Twinj Rab miliya episode 28


The episode starts with twinkle working in her cabin kunj sees her from outside n smiles looking at her
Abeer comes there n says
Abeer : she is so cute na
Kunj : hmm yeah ….n then came back to his senses no no I don’t mean that
Abeer : ohh thank god but yar she is too beautiful I think I am in love with her
Kunj coughs: I don’t think so love
Abeer : yep
Kunj gets jealous n goes from there

Abeer smiles n calls someone n says kaam hogaya ???
Kunj comes to his cabin n says why everyone likes her no no only I have right on my twinkle
At night :
Twinkle comes to home at 11 they all make a plan to wish kriya
They comes to her room n shouts happy birthday kriya
Kriya : thank u mumma maasi nani I love u soon much
Twinkle : we all love u too my baby comes let’s go down
They all come to the hall n uv also wishes kriya happy bday
She gets happy n jumps saying it’s my bday ??
Everyone smiles looking at her
They all play at night till 4 then they all sleep in hall ??

Next morning
Leela wakes up n sees everyone sleeping in hall she smiles n prays that my children should always stay happy
Twinkle wakes up n gets kriya ready n takes her to gurudwara while uv mahi n leela does preparation for today’s party
Twinkle reaches gurudwara n goes inside
She sits down n prays
Kriya : plzz god plzz send my papa ??

Twinkle : Babaji I had a very big day today I am telling kunj the biggest truth of his life plzz give me strength
While twinkle was praying kriya get up from n runs outside kunj comes there too n sees kriya playing with pigeons by feeding the he smirks n goes towards her
Kunj : ahhhaha
Kriya turns : frnd u
Kunj : what R U doing ??
Kriya : I am giving them food they also need food na she makes a pout kunj smiles looking at her
Twinkle opens her eyes n sees kriya gone
Twinkle : ab ye kaha chale gayi (now where she has gone )
Twinkle gets up n start searching for kriya
Kunj n kriya plays then kunj gets some work n leaves from there

Twinkle sees kriya n says baby where were u going
Kriya : nothing mumma let’s go home
Twinkle : ok
At leela mansion
Everyone were busy doing works guests start coming to bday party
Twinkle gets ready n calls kunj
Kunj : why is she calling me I think to talk about presentation
Twinkle : why he is not picking up
Kunj : hello
Twinkle : hello kunj I want u to come to my house right now plzz
Kunj : but y twinkle
Twinkle : u just come I’ll tell u everything n ask babbe to come here too
Kunj : ok I’ll come with babee

He goes outside n sees Alisha going somewhere n ask her she says she is going to meet her orphange people n stay with them at night
Kunj : ok n goes to babee room n ask her to get ready
At leela mansion :
Twinkle comes n welcomes everyone they ask her where is the bday girl
Twinkle : she is coming….n then she here she comes
Kriya comes there wearing a pink pretty gown she was looking like a fairy
Twinkle makes kriya meet everyone then she goes to play
Kunj along with babee comes to leela mansion n sees it fully decorated
He meets leela uv n mahi n goes to meet twinkle
Kunj was searching twinkle when suddenly he sees kriya there n ask her about it
Kunj : kriya u here u are looking so pretty
Kriya : thank u frnd today is my bday n this is my home
Kunj : ur home ??
Kriya : mumma
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle n gets shocked
Twinkle : kriya baby come let’s have dinner u haven’t eat anything since morning
Kriya : ok mumma he is my frnd n frnd I will come to play with u after eating
Kunj : o..ok baby
He gets teard eyes n turns n looks at leela n she nods he gets happy knowing that kriya is her daughter he was having tears of happiness
Mahi feeds kriya n twinkle was going towards her room when suddenly kunj pulls her to the pillow n ask her

Kunj : why did u hide such a big thing from me twinkle why my daughter is in front of me n I didn’t even recognize her why haven’t u tell me about my daughter n shouts why I never thought that u will that so cheap that u will separate a father from this daughter
Twinkle : enough is enough she hits him u r telling me that I hide a big fact from u I came to tell u but u didn’t listen to me that time u have only talk about our separation I called u many times but ur phone was unreachable n u werd telling I separated u from ur daughter if I had to hide this fact from u I didn’t call u in this party
I wanted that u know about your daughter I didn’t asked u to separate u only wanted to separate don’t blame me
They gets teard eyes n pushes each other
Kriya comes there n looks at twinkle

Kriya: mumma u r crying
Twinkle : no baby why should I cry some dust went in my eyes
Kriya : ohh my siyappa queen she blows in twinkle eyes kunj sees her lovingly
Kunj : kriya
Kriya : frnd u were also crying
Kunj: no dust also went in my eyes too
She blows in his eyes too
Twinj: no it’s fine
Kriya : ok let’s go n cut cake she holds twinj hand n goes towards hall
Everyone looks at them coming down n gets teard eye
They comes to cut cake
Twinkle : kriya baby u always says na that u want papa

Kriya : yep mumma
Twinkle : see ur papa is here she points towards kunj
Kriya : frnd ?
Twinkle : baby ur frnd is ur papa only
Kriya jumps happily n says my papa papa n hugs kunj he gets happy n smiles too
Kriya cuts cake along with twinj n feeds everyone
They all takes family photos n kriya hugs twinj
All the guest leave babee gifts a golden chain to kriya n kisses her forehead
Kriya : thank u aunty
Babee : no aunty I am ur dadi but u can call me babee
Kriya : thank u babee n gives a peck on her cheek

Twinj sees each other with anger n kriya ask kunj to stay with her
Kunj : my princess I will come tomorrow pakka
Kriya : ok papa
Kunj m babee leaves from there
At kunj house
Kunj comes there Alisha sees him n ask a man to go from. There kunj is coming he runs from window
Kunj : u said U’ll stay at orphange

Alisha : yrs but I am getting bored there so I came back
Kunj : ok n tells her about kriya
She gets shocked n ask kunj she is really ur daughter kunj nods n Alisha ask him to give his for for doing call
Kunj gives to her n goes to his room
Alisha sees there pics n gets angry
Twinj comes to their room n remember about their fight
Screen freezes on there faces
Guys sorry sorry as u all have to wait n I wanted to says I am so busy in past 3 there I want to apologize ff writers that I didn’t commented on your ff plzz forgive me n thanks for ur lovely comments
Oye rashiverma see here is next episode ??

So guys tell me how was the episode font forget to comment either positive or negative
I am thinking to end it soon as I don’t want to drag this story more ???
So plzz plzz do read keep commenting n stay cool
Plz remember me in ur prayers
Love u all n missed u all also ????
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ??

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  1. Fan

    Awesome epi sameera..

    1. Sameera

      Thank you

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous and lovely epi….loved it……

    1. Sameera

      Thank you

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Ya….sameera thanks for the lovely update… was awesome…..finally kunj come to know about his daughter…. Amazing episode….loved it to the core….

    1. Sameera

      Thank you rashi??

  4. Amazing!! Where were u؟؟
    Finally u posted

    1. Sameera

      Sorry yaar for being late n thank u


    awsome sameera

    1. Sameera

      Thank you Ayesha

  6. The epi wz fantastic… I wz waiting 2 c kunj 2 know DAT kriya iz hez daughter!!! I jzz luvd dos family moments… Ur dng a grt job yaar… Don’t end it so soon… Do ctd

    1. Sameera

      Thank you Maggi?

  7. Angita

    Awesome episode you naliled it

  8. Sayeeda

    I was waiting since long to read ur ff….
    What a cute episode ….amazing… awesome ….
    It’s so good that I can’t even define it’s cuteness…. loved it

    1. Sameera

      Aww thank you soon much ???

  9. Saby

    Sam I know I m late….. Sorry for that
    The episode was to good…. I can imagine kriya’s cuteness and twinj anger….
    I hope they forgive eo soon……??

    1. Sameera

      Its ok ur comments matters to me too saby n thank you????

  10. Kruti

    Finally papa aur daughter ka Milan ho gaya
    Fantastic epi sameera
    . and hw was eid ….enjoyed it ????

    1. Sameera

      Thanks yep enjoyed ?

  11. plz…plz…plz…now…don…separate…twinj…
    m so happy n do cont asap…B-)

    1. Sameera

      Thank you

  12. sameeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………….missed u so much yaar
    n today epi was superb bs ab twinj ko milaaaaaaa do

    1. Sameera

      Thanks ammu ?

  13. Woooow Sameera…..Episode was Fabulous

  14. Baby

    yr sameera amazing i mean wow u wr amazing bt i hp u ll unite dm soon n osm yr how do u all rite soooooo gud

    1. Sameera

      Thanks baby?

  15. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam sorry for late comment.. Osum
    Ctd soon

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