Twinj Rab miliya episode 30 (Maha episode)


The episode starts with kriya asking twinkle to call kunj but twinkle refuses n ask her to sleep
She makes kriya sleep n goes downstairs
There uv mahi n leela was present she sits with them n ask to focus on marriage preparation of yuhi
Uv : it’s going good
Mahi : I am thinking how can kunj jiju think about marrying Alisha
Uv : we have to stop him
Twinkle : let him do what ever he wants to do
Leela : I know my twinkle is very strong
Twinkle goes to sleep n cries recalling kunj n sees their marriage pic she gets sad
Next morning
Kunj wakes up n goes outside n sees his house fully decorated n ask Alisha about it
Alisha : kunj u forgot tomorrow is our marriage n today we will do mehandi n haldi function
He gets sad n goes to gurudwara
At gurudwara
Kunj comes there n prays he says Babaji I don’t know what I am doing is right or wrong I don’t want to marry but I have debt of Alisha she too care of babee in her hard times I have to pay her debt plzz Babaji forgive me but I’ll never able to give twinkle place to anyone
Twinkle also comes to gurudwara n says everything ended last night I didn’t feel so much hurt at the time of our separation but why not she cries n gets Sid call n goes from there
Outside gurudwara twinj sees eo n gets sadd n goes from there

At office
Twinkle was working when Alisha comes there n gives her sweets
Alisha : ohh thank u soon much twinkle this is my wedding invitation card n u r invited ? u did responblity of a good best friends if u were not there how will be I able to convince kunj for marriage thank u twinkle
Twinkle : over or anything left ??
Alisha : hmm over
Twinkle (laughs): ohh my besti it’s my promise that I’ll give u biggest gift of your wedding
Alisha gets tensed n twinkle goes to attend meeting
Alisha comes out of office n Joseph calls her
Joseph : baby congratulations for ur marriage
Alisha : sweet heart after marriage I’ll name kunj everything on ur name baby bcoz I love u so much
Twinkle gets shocked hearing this Alisha turns n twinkle hides
Twinkle : I need to stop this marriage any how
Bcoz kunj company is his dream n I don’t want it to break
Twinkle comes home n shares her plan with yuhi n they hi-fi

On marriage day
Kunj comes there dressed in groom clothes but he seems sad alisha cimes there n smiles looking at kunj n meets guest
Babee-kunj : u have time if u don’t want to do this marriage then u can deny
Kunj : no babee n goes to mandap
Alisha n kunj goes to mandap n exchange Garland’s Alisha smirks while kunj looks on sad
Kunj (thinks): I wish someone stop this marriage
Alisha n kunj starts taking pheras when someone shouts from behind
Yeh shadi nahi ho sakti (most popular dialogue)
All turns n sees twinkle standing with yuhi n police
Babee n kunj gets happy while Alisha gets tensed
Alisha : why this marriage can’t take place
Police : mr kunj sarna when ur wife is alive then how can u marry again u n ur wife r not divorced yet
Alisha : but they were not staying with eo from 4 years
Twinkle : but we R not divorced n our daughter she starts her drama kunj why did u do dis I know u don’t want to do this marriage think about our daughter once she cries faking
Police : Mr kunj sarna u cant marry any one till ur divorce
Kunj smiles but then looks at Alisha
Twinkle : pati parmeshwar I’ll do what ever u want but plzz don’t leave me what will happen to our lil daughter plz think once
Police: it’s final u can’t marry Alisha n if u want to divorce miss twinkle so do it after 6 months till the. U have to stay with her for 6 months
Alisha : how can this happen
Police : if u say anything now we will arrest u
Twinkle : see the decorations how wonderful here marriage will take place but not of kunj Alisha but of Mr n Mrs sarna
Police : u have to marry miss twinkle in front of u Mr sarna
Twinkle : wait for 10 min someone is coming
Kriya comes there with leela n twinkle hugs kriya n says baby u want to see ur mumma n pappa marriage na
Kriya nods twinkle then see how my baby ??
Twinkle wears ghungat n sits in mandap with kunj n smirks at alisha
They exchange Garland’s

Then they take pheras
Then kunj makes twinkle wear sindoor n mangalsutra
Marriage completes
They takes everyone blessing while kriya showers flowers at them happily
They 3 hug n then leela ask kriya to come them guest leave
Babee : I am so happy today twinkle puttar go to your room
Twinkle comes to her room n gets teard eye recalling her first step in her room
Twinkle : nothing changed here everything was same as usual
She goes n changes her clothes n come out
Kunj cimes to her room n sees twinkle
Kunj : what was that twinkle
Twinkle : what kunj
Kunj : don’t act smart with me
Twinkle : my lawfully hubby I am already smart
Kunj : ohh attitude
Alisha comes n peeps through window
Twinkle sees her
Kunj : so my lawfully wedded wife I have full right to celebrate my wedding night with u
Twinkle gets tensed while kunj thinks now she will go from my room ??
Twinkle holds him by collar n says ohh my hubby I am waiting for this day since 4 years
Alisha leaves from there fuming
Kunj : disgusting u have become so shameless
Twinkle : so what I am telling it to my hubby
He goes to change
Twinkle was playing games in phone while kunj cimes there n says I’ll sleep on my bed u sleep on couch
Twinkle says see this game is like u only angry bird
Twinkle :I’ll too sleep on bed she pulls kunj n sleeps

Next morning
Twinkle wakes up n gets freshed n sees kunj sleeping peacefully
Fb shows
Twinkle comes n ask kunj to wake up
Kunj : plzz let me sleep na
Twi : wake up kunj we have to go to maa home
Kunj pulls her n makes her sleep he kisses her on cheek n says good morning
Twinkle blushes n ask him to let her go but he tighten his grip n say no
Fb ends
Twi : dekho kaise so raha hai ye sadu sarna
She takes glass jug n pours water on kunj
He wakes up n ask don’t u have manners
Twi : no I don’t have
Kunj : that’s y u r like this
Twi : wake up n come to office
Kunj : no I won’t come what u will do
Twi : ok U’ll not come then I’ll cancel ur project
Kunj : not done Twi
Twi : then come to office in half n hour it u get late by 1 min also ill cancel ur project
Kunj : huh I am coming
Twinkle smiles n goes from there
Kunj : kunj beta this siyappa has once again return in ur life

The episode ends in their faces
Thank u guyss shoo much see I have posted next epi as per ur wish ?????
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  1. SidMin

    Sameera Thank you so much for this episode and I loved it it was too good Twinkle ka Pati permeshwar wall drama was too good
    Please post the next one asap

  2. great can u do another one today plzzzzzzzz i need this !!!!

  3. Shreya098

    just loved it sameera…
    yaaay…hmari Punjabi ptaka ne kamaal kr diya….?????????
    thank god she came…and stopped the marriage…mere to saanse atak gaye thi???
    amazing epi????

  4. Kruti

    Sameera tum itna accha kyun likhti ho ki mere pass words nahi hote describe karne ke liye…..I am bored of using the same words awesome…amazing …fabulous….fantastic…… Now u only suggest me something
    But for now u just rocked the epi …..loved it to d heights of infinity
    Love u loads

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…loved it…bechaari alisha….accha hua uske saath esa hi hona chachiye tha….maze aa gye….thanks for posting the epi…& eagerly waiting for next part….

  6. Amazing !!

  7. Sayeeda

    Thank ….thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much for posting the next one today only ….u said right we have to stay tuned to TU nd we all did nd u posted next one …Yyoohoooo..

    What a idea Sam ji … stop the marriage …amazing ….loved twinj scenes …
    Nd last line of kunj was so funny …Siyappa has returned in ur life…
    Love u ..

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….sameera lovely episode…..thanks for a double dip… Loved it to the core….awesome….
    No words for ur way of writing….???

  9. yes…. yes…..yes
    marriage stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dis epi was fab, amazing
    do cont asap

  10. Shatakshi

    Wow Sam….what a twist
    I m loving this siyappa queen
    Seriously yaar she is so dramebaaz
    Love u
    N the maha episode was Epic
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤❤

  11. Saby

    Omg sam…..
    Mast wala episode ….
    Akhir twinj marriage….
    And humari jagdalu siyappa queen toh dekho….
    Bichara mera Kunj…. Kaha fas gaya….
    But I love there nokh-jok….
    Loved the epi sooooooo much

  12. Lovely episode.. Stupid Alisha, ughhhhhh. Sam y dnt u kill her?in a burning building! Or a sinking ship or a moving truck? It doesn’t matter.. She’s giving me tension.

  13. Angita

    Aww first I was so tensed for their marriage but when shadi nei ho sakti dialogue aayi I was on cloud nine and twinkle ka Patti paremeshwar drama???episode was awesome awesome ×100. Waiting for your next episodes

  14. So happy marriage didn’t take place of kumj and alisha

  15. Shonaa...

    Soo happy twinj marriage…. suberbbbbb episode really amazing…. waiting for nxt one

  16. oh my my
    love u twinkle 2 stp & now will be fun 2 c their tashan…

  17. Baby

    hey sameera amazing yr yeh sch ki siyappa queen hai ab i thnk kunj ko khna pdega ab dekh kunj beta tere saath hota hai kya kya

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