Twinj Rab miliya episode 32


The episode starts with twinkle standing at airport n calls some one a beautiful girl comes from there n hugs twinkle
Twi : ohh u came I was waiting for u
Girl : sorry yaar flight was late
Twi : it’s ok meher
Yes the girl is revealed to be meher
Meher : so how was preparations going
Twi : it’s going well
Meher : we will do masti after all it’s our sis
Twi : yeah they hi-fi n went from there

At leela mansion
Meher comes running n hugs leela calling her
Leela : pulls her ear n says u r family member or guest haa
Meher : sorry maa I got some work so I came
late here n makes a puppy face
Leela : it’s ok n hugs meher
Mahi : I am here too
Meher n mahi hug n meher teases mahi
( Meher is twinkle paternal cousin after meher parents death leela ask her to come India n stay with them )
Kunj comes there too with babee
Leela greets babee n introduce meher to them
Leela : babee this is meher Twi cousin N meher this is kunj Twi
Kunj : hubby n winks at twinkle
Leela : now u all take leave from ur office until mahi marriage
Twi : maa but
Leela : no but vut it’s final
Twi : ok maa ill submit project tomorrow n take a leave
Leela : ok
Everyone went to their respective room

Kunj plays with kriya n Twi comes in room n ask kriya to sleep
Kriya : ok mumma
Twi : kunj can u give me ur lappy to make presentation
Kunj : no ??? I think u want to steal my presentation
Twi : haha nice joke actually my lappy was not working so plzz give me na
Kunj : ok take
Twi : password???
Kunj : give it to me I’ll type
Twi : ohh sadu say it I’ll type
Kunj : hesitantly UMm …..TWINJ
Twi : ok but turns n looks at kunj n smiles
I’ll make presentation in study u sleep with kriya
Kunj : ok good night
Kriya sleep kunj gets bored in the room
He roams here n there n finds twinkle dairy there
Kunj : let’s see siyappa queen secrets
“Today was the worst day of my life do u know why kunj ask about our separation I shattered there only I want to tell him the biggest happiness that I am pregnant but after listening to his harsh words I decided the me n my baby will not come in between him dreams ……
Days passes my condition got more worse doctor told maa that if I’ll take stress’s I’ll loose my baby too I got scared I don’t want to loose my baby after kunj …….from that day my baby became my strenght I started to work n I got successful in my first project but something is missing what yeah my love I miss him each n every day don’t know how was he know I wish where he stay just stay happy ….I went to park n I saw a husband taking care of his my I wish if u here also kunj
.the day came my lil angel is in my hands I was blessed to see her she is so cute after all she is like her mum
Kunj smiles while reading it …..

“U remember kunj we decided that whenever our angel will born we’ll name her kriya
She is so cute like me n naughty like u kunj
She was 1 year old now i made her videos so that when u come back India u won’t feel that u missed ur baby childhood but wait will u come back or not I don’t know I tried to call u many times but ur number was unreachable always
I miss u kunj I miss u plzz come back why u left me plzz come back u know here this neighbors always taunt me that I am single mother plz come come back ???
Finally he came back was shocked n happy too to see him I wanted to tell him many things but didn’t get time today I got to know about biggest reality that Alisha wants to take revenge from me I unknowingly called her servant kunj came to my home n yelled at me he said he will marry Alisha I am hurt everything finished today my wait my love everything destroyed i just a second n then I got to know that Alisha wants kunj property so I decided to stop his marriage i don’t want his dream to get shattered ??
Kunj was having tears while reading it n then kriya wakes up
Kriya : what happen papa
Kunj : nothing baby something went in my eyes
Kriya : ok I’ll blow air
Kunj smiles looks at her keeps the diary on table n sleeps
On the other side
Twinkle makes her presentation
Twi : ohh done now I will go to sleep but first let me check this sadu lappy
She searches but doesn’t find anything she sees a folder name memories
She opens the folder n finds voice clips she opens first clip
“Today I met twinkle n told her about our separation I know she was hurt but what to do to fulfill our dreams we have to sacrifice some relations I am sorry Twi for those harsh words
2 clip :
I came to London I was new for me I went to that company but that company was fraud I was all alone here I left my love my everything for this job but this is all fraud I think it’s my punishment to leave my love I am sorry twinkle
I am so sorry……..

To be continued
So guys thank u for ur comments n yes the girl is meher only u all guessed it right ??
Did u like the epi ?
Plzz comment about it I’ll show twinj closeness during yuhi marriage
N next epi will me emotional too
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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