Meher was talking with Twi facing her back Abeer comes n says Twi I want to talk to u regarding some office issues
Meher turns n looks at Abeer both gets shocked seeing eo
Abeer : meher tum
Meher : Abeer …..

They get teard eye seeing each other after so many years but meher goes from there Abeer get shocked
Yuhi comes to abeer while Twi goes to meher
Abeer : uv see meher is here
Uv : I know Abeer she is mahi n Twi cousin
Abeer hugs uv n says I am so happy to see her
Twi goes to meher n ask what happen
Meh : Twi u know that Abeer was here then y u called me y ??
Twi : meher listen to me
Meh : Twi I don’t wanna listen u know na Abeer has left me without saying
Twi : yeah he has left u but he was feeling guilty about that
Meh : no u r lying
Twi shows him video where Abeer was telling his story n crying meher gets shocked
Meh :Twi is this true
Twi : yeah they hug n meher cry
Meher goes to abeer n they hug
Abeer : I am sorry meher
Meh : no don’t be
Meh takes Abeer to leela n introduce him n also tells about their marriage
Leela blessing them n says I am happy that u both unite
Kunj sees this n thinks I will also apologize to twinkle
Kunj meets Abeer n teases him
Abeer : just shut up n goes from there
Kunj n uv smiles
Later at night
Twi gets ready n kunj looks at her n smiles
Kriya comes there n makes him meet kush (cherry n Maya son)
Kunj goes with them
Mahi comes n everyone started applying haldi to her n teases her
Twi : maa se how beautiful she is looking
Meh : yeah leela maa
Leela : yep she is she will go from here they get teard eye
Kunj comes there n hugs leela n says lovely ladies dont get senti or else ur make up will spoiled
They all laugh

After sometime all ladies went to apply mehandi
Mahi henna gets done n uv calls her
Twinj n mehbeer pick up the call
Uv : jaan how R U I am missing u soo much
Kunj : ur jaan is applying mehandi
Abeer : yeah u can’t talk to her
Uv : tum dono I want to talk with mahi
Twi : no u can’t talk to her
Meh : haha u will get time after marriage
Uv : this is not done yar mahi jijus n sis all were there n I have no one except cherry n maya
Phone was in speaker mahi smiles listening to the convo
Twi : ohh so sad
Uv : twi u r my besti u should come to my side
Twi : ok I am on your side uv
Kunj : then I am on my sis side
Abeer : I will be on uv is it ok uv
Uv : yeah bro
Meh : then I will be with my sis
Uv ends calls n they all smiles

Abeer n kunj ask Twi n meher to apply henna
Twi henna gets done but she feels thirsty
She went to take water kunj sees her struggling n then makes her drink water
Twi : thank u kunj
Kunj : what what u said thank u ? oh my god
Twi : huh.. I don’t wanna talk to u
She gies from there
Next day
They all get busy in doing preparations leela ask them to have breakfast first
They all sit on dining table
Abeer holds meher hand under the table
They look at eo n Abeer winks at meher
Kriya spoon falls down n kunj tells her that I will pick he sees Abeer holding meher hand n smirks
Kunj : Abeer leave her how will she eat if u hold her hand
Meher blushes Twi also smiles n teases
Twi : leave it na kunj when this love birds have no problem n winks at meher
Abeer : twinj I will see u both
They get up from table n runs Abeer also runs behind them Twinj get stuck in flowers n a deep eye lock continues sajna ve plays
Abeer comes n coughs
Abeer : ahha ahha see love birds now
Twinj gets separated n all went to work

At night
Twi was getting ready in her room she tries Hardee to tie her blouse dori she calls meher n ask her to come to hee room
Meher was on the way when Abeer pulls her n pins her to pillar
Abeer : u r looking so hot baby
Meh : oh really baby
Abeer : yes
At twinj room
Twi gets harder to tie it kunj comes to hee room n sees her struggling
Twi: meher u came plz help me nah
Kunj goes n tie her dori n gets lost in her beauty Twi turns n both look at eo
Kunj holds her by waist n says u r looking so beautiful Twi
Twi : thank u kunj she tries to leave but kunj tightens his grip n says I want to tell u something
He sit on this knees n says I don’t know what will be reaction but I want to tell u Twi that I am so sorry for each n every day u cried for me plzz forgive me Twi also sits in her knees n says I am sorry kunj they both hug n cry
Kunj gives her some papers n says u remember Twi we want that house but that time we didn’t have money so we can’t buy it but now I have buyed it see
Twi cries n says thank u kunj ???
Twi : I love u kunj I love u so much
Kunj : I love u too my queen I will never leave u again
Twi : promise kunj
Kunj : promise wo b pakka wala
They both join their heads
Mehbeer sees this n says let’s go from here they smile n went
Kunj : now I will make my siyappa queen ready
Twi sits on the dressing table
Kunj makes her wear ear rings bangles pendant then tie her hairs
Twi : bas kunj
Kunj : shh one more this is there he applies kala teeka n says u r looking so beautiful n I don’t want any evil eye fall on u
They smile n went downstairs
Hope u all like twinj reunion?????
Bye bye
Love u
Take care
Thank u all
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  1. Thanks For the next epi
    Epi was amazing Finally they united

  2. Shatakshi

    Wow Sam…loved it to the core❀❀

  3. The episode was amazing!!!!
    But u can show more about kriya u know daughter nd father

  4. Sayeeda

    Thank u …
    thank u …..
    Thank u ….
    Thank u ….soooooooooooooooooooooo much for giving us treat of 2 episodes together…..
    Woooowwww……Sam u r a fab writer infact one of the best one….too good yrr.
    Mehbeer scenes nd twinj scenes were so adorable….. loved it…

  5. Fan

    Super epi sameera..

  6. SidMin

    Samaar Twinj reunion was superb and the way Kunj made Twinkle ready was too good yar how can someone write so good πŸ™‚ Love you

    1. SidMin

      sorry Sameera (Typo error)

  7. dreamer...arundhati

    Sam…sam sam
    a bigwala thank u
    for this treat of two epi
    Lovely epis
    Ctd soon

  8. Shreya098

    loved twinj scenes..???

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera…..awesome darling……loved it so much…..?????
    Double dip……loveltly….twinj union…..???

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…loved it…loved twinj’s reunion….

  11. Saby

    Omg… Sam double dose yaar….
    Two epi… Back to back…..
    Mazzaaa as gaya….
    Loved their confession…??


    ya ya ofcourse we loved it how can we not

  13. Angita

    Double??? Amazing so sweet and cute

  14. Kruti

    So finally twinj r back together…..amazing epi sameera

  15. Luvd it???
    Amazing epi….it wz so cute

  16. Hey i read ur oth epi but coz of less time cmnt nahi kiya sorry?
    N now my reading time is getting over so no words
    Ek dam jhakkaaas twinj united again??????

    K now bahbye
    Time nahi hokr bhi itna bakbak ???


  17. Baby

    omgggggg smaeeera finly dey bth r united yes i m sooooooo hapy

  18. Shonaa...

    So Twinkle together finally…. awesome episode sameera….

    1. Shonaa...


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