Twinj Rab miliya episode 26


The episode starts with twinkle running here n there
Twinkle : maa when will she come
Leela : puttar just relax they will come

On the other side
Kunj comes to a NGO for some work n sees summer camp bus n all children’s coming out of bus
Suddenly a cute girl comes there running n hides behind kunj
Girl : uncle plzz save me
Kunj : beta from whom
She points towards a lady .she comes there n says baby let’s come mumma must be waiting for u
Kunj : but who R U ?
Lady : Sir my name is sunana n I am the care taker of this girl but she is so mischievous n naughts
Kunj turns to the girl n ask is it true
That girl shows her tongue n says first let me eat ice cream
Suhana : but baby mumma will scold u
Kunj smiles seeing her cuteness
Kunj : do u love ice cream
Girl : yeah it’s my favorite
Kunj : ok I’ll make u eat but first tell me ur name?
Girl: my name is kriya
Kunj : wow kriya
He goes into a flashback

Kunj : twinkle come na yaar we R getting late plzz come today is just baby naming ceremony but y u r taking so much time
Twinkle : just 1 min kunj
She comes out n kunj gets mesmerized seeing her n gets closer to her u r looking very pretty
Twinkle : kunj now we R not getting late
Kunj : no u knoq twinkle when our child will born we will name her kriya
Twinkle : but what if our first child is boy then
Kunj :then whenever my princess come I’ll name her kriya
Twinkle : u r thinking too much
They smiles flashback ends
Kriya : uncle uncle
Kunj : yeah nice name kriya well my name is kunj
Kriya :kuu….
Kunj : just like k for kriya k for kunj
Kriya : ok
Kunj takes to ice cream shop n makes her eat ice cream
Kunj (thinks): see this cute baby why am I hetting so attached to Herr she is so cute I wish I had a daughter like her ?
Kriya : thank you uncle
Suhana : now shall we go kriya baby
Kriya : ok n heads to leave but turns n looks at kunj
Kriya : uncle mumma says if someone gives u something we should return something to but what to return
Kunj smiles n says no need to returns me anything just become my friend he forward his hand n kriya shakes it n says friends
Kriya gives a peck on kunj cheeks n says bye frnd
Kunj waves bye to her n leaves

At taneja mansion:
That same girl comes running towards twinkle n calls her mumma
Twinkle : my baby u came u know mumma misses u so much
Kriya : I misses u too mumma
Leela : bus mumma ko miss Kiya
Kriya : no nani I missed mumma u mahi maasi n uv uncle I missed u all
Twinkle : bus bus dramebaaz
Kriya : oh my siyappa queen mumma ??n hugs twinkle
While yuhi laughs on siyappa queen
Twinkle : u too R laughing so much I’ll show u when ur baby comes
Uv smiles n mahi blushes
Leela : we all forgot about their marriage
Kriya : mumma mahi maasi marriage I’ll take full dresses
Twinkle : yes my princess anything for u suhana did she ate ice cream
Suhana : mam I told her not to eat ice cream but she didn’t listen
Kriya : mumma me n uncle have so much fun while having ice cream sorry mumma n makes a puppy face
Twinkle : it’s ok my baby but uncle who?
Kriya : he is my new flnd ??
Twinkle : ita ok but first promise me U’ll not go anywhere from now
Kriya : I promise mumma I’ll not go n gives a peck on her cheeks
Mahi : now kriya lets come have some food
At the dinning table everyone gets busy in making kriya eat food n feeds her
Twinkle was thinking something
Leela : kya soch rahi hai ( what R U thinking )
Twinkle : if kriya was not there n how will I able to leave after kunj left me

Leela : she came as an angel for us when we R going through hard times
( Remember guys at the separation day twinkle wants to tell kunj something but he didn’t listen n goes from there she wants to tell that she is pregnant but after listening to kunj harsh words she decidesd that she n her baby will not come between kunj dreams days passes twinkle condition gets more worse n leela n everyone takes her to hospital
Where doctor informs that if she will take so much stress she may can loose her baby
When twinkle got to know about that she gets afraid of losing her bay too after kunj
From that day she doesn’t show any emotions any sadness always stays happy infront of everyone n started her company works
That day comes when finally her angel born they all so happy n twinkle was getting success by success in her buisness to
One day leela ask twinkle to change taneja group of industries to kriya group of industries as she was an angel for them )
Twinkle : after kunj I don’t want to loose my baby too she was my princess but ma kunj is also here what if he knows about kriya
Leela : puttar he is her father he has a right to know I think u should tell him
Twinkle : ya maa u r right I’ll try to talk to him
Twinkle : kriya dinner finished
Kriya : yrs mumma
Twinkle : come let’s go to sleep now
She wishes all of them good night n went with twinkle
Uv : kriya is the lifeline of twinkle
Mahi : yep she was her life after jiju left
Uv : yes by seeing kriya I wanted to have kids too
Mahi blushes n says anything now go to ur home
Uv : u r so cruel
Mahi : byee yuvraj
Uv : byeee

At twinkle room
Twinkle makes kriya sleep by signing lullaby n telling stories she went to write diary (she has a habit of writing diary from 4 years )
Next day
Twinkle comes to office n sees kunj
Twinkle : kunj and sees Alisha there
Alisha-kunj : u haven’t do ur breakfast so babbe send me to give u tiffin
Alisha sees twinkle n gets shocked
Kunj : I’ll eat after sometime he sees twinkle n went from there
Twinkle : Alisha u r with kunj
Alisha : yep twinkle I went to London for some job but due to so.e reasons I had to left it I was alone in london n didn’t have much money to return India one day I met kunj n he takes me to his home from that day I am taking care of babee
Twinkle : ohhh but u can calls us but ok let’s leave it
Alisha : but what R U doing here u r doing job here ??
Twinkle : nope this is my company n I am the head
Alisha gets even more shocked n smiles I’ll meet u some other day
Twinkle : ok
Alisha (thinks): she was head of this company I wanted to destroy her but leave it
The screen freezes on Alisha tensed face

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  1. Shatakshi

    Hey Sam
    The revelation was too good yaar
    Seriously loved it❤❤❤❤

  2. Amazing…..
    I hope Kunj comes to know about Kaira in the nxt epi
    Plz post sooooooooooon

  3. Kruti

    Fantastic epi sameera loved it

  4. ooooooooo finally revealation
    goodddddddddddddd muah keep writing

  5. Sayeeda

    Kriya is twinj daughter…. amazing twist ….
    Maza aega jab kunj ko pata chalega ….too good….
    love ur ff very much…. nd u too…

  6. Shonaa...

    Amazingggg…. loved it…. post nxt soon…

  7. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome ….

  8. Lama

    Woooow Awssome episode…plz reveal the truth of kriya to kunj soon

  9. Ritzi

    Hey sasmerra…..ur going in a perfect direction girl…..keep it up…I love it

  10. Fan

    Awesome epi sameera..

  11. SidMin

    Loved the episode and Kriya is a lovely name Loved the part Kunj spent with Kriya and Twinkle spent with Kriya Waiting for the next episode and revelation of Kriya being Kunj’s daughter to Kunj

  12. RiaA MendeZz

    Just so lovely. I hope kunj & twinkle will not have any misunderstandings when he gets to kno kriya is her daughter. Please don’t let Alisha do anything. I love this story line. You’re doing a fabulous job. Please update soon

  13. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..sameera the episode was superb….loving kriyas character…. She seems so adorable….

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi……& my guess was right……that kriya is twinj’s daughter……

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    Sam the twist to was 2 gud.. Plz ctd soon.
    Luv this ff.. Muah

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    awesome episode…
    hope kriya will bring them close..

  17. Saby

    Omg…. At last the suspense revealed…..
    The baby… Kriya… Aww loved the epi so much….
    Epi was just like as cute as cutesi kriya

  18. osm sameeea nyc episode pls post nxt episode asap

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