Twinj Rab miliya episode 25 (silver jubliee)??

So guyss we I have reached epi 25 thank to all the supporters so here we go
The episode starts with kunj n twinkle seeing each other n get teard eyes Abeer comes there n says kunj this is miss twinkle n miss twinkle this is Mr kunj sarna my buisness partner cum friends they shakes hand
Twinkle reminisces kunj telling her that we have to separate she looks at kunj with anger
Abeer : so shall we start the meeting
Twinkle : yep ??
They sit on their places n sees presentation

It ends
Twinkle : wo Mr Abeer it’s so awesome this time also we will grab the project
Abeer: yep but I have a request
Twinkle : yes tell that
Abeer : our presentation party got successful so shall we all celebrate our partnership with a party
Kunj : no yaar we came India just now
Twinkle : yep we can do party by this we will get to know about each other
All shouts : yeah
Abeer : so we will celrbrare it today
Sid : I’ll do the arrangements
Shravan (kunj PA): I’ll help u in arrangements

They all left from there
Only twinj n Abeer were left in the conference room
Abeer : so miss twinkle we became buisness partners can we become friends too
Twinkle : yeah n forwards her hand
Abeer also forwards his hand n says friends
Abeer : ok then we will meet in party kunj let’s go
Kunj : u go I’ll come
Abeer : ok
Only twinj were left in the room both R giving death glare to each other
Kunj : so miss twinkle will I know that this company name is taneja group of industries then how it became kriya group of industries
Twinkle (full attitude): well Mr sarna this is my company n its my choice to change its name
Kunj : ohh u got so changed
Twinkle : people take a second to change well I got 4 years
Kunj : u can’t give right answers
Twinkle : u r asking wrong questions??

Kunj : tujh se to baat karna hi bekar hai
Twinkle : as if I am dying to talk to you huh
Kunj (attitude): see how much attitude she was showing
Kunj gets a call from Alisha
Alisha : kunj we reached house n babee is fine too
Kunj : ok ok n disconnects the call n sees twinkle looking at him n says what u also came u know I am missing u so badly I haven’t seen u from 2 days saying this he smirks
Twinkle (thinks): whom is he talking to what if he got married again no no this can’t happen I’ll kill him if he got married once again she gets n message n gets happy
Kunj turns n sees her looking at her phone n smiling
Kunj (thinks): why is she smiling so much she was looking so hot I think she was reading her bf message no no bf full husband is here ??he coughs n says I have work I am going
Twinkle: ok
They come out of conference room
Sid : mam fir today party u have to invite someone
Twinkle : yes I want to invite all my buisness client’s sayeeda ,shatakshi,saby,zikra,lama,rashiverma,s sidmin kruti,mahi,zaku,lover,purnimaagarwal,dolly,angita,twinjfan(tamanna),dreamer arundati ,aamu,twinkle,directionert91,apoorwa,l.gsheikh,ayesha khanum ,baby,fan,mitali,foreeverfan of twinj ,tanishasharma,angelpari,fatarajo,rushi,ritzi,
Callmenazu syeda farhana
Sid : mam this much people
Twinkle (sees kunj coming )u know na Sid they have given me so much support when I needed them I want to thank all of them for the support n appreciation they have showed it towards me I am glad that I have meet that people well we R only buisness client’s but we got friendly too I am very happy that I have so much persons supporting me not like other (tauting kunj ) that they will be together but leave us when we needed them
Kunj -shravan : yep u have to take right decisions at right time well a wife has to support n obey his husband right shravan
Twinkle -sid : only wife has to obey husband sometimes husband also obey wife tight Sid
Sid -shravan doesn’t get anything
Kunj n twinkle continue taunting each other indirectly
Sid -shravan : sir mam we will go n do the arrangements
Twinj gives a death glare n went to their cabin
Twinkle comes to her cabin n jumps happily he has come back I’ll not let him go now
At home
Twinkle comes home n tells leela about kunj
Leela : wow he came it’s good
They hug while yuhi was listening to their convo
Yuhi : we have to unite them see twinkle happiness is on top of the world
Twinkle goes to her room to get ready for party
Twinkle along with yuhi comes to the party club
Abeer : come miss twinkle

Twinkle : u can call me twinkle only
Abeer : ok twinkle
Uv : this is my mahi my fiance
Abeer : ohh she is so beautiful
Twinkle : u know each other
Abeer : yep we R childhood friends
Twinkle : ohh n looks here n there for kunj he come in white shirt black blazer
Twinkle was looking stunning in black backless gown

Kunj comes n greets everyone
Kunj meets yuhi n hugs them
After some time Abeer comes to twinkle n says may I have a pleasure to dance with u
Twinkle sees kunj looking at her n says yes
Kunj sees twinkle dancing n gets jealous one call (employee)comes to kunj n ask for dance he also goes on the floor
Twinj were dancing with different partners then partners got exchanged
Twinj comes to dance ek baat kahu kya ijazat hai plays in by they lost in each other’s eyes while dancing song ends they come back to their seats
Abeer : uv lets have a drinking competition
Abeer n uv starts taking shots n twinkle also joins them
Kunj (thinks): see how she taking shots by shots it she gets overloaded I’ll not control her huh
Yuhi goes from there Abeer also left
Twinkle (fully drunk ) : plzz give me more shots I wanna drink
Bar man : man u have got so much drunk I can’t give
Twinkle : ayee u know who am I I am twinkle head of kgoi (kriya group of industries) u r denying me I can’t buy this bar too
Employees : look yaar she is so hot na
Employee 2 : but she is our boss yaar
Kunj gets angry listening to their convo
Kunj : twinkle now enough we will go from here
Twinkle : who R U I’ll not come with u never U’ll again leave me
Kunj drags twinkle from there
Twinkle : ahh so mean I wanna drink more shots
Kunj : bevadi see ur condition u r not able to stand
Twinkle : u call me bevadi I’ll show u she tries standing straight but falls kunj holds her n says let’s go
No ill not come with u replied twinkle “I said come with me “no ill not
He takes twinkle from there n searches for water and takes her towards car
Kunj : sit twinkle
Twinkle : this is not my car
Kunj : this is ur car only n makes her fool

Twinkle : ohh this is my car then I’ll sit
Kunj drives the car n heads towards leela mansion
Twinkle : woo woo zuiii zuiii woooooo
Kunj : Babaji plz save Me from this mad woman
Twinkle : woooooo woooooo zuiii zuiii
Kunj : what R U doing twinkle
Twinkle : can’t u see I am driving car u idiot

Kunj : lo is siyappa queen handle nai hoti to peeti q hai
Twinkle : u said something
Kunj : yeah we reached your home
Twinkle : yeahh I drive so well isn’t it
Kunj : yep
Twinkle : I don’t wanna go home now
Kunj: but why u dint want to go
Twinkle (crying like a baby): if I go inside U’ll leave me gain uwaaaaaa??? I don’t wanna go
Kunj : no twinkle I’ll not leave u
Twinkle : I know U’ll leave me u know kunj I missed u soon much she pulls his cheeks n hugs him tightly i missed u plzz don’t leave me plzz
Kunj : ok twinkle I’ll not leave u see its got so much so u go n sleep I’ll come tomorrow
Twinkle: pakka
Kunj : pakka

She hugs him n says good night ??
Kunj smiles seeing her : she has not changed but was showing fake attitude huh
Next morning
Twinkle : ahh this pain kaka plzz give me lemon water she gets flashback of yesterday nights
Ramu kaka : mam here is ur lemonade
Twinkle drinks it n says I am forgetting something
Twinkle comes out n sees evening roaming here n there
Leela : arrange it well u know she is coming
Twinkle : ohh I forgot that she is coming today
Uv : I’ll go n pick her from there
Leela : yeah this house is feeling lonely without her
Mahi : yep maa
Twinkle : I told u maa not to send her away
Leela : yeah but from this time I’ll will not send her anywhere
Twinkle : it’s good she is coming I am missing her so much ???

Well guys as I have reached my silver jubliee n I wanted to thank u all for it I will clear confusion regarding kriya group of industries tomorrow thank thank u so much for ur support if I missed anyone name plzz forgive me???love u All guyss I hope u enjoyed this episode but plzz yaar comment only few people r commenting

Is it the track boring ??? Do answer ??
So byyee t.c see u soon on TU
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Oh amazing …u posted I was waiting and thinking what will happen!!!!
    CONGRATS….. silver jubilee
    Post soooooooon
    Epi was awesome …….
    Who is kriya?????? I want to know post ASAP ….plzzzzz

    1. Sameera

      Thank you

  2. Wht about treat??????

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome mind blowing funny epi……loved kunj’s dialogue bevadi….& talli twinkle ……& congo for silver jubliee of your fanfiction…..eagerly waiting for next part….plzzz post asap…

    1. Sameera

      Thank you

  4. Fan

    Awesome epi..loved drunk twinkles behaviour..btw congratulations on completing 25epi??

    1. Sameera

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  5. Congo fr silver jublie.. nd asusual episode was awesome and srry I was not able to comment .I think kriya is twinj daughter

    1. Sameera

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  6. Rashiverma2199

    Congo sameera for silver jublie….?????????????
    Thanks for inviting me to the party…..??
    I think kriya is coming…. And she might be #twinj’s daughter… Maybe…I’m not sure….buts its always a treat to read ur ff….

    1. Sameera

      Thank you? rashi

  7. Kruti

    Hey Sameera
    Congrats for the silver jubilee
    Awesome epi loved it to d core
    And probably I know what is the confusion of kriya…check ur private message and tell me if I’m correct

    1. Sameera

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  8. Sayeeda

    Congratssssss………big vala……lot’s of love nd hugs…… to u ….Thanks for giving us such a wonderful ff nd a frnd like u ….I felt soo Happy to see my name .love u for that….
    Boring r yeh plzzz haan…koi mazak ho rha hai ….this track is superb …amazing….. awesome…..
    I really loved the twinj meeting nd their silent thoughts were more than best ….nd Talli Twinkle scene toh was very cute…

    May u cross 100 episodes …..nd keep us entertaining.. love u sooo much Sam

    1. Sameera

      Thank us soon soo much

  9. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    congrats fr silver jublee…wish u too cmplete 1000 Episode….the episode was really cute one…loved it…

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    Nope its not boring but exciting loved it congrats for your silver jubilee we will always be supporting you

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  11. Lama

    Hey Sameera, Congartualations for Silver Jubilee…What an episode yaar…Brilliant…u r an Awesomeeeee writer…very excited for the next episode…plz post asap…love u from the core ????

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  12. Shatakshi

    Congratulations n celebrations…??
    Seriously yaar the episode was too good
    N I m eager to know about kriya group…
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Sameera

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  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    no its not boring at all infact its amazing I am enjoying it and thanks for mentioning my name haha

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  14. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Happy silver jubilee yar.. ?

  15. Tq fr inviting me
    Episode was super
    Waiting fr next post

  16. Hllo first congratulations for completing your silver jubilee and I hope you write till 10000000 episode(add as much as zero you want) bcaz I love your ff so much from core of my write so well.
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    and last but not the least treat to banti hai.

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  17. Shreya098

    congrats for ur silver jubliee…????
    episode was amazing….
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    can’t wait to know who is kriya…..update soon

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    Amazingly amazing……… Congratulations for silver jublie??????

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    Sam dear so sorry 4 not commenting on last epi
    The track is fab.
    Osum epi
    Ctd soon

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  20. Amazing?????
    Thanx a lot for including my name??

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  21. Saby

    Congrats Sam?
    And wat a episode….. Seriously as epic
    Twinj ki jealosy ?
    Twinkle ka bevadapan and Kunj handling her…. So cute?
    Who’s the new entry….? Guessing must be sumbody with the name kriya…. ?
    A big wala hug as a token of happiness and congrats again for completing 25 epi…. ?
    Tysm for mentioning my name… As a symbol of love that uh hav to all ur readers…. ???
    Lots and lots of love dear???
    And may uh complete 50epi asap and den I demand for 100’s…..???

    1. Sameera

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  22. SidMin

    Congo Sameera for your Silver Jubilee Loved the way Twinj fought indirectly with each other and Drunk Twinkle was so cute and jealous Kunj was too good waiting for the next episode and hope you continue writing episodes and we all keep commenting on it loved the episode and Congo once again

    1. Sameera

      Thanks sidmin

  23. CONGO:::::::SAM
    ur today epi was super duper hit yaar
    n i think d girl who was cming .her name is kriya
    its just a guess

    waiting for next

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    D episode was awsm dear…. nd dat bevadi haha… Amazing Congo for ur silver jubilee…. may u complete 100 + episodes

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  25. Hey sameera Yarr first of all…
    Congratulations n celebrations yeyeyry….????????????????????????
    Yeyeyeu party time….
    N epi ws superbbbbbbb yaar…??????❤❤❤
    Matlab super duper cute..
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