Twinj Rab miliya episode 31

The episode starts with kunj coming to office he sees all employees giving him bouquets n wishing him happy married life ??
Kunj thanks them n goes towards presentation room where he see twinkle giving him death glare
Kunj : why R U looking like this I am on time
Twinkle : did I ask u anything
Kunj : no ?
Twinkle : then y r u giving explanation

They start the presentation n twinkle explained about it presentation ends kunj sees Abeer giving him angry look
Twinkle goes to her cabin while Abeer come forwards n hits kunj
Kunj: ouchh what happen
Abeer : saale u r asking what happen why did u hide that u r married n twinkle is your wife
Kunj : sorry yaar situation is like that what I can do ?
Abeer : hmm so do u love her
Kunj : ummm…..
Abeer : I u don’t love her then do tell me I will propose her
Kunj : oye
Abeer : what ?
Kunj says nothing n makes an excuse
Abeer : I know beta u still love her I will make u realise
He calls someone n says he loves her so much

At twinkle cabin
Twinkle calls someone
Twi: hello so u got the time to pick up my call
Girl : sorry yaar I got busy in work
Twi: ok ok but yaar when u r coming India it’s mahi marriage after 1 week n still u r not there
Girl : ohh sorry babes I forgot I’ll come by today flight only
Twi: promise
Girl : promise bye love u babes
Twi : love u too
Kunj comes to Twi cabin n ask why did u tell about our marriage to whole employee
Twi : oye sadu sarna I am so popular they got to know by news
Kunj : ohh really
Twi : yep really
Kunj comes n holds Twi she says leave me it’s office not our home
Kunj : so what n tightens his grip
Twi : leave me kunj anyone will come
Kunj : let them come
Twi : Abeer u
Kunj leaves her n Twi laughs phattu sarna
Kunj again holds her n says what u told phattu
Twi : leave me kunj u r phattu only
Kunj : don’t dare to call me that fatso
Twi : Abeer u
Kunj : u r again fooling me
Abeer : ahha ahha I am actually here
Kunj leaves Twi n they both feel awkward
Abeer gives files to twinkle n she goes from there
Abeer teases kunj n giggles

Later Twi gets a call from leela asking her to come home right now kunj gets call from kriya
Kriya : papa u forgot me na
Kunj : no baby how can I forget u
Kriya : then come to meet me
Kunj : ok baby I am coming there
Twi n kunj comes from their cabins n collides
They both fall down all employees claps
Twi : do ur work
Twinkle goes from there kunj smiles
At leela mansion
Twinj comes there n kriya hugs them

They all sit uv mahi kunj Twi leela Anita
Anita : only 1 week left n we have to do so much arrangements
Uv : mom don’t worry everything will be fine
Anita -mahi : we will go to shopping tomorrow
Leela : yep u go n twinkle u too also go to shopping
Twi : maa no need I have so many clothes
Kunj : why twinkle u got married yesterday only u should look as a bride he smirks
Twinkle gives him death glare
Kunj : maa ill see all the arrangements
Leela : kunj beta I have one request

Kunj : maa request u can order me
Leela : plz stay here with Twi until yuhi marriage
Kunj : ok maa but babee
Kriya : we will call babbe too ?
Kunj : ok my lil princess
At night:
Kunj goes to for some work
Abeer comes to a isolated place n meets someone whom he calls he turns n its uv and Twi
Uv : u have done a big favour on me Abeer
Twi : yes Abeer thank u for making kunj realise his love
Abeer : no need to thank Twi in fact kunj loves u so much but didn’t confessing
Uv : can I ask u something
Abeer : yep bol

Uv : why R U helping us in making kunj realises his feeling
Abeer gets teard eye n says its a long story
He says uv do u remember me u n meher is in same class me n meher were best friends but one day she left school n moves to Australia with her family after few days I also left for Australia
There I met meher once again m we fall fir each other days passes we became so close one day
we went to church n get married meher parents
Got to know about that n they take her with them after few days I go to her home n ask her to come with me but she refuses n says we will stay here n convince my parents we used to fight daily over this topic n one day I left for London without meeting her
After 1 year I went to Australia but finds the news that meher parents died in a plain crash n nobody knows where meher went after that
I still love her so much o tried to find her many times n u don’t want that same to be happen with any 1 what happen with Abeer meher has not to be happen with kunj Twi or anyone
He cries n says I love u meher I love u plzz come back Twi m uv also cries
Abeer : sorry guys I got so emotional

Uv hugs him tightly n says she’ll come back
Abeer thanks him n goes from there
Twinkle : U’ll meet her soon Abeer
The screen freezes on Twi face
Guys thanks u for ur support m do comment do u like the track thank u sooo much for ur precious comments it brings a 440 volts smile on my face ????
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  1. sana (aamu)

    Sameera……lovely ….dovely……bhummmmmmm
    Cute saa epi n i think d girl is meher onlywhom tw talk on phone
    Weelllllll its juat my guess
    Keep writing shhhweetttttuuuuuu saaa pyyaaaalaaa sha epi
    Love yaaโ™ฅยทโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅยทโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅยทโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™ก ๐Ÿ™

  2. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Reading ur ff brings 440 volt smile on my face …..seriously yrr …..maza agaya padke ….but last part was sooo emotional…
    Loved it ..

  3. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Woww what an epi sameera indeed an emotional one….loved s epi
    And the best part was when kunj said u got married yesterday only u should look like a bride….I seriously was not able to stop laughing
    Awesome epi

  4. Apoorwa


    |Registered Member

    i love the track
    i read your ff epi from 26 to 31 today they were wow! wow! wow!
    my homework is pending still reading you ff it’s your magic sam
    love u!

  5. Apoorwa


    |Registered Member

    i love the track
    i read your ff epi from 26 to 31 today they were wow! wow! wow!
    my homework is pending still reading you ff it’s your magic sam
    love u!
    and remember i am your die hard fan darling

  6. Shonaa...

    Sameera dear awesome loved it….. today’s episode funny as well as emotional really amazing nd i think d girl is meher which twinkle called….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.