Twinj Rab miliya episode 27


Next morning
The episode starts with twinkle waking up n doesn’t find kriya she went downstairs n sees kriya playing with leela
Twinkle : toh the shaitaan yaha hai ( see this naughty devil is here )
Kriya shows her tongue: oye my siyappa mummy I am getting bored in room so I came here
Twinkle : ok my baby but first give me a morning kiss
Kriya pecks on twinkle cheeks n mahi comes there not fair
Mahi : only mumma not me
She pecks on mahi cheeks too
Leela : puttar u r not going office today
Twinkle : no maa I am thinking to go shopping for kriya clothes n everything
Kriya : we will go to shopping today yeahhh
Twinkle : see how happy she is looking
Mahi will u accompany us
Mahi : no di me n uv ……
Uv: we R going to do wedding preparations right mahi
Twinkle: lo ye Bandar b aagaya kriya laughs (see this monkey has also came)
Uv : Twinki tu toh gayi ( u r gone now)
Kriya : plzz buddy don’t leave my mumma
Twinkle: ahh kriya ki bachi ( ahh kriya daughter)
Kriya : offo mumma I am no kriya daughter I am ur daughter
They a cute moment n twinkle went to bath
At office
Kunj comes to office n doesn’t find twinkle there
Kunj-receptionist : twinkle came today
Receptionist:no sir she said she’ll not be able to come today
Kunj : ok n went to his cabin
At shopping mall
Twinkle takes kriya along with suhana to shopping mall they went to clothes section first
Twinkle : do u like this dress
Kriya : no mumma see its red I want blue bcoz it’s my fav
Twinkle : ok
Kunj : oye twinkle how much pink dresses U’ll take
Twinkle : kunj u know na pink is fav colour of girls
Kunj : yep I know but plz take this blue dress
Twinkle : kunj but y ?
Kunj : bcoz blue is my fav color
Fb ends
Twinkle smiles looking at kriya n takes dresses for her they went to buy sandals
At office
Kunj gets a call from babbe
Babbe : kunj puttar u know today in shopping mall there r stocks of my duppatas n perfume I can’t go so plzz will u buy for me
Kunj (thinks): waise b twinkle is not here I’ll go to shopping mall ok babbe
He disconnects the call
At shopping mall
They went inside foot wear section n kriya likes many footwears so twinkle buys all of them for her
Kriya : mumma mujhe bhook lagri hai (mumma I am feeling hungry)
Twinkle: ok baby we will eat something
They R going to food section when twinkle gets a call from Sid
Twinkle : hello Sid u called me is there any work
Sid : yes mam there is work u have to come here for that
Twinkle : I can’t come Sid I am busy today
Sid : mam just half n hour plz. Come it’s urgent
Twinkle turns n looks at kriya
Kriya : mumma u go n come back soon
Twinkle smiles n ask suhana to take care of kriya she will be back in half n hour
Suhana nods twinkle comes out of mall n kunj went inside
He buys what babbe want n sends it through driver
Kunj : now i cams here I will take something too
He passes by food section n sees kriya waving at him
Kunj : kriya
He goes towards kriya
Kunj : hi princess what R U doing here
Kriya : alee frnd I came here to do shopping only naa
Kunj : yeah sorry but with whom u came
Kriya : I came with my mumma but she got some work so I said her to go
Kunj : ohh that’s the reason
Suhana : sir can u plzz manage kriya for few time I will come back soon
Kunj : ok n ask where u wanna go
Kriya : I am feeling hungry
Kunj takes her inside good section
Kunj : whts ur fav kriya
Kriya : noodles
Kunj reminisces twinkle fighting him for noodles n smiles
Kunj : ok n orders noodles
Food comes n kunj ask kriya to eat
Kriya : mujhe khana nai aata (I don’t know how to eat )
Kunj : ok I’ll make u eat he’d feeds kriya noodles n she eats happily
Kunj : done
Kriya: yes frnd done
So where I wanna go now said kunj toy shop she shouted
They went inside the toy shop n takes many toys then gaming section kunj plays with her like a kid
He lifts kriya n ask her now where u wanna go he sees kriya peacefully sleeping at his shoulder he smiles looking at her
Suhana comes there n takes kriya
Kunj : see this all toys r of kriya ok
Suhana nods kunj goes from there n twinkle comes they passes by but doesn’t see eo
Twinkle : ohh she slept but who buy this stuff
Suhana : mam kriya frnd buys this stuff for her
Twinkle : but where is he I want to pay him
Suhana : mam he left his only
Twinkle : ok n they heads towards leela mansion
Next day
Twinkle comes to office n smiles looking at kriya pic in her phone n kunj is coming from opposite direction looking at his n kriya pic n smiles they both collides bhoom
Twinkle : ahh kunj can’t u see n walk
Kunj : can’t u see n walk
Twinkle : ahh leave it I have to tell u something
Kunj : what tell
Twinkle : woh actually
He gets a call from babbe n he says I will come in a minute
Twinkle (thinks) : no no twinkle u can’t tell him tomorrow is kriya birthday I’ll tell him tomorrow
Kunj : what twinkle u have to something na
Twinkle : no nothing ?
She heads towards her cabin
Kunj : ajeeb ladki hai ( unique woman she is )
Screen freezes on twinj faces
Hey guys I am back again thanks for ur precious comments actually I am busy so u didn’t write bak bak in my last epi so thank u thank u thank u for ur comments I am glad that u r liking this track
So guys I will not be able to post till Saturday becoz Thursday eid Friday I have to prepare for exam n sat us my entrance exam so I’ll be not able to post for few days ????
So this is the reason byee
No no stop don’t go I have to tell something imp
———-EID MUBARAK????———-
So have too much fun bcoz we get only one life to leave love u all
Thanks for supporting me
Enjoy ur day
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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loving this track….& hope in next epi kunj comes to know about kriya….& eid mubarak…..& best of luck for your xam……

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera… the episode was awesome.. Amazing….. Superb….loved it….

  3. SidMin

    Loved the episode waiting for Kunj to know that Kriya is his daughter waiting for the next episode

  4. Itna kamaal kaise likhti hai. I am a fan of ur ff. Jabraaaaaaaaaaa fan…. loving it
    Eid mubarak♥♥
    Awesome mind blowing episode

  5. Shreya098

    Eid mubarak??
    the episode was superb..
    wanna know how will kunj react when he’ll come across kriya’s truth..
    waiting for next part

  6. Kruti

    Kamaal ka epi that…..loved it
    Eid Mubarak to u too Sameera

  7. Sayeeda

    Sam ….dear u always make me feel so happy when I read ur ff ….it’s to good …..ur ff is one among my top list ….
    Episode was fab…..too good…
    Love kunj nd kriya scenes …hope he gets to know that she is his daughter soon…
    Love ur ff a lot ….Eid Mubarak to u too..

  8. Lama

    Superbbb episode…Eid Muabarak to u tooo

  9. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam.. Wonderful epi
    Eager 2 see their confrontation.
    Lovely ff.
    Ctd soon

  10. Fan

    Awesome epi sameera..loved it..eid mubarak to u too

  11. shayna aka twinkle

    Hi sameera I just luv ur ff nd whenever Am sad when I read ur ff smiling curves appears on my face it relaxes me nd pls unite twinj on kriya’s bday nd tq for such wonderful ff nd keep gng nd am waiting for ur next update

  12. Angita

    Loved it sweet girl just awesone

  13. Saby

    It was too cute Sam……
    Kriya and Kunj bond….. So pure….
    I hope Kunj knows the truth soon?

  14. Amazing ……
    Post soon
    I hope Kunj comes to know about truth of kriya

  15. nyc episode sameera luvd it

  16. I’m a gr8 fan of ur writing…I truly loved it…awesome epi…Do continue…plzzz

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