Twinj Rab miliya episode 28

The episode starts with twinkle working in her cabin kunj sees her from outside n smiles looking at her
Abeer comes there n says
Abeer : she is so cute na
Kunj : hmm yeah ….n then came back to his senses no no I don’t mean that
Abeer : ohh thank god but yar she is too beautiful I think I am in love with her
Kunj coughs: I don’t think so love
Abeer : yep
Kunj gets jealous n goes from there

Abeer smiles n calls someone n says kaam hogaya ???
Kunj comes to his cabin n says why everyone likes her no no only I have right on my twinkle
At night :
Twinkle comes to home at 11 they all make a plan to wish kriya
They comes to her room n shouts happy birthday kriya
Kriya : thank u mumma maasi nani I love u soon much
Twinkle : we all love u too my baby comes let’s go down
They all come to the hall n uv also wishes kriya happy bday
She gets happy n jumps saying it’s my bday ??
Everyone smiles looking at her
They all play at night till 4 then they all sleep in hall ??

Next morning
Leela wakes up n sees everyone sleeping in hall she smiles n prays that my children should always stay happy
Twinkle wakes up n gets kriya ready n takes her to gurudwara while uv mahi n leela does preparation for today’s party
Twinkle reaches gurudwara n goes inside
She sits down n prays
Kriya : plzz god plzz send my papa ??

Twinkle : Babaji I had a very big day today I am telling kunj the biggest truth of his life plzz give me strength
While twinkle was praying kriya get up from n runs outside kunj comes there too n sees kriya playing with pigeons by feeding the he smirks n goes towards her
Kunj : ahhhaha
Kriya turns : frnd u
Kunj : what R U doing ??
Kriya : I am giving them food they also need food na she makes a pout kunj smiles looking at her
Twinkle opens her eyes n sees kriya gone
Twinkle : ab ye kaha chale gayi (now where she has gone )
Twinkle gets up n start searching for kriya
Kunj n kriya plays then kunj gets some work n leaves from there

Twinkle sees kriya n says baby where were u going
Kriya : nothing mumma let’s go home
Twinkle : ok
At leela mansion
Everyone were busy doing works guests start coming to bday party
Twinkle gets ready n calls kunj
Kunj : why is she calling me I think to talk about presentation
Twinkle : why he is not picking up
Kunj : hello
Twinkle : hello kunj I want u to come to my house right now plzz
Kunj : but y twinkle
Twinkle : u just come I’ll tell u everything n ask babbe to come here too
Kunj : ok I’ll come with babee

He goes outside n sees Alisha going somewhere n ask her she says she is going to meet her orphange people n stay with them at night
Kunj : ok n goes to babee room n ask her to get ready
At leela mansion :
Twinkle comes n welcomes everyone they ask her where is the bday girl
Twinkle : she is coming….n then she here she comes
Kriya comes there wearing a pink pretty gown she was looking like a fairy
Twinkle makes kriya meet everyone then she goes to play
Kunj along with babee comes to leela mansion n sees it fully decorated
He meets leela uv n mahi n goes to meet twinkle
Kunj was searching twinkle when suddenly he sees kriya there n ask her about it
Kunj : kriya u here u are looking so pretty
Kriya : thank u frnd today is my bday n this is my home
Kunj : ur home ??
Kriya : mumma
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle n gets shocked
Twinkle : kriya baby come let’s have dinner u haven’t eat anything since morning
Kriya : ok mumma he is my frnd n frnd I will come to play with u after eating
Kunj : o..ok baby
He gets teard eyes n turns n looks at leela n she nods he gets happy knowing that kriya is her daughter he was having tears of happiness
Mahi feeds kriya n twinkle was going towards her room when suddenly kunj pulls her to the pillow n ask her

Kunj : why did u hide such a big thing from me twinkle why my daughter is in front of me n I didn’t even recognize her why haven’t u tell me about my daughter n shouts why I never thought that u will that so cheap that u will separate a father from this daughter
Twinkle : enough is enough she hits him u r telling me that I hide a big fact from u I came to tell u but u didn’t listen to me that time u have only talk about our separation I called u many times but ur phone was unreachable n u werd telling I separated u from ur daughter if I had to hide this fact from u I didn’t call u in this party
I wanted that u know about your daughter I didn’t asked u to separate u only wanted to separate don’t blame me
They gets teard eyes n pushes each other
Kriya comes there n looks at twinkle

Kriya: mumma u r crying
Twinkle : no baby why should I cry some dust went in my eyes
Kriya : ohh my siyappa queen she blows in twinkle eyes kunj sees her lovingly
Kunj : kriya
Kriya : frnd u were also crying
Kunj: no dust also went in my eyes too
She blows in his eyes too
Twinj: no it’s fine
Kriya : ok let’s go n cut cake she holds twinj hand n goes towards hall
Everyone looks at them coming down n gets teard eye
They comes to cut cake
Twinkle : kriya baby u always says na that u want papa

Kriya : yep mumma
Twinkle : see ur papa is here she points towards kunj
Kriya : frnd ?
Twinkle : baby ur frnd is ur papa only
Kriya jumps happily n says my papa papa n hugs kunj he gets happy n smiles too
Kriya cuts cake along with twinj n feeds everyone
They all takes family photos n kriya hugs twinj
All the guest leave babee gifts a golden chain to kriya n kisses her forehead
Kriya : thank u aunty
Babee : no aunty I am ur dadi but u can call me babee
Kriya : thank u babee n gives a peck on her cheek

Twinj sees each other with anger n kriya ask kunj to stay with her
Kunj : my princess I will come tomorrow pakka
Kriya : ok papa
Kunj m babee leaves from there
At kunj house
Kunj comes there Alisha sees him n ask a man to go from. There kunj is coming he runs from window
Kunj : u said U’ll stay at orphange

Alisha : yrs but I am getting bored there so I came back
Kunj : ok n tells her about kriya
She gets shocked n ask kunj she is really ur daughter kunj nods n Alisha ask him to give his for for doing call
Kunj gives to her n goes to his room
Alisha sees there pics n gets angry
Twinj comes to their room n remember about their fight
Screen freezes on there faces
Guys sorry sorry as u all have to wait n I wanted to says I am so busy in past 3 there I want to apologize ff writers that I didn’t commented on your ff plzz forgive me n thanks for ur lovely comments
Oye rashiverma see here is next episode ??

So guys tell me how was the episode font forget to comment either positive or negative
I am thinking to end it soon as I don’t want to drag this story more ???
So plzz plzz do read keep commenting n stay cool
Plz remember me in ur prayers
Love u all n missed u all also ????
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ??


  1. Rashiverma2199


    |Registered Member

    Ya….sameera thanks for the lovely update… was awesome…..finally kunj come to know about his daughter…. Amazing episode….loved it to the core….

  2. Maggi

    The epi wz fantastic… I wz waiting 2 c kunj 2 know DAT kriya iz hez daughter!!! I jzz luvd dos family moments… Ur dng a grt job yaar… Don’t end it so soon… Do ctd

  3. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    I was waiting since long to read ur ff….
    What a cute episode ….amazing… awesome ….
    It’s so good that I can’t even define it’s cuteness…. loved it

  4. Saby


    |Registered Member

    Sam I know I m late….. Sorry for that
    The episode was to good…. I can imagine kriya’s cuteness and twinj anger….
    I hope they forgive eo soon……??

  5. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Finally papa aur daughter ka Milan ho gaya
    Fantastic epi sameera
    . and hw was eid ….enjoyed it ????

  6. sana(aamu)

    sameeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………….missed u so much yaar
    n today epi was superb bs ab twinj ko milaaaaaaa do

  7. Baby


    |Registered Member

    yr sameera amazing i mean wow u wr amazing bt i hp u ll unite dm soon n osm yr how do u all rite soooooo gud

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.