Twinj Rab miliya episode 33


Guyss so sorry for posting late as u all know about tu page going on server maintenance soo sorry plzz forgive me n thanks to all of u guys for ur comments I am ending this ff after 6-7 epis so keep commenting now no more bak bak
Lets us begin
The episode Starts with twinkle listening to clips she gets teard eye n opens clip 2
I was in london it was new for me I went to that company but that company was fraud I left my everything for this relation but this I think it’s my punishment to leave my love my twinkle I am so sorry …….
Next clip
I was all alone here nobody is there I met Abeer n we started to work together I used to work day n night so that I can’t miss twinkle I make myself so much busy but whenever I get time I record this voice clips
Twi listens to every clips having tears in her my eyes
Next clip
4 years passes I didn’t meet Twi or not even called her bcoz I don’t know how will I face her will she forgive me or not I got a partnership offer from India I want to go butt
Next clip
I am in Amritsar now that city which has given me happiness n sadness too I don’t know If I will meet Twi or not let’s hope for the best
Next clip
I don’t know with whose company I am doing partnership but to my surprise it’s Twi company
She was infront of me uff she was looking so beautiful nope she was beautiful only I can’t take off my eyes from her but she was showing me fake attitude in presentation party she drank full shots I had controlled that bevadi but she is looking like a cute child ??
Next clip
Today Alisha came to me I don’t know what happen btw her n Twi she ask me to marry her I can’t deny her bcoz she has taken care of babee when I am in crisis I want to pay her debt but still I can’t give anyone Twi place plzz Babaji help me plzz
Twi who was listening to this cries harder n falls asleep there only

Next day
Meher comes to study n sees Twi sleeping
Meh : oyee Twi get up yaar
Twi : what happen ??
Meh : why R U sleeping here
Twi : no yar actually I came here to make Presentation n falls asleep
Meh : ohh get ready me n mahi r going to shopping will u accompany us
Twi : no yar I have work at office but plzz take kriya along with u
Meh : ok fine
Twi goes to her room n doesn’t find kunj there she went to freshen up
Alisha was going some were kunj is seen following her
Kunj : I have to find if Alisha really wants my property
Alisha goes to a cafe n meets Joseph there
Joseph : hey u didn’t told me that kunj was married
Alisha : yeah kunj n Twi r not staying with eo sine 4 years I thought I will marry kunj n make his business on your name but that Twi she came in between
Kunj gets shocked listening to her convo n gets angry n thinks I will see them later but first I have to apologize to twinkle
He heads towards leela mansion when Twi calls him n ask him to reach office directly
Twinj comes to office n looks at eo n remember last night
They show their presentation n the meeting got successful they both hug unknowingly after some time get back to senses n breaks the hug
Twi (thinks): I don’t know that kunj u faced so kuch problems after listening to the clips I love I more now
Kunj (thinks): I am sorry Twi to leave u in harder time I will never thought of leaving u again but I will ask forgiveness from u in such way that u will forgive me I love u twinkle
Twi : kunj let’s go to home maa will be waiting
Kunj : yeah let’s go he holds Twi hand she gets surprised n they both head towards leela mansion

At leela mansion
Everyone were busy regarding the arrangements twinj comes there n greets leela n babee mahi meher m kriya also comes there
Kriya hugs twinj n says I miss u both
Twinj : we miss u too baby
Someone shouts from behind this is not fair u forget us
Twinj turns n looks at cherry Maya bubbly Raman n pinni
Cherry : leela aunty u forgot us
Leela : no beta how can I
Maya : then u r doing everything without us
Raman : sis u didnt di right
Pinni : yeah didi g
Kriya : offo my sweet nani see how they R reading her
Everyone smiles Chery meets kunj n then all get busy in work
Abeer calls twinkle but meher receive call
Abeer : hello twinkle
Meher : no it’s no twinkle she is busy right now
Abeer : then who R U I am her cousin meh
Mahi calls her from behind to see jewellery
Abeer : ok I will talk to Twi later
Meh : ok
Mehbeer : why I am feeling like I heard this voice somewhere
The screen freezes on their tensed faces
So guys tell me did u like the epi ????
Thanks to all of u guys for ur support agar tum sab nahi hote to shayad me yaha tak post nahi kar paati
Seriously guys dil se full to thank you
Sooooo …….????????
Love u all Lott
Thank you ???
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Don’t end it plz
    Amazing epi

  2. Shatakshi

    Loved it Sam❤❤

  3. Sayeeda

    Plzzz …..yrrrr….Sam plzzz mat end Kara yrrr….maan ja meri jaan mat end kar …
    Ur ff is sooo good ..u know how much I love ur ff but u don’t know how much I wait for ur ff……If u love ur Sayu then u will not end it nd now I have to see whether u loves me or not ….

    About ur episode ….that clip part made me so emotional ..I could feel pain of kunj nd Twinkle…. loved it..

  4. SidMin

    Sameera Loved the episode it was so sweet and Twinj moment hand in hand was too good Loved it 🙂

  5. Kruti

    Sameera pls don’t end d ff
    Tdy’s epi was awesome loved those clip parts

  6. Saby

    Lovely sam???
    Loved the episode…
    Misunderstandings are cleared
    BTW twinj….
    Excited for next epi????


    sameera promise ur not going to end this episode was awesome


    sameera promise ur not going to end this episode was awesome really amazing

  9. Angita

    Awesome…yeahhhh misunderstanding clearef

  10. Baby

    amazing sameera i didnt lykd d episode bt …………………………………

    u no hate d episdode..

    .no nt at all yr i lud d episode yr luvd it sameera

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