Twinj Rab miliya episode 24


The episode starts with uv going to airport to pick up Abeer he was standing taking board of group of industries when mahi calls him
Mahi : where R U yuvraj
Uv : aww baby u r missing me
Mahi : uv …but where R U
Uv :I came here to take a client after dropping him to hotel I’ll come there
Mahi : ok come soon
Uv turns n sees Abeer standing behind him
Uv :so u r Mr the head of AK group of industries
Abeer : yes but r u yuvraj luthra
Uv : yes but how do u know me
Abeer : Abe yuvraj apne childhood friend ko
bhul gaya me Abeer malhotra (u forgot ur childhood frnd me Abeer malhotra)
Uv : ohh Abeer tu
They hug
Uv : kya yaar tu kitne Change hogaya hai (u got so changed man )
Abeer: u too yaar but is kriya group of industries
ur company
Uv : no yaar it’s my besti cum sister in law company so I came here to pick u
Abeer : r u married
Uv : no yaar just engaged marriage is after few days
Abeer: so I came India at a good time after all
it’s my friends marriage
Uv : well r u in touch with meher
Abeer gets sad listening to meher name
Abeer: no yaar it’s a long story I’ll tell u some
other day
Uv : ok
He drops him to hotel n went to meet mahi
At office
Twinkle comes to office n continue her work
She gets busy in work when Abeer comes to her
Abeer : where is miss twinkle cabin
Receptionist: it’s there sirr
Abeer : ok thank you ?
Receptionist: it’s ok sirr
Abeer : may I come in
Twinkle : yes but who R U
Abeer: I myself Abeer AK group of industries
Twinkle : oh so u r Mr Abeer malhotra but where is ur partner
Abeer : he will come by today flight so shall we
proceed for the contract
Twinkle : ok
Abeer gives her papers n ask her read n then
Twinkle starts reading but leela calls her n she doesn’t see kunj name n sign on the papers
Twinkle : so deal Mr Abeer malhotra from now on we R partners
Abeer : yep miss twinkle we will do a presentation meeting tomorrow as my partner will be there also
Twinkle : ok so tomorrow at 9 pm
Abeer : ok
Twinkle drops him outside n went to leela mansion
Leela : see twinkle has also came
Twinkle : but maa is there some important work
Uv : yep leela maa mahi too call me
Anita : pandit ji has come to finalize a date for ur marriage
Pandit : after 2 weeks it good date for marriage or else u have to wait for 6 months
Uv : no it’s ok after 2 weeks
All laughs n teases uv n mahi
Mahi : but how can we do arrangements
Twinkle : don’t worry u r twinkle sar.. I am u r twinkle sis u don’t have to worry
They hug n twinkle goes to her room
At hotel
Abeer calls kunj
Abeer : hello kunj
Kunj : hey Abeer watsup man
Abeer : Congo bro deal was finalized
Kunj : wow it’s awesome well I am at airport now
Abeer : it’s good u came tomorrow is presentation meeting can I come to pick u
Kunj : no man I’ll come well I have a house here
Abeer : wow it’s good k byee
Kunj : byee n disconnects the call
Kunj comes out of airport n says
Kunj : Amritsar it is the state which gave me the most beautiful happiness n sadness too
He took cab n moves towards his house
Twinkle car passes by kunj car n both feels each other presence
Twinkle : why it is feeling like I am near kunj
She turns n sees here n there
Kunj : dont no is twinkle there or not I can feel her presence
Their cars passes by n there both misses to see each other
At night
Abeer comes to kunj house
Abeer : address to yahi hai knock knock
Kunj : come Abeer
Abeer : u didn’t tell me that u r from Amritsar
But let it be I am from here also
Kunj : u too but
Abeer : I stayed here in my childhood
Kunj : ok so meet that twinkle
Abeer : yep yaar but I must say she is too beautiful
Kunj smiles n they go to have dinner
Next day
Kunj n Abeer come to office n Sid (twinkle PA)
Takes them to conference room
Sid : mam will be here in 10 minutes
Kunj : it’s ok well we came here 10 min early
Twinkle comes to office n goes towards conference hall
She enters n Sid data see twinkle mam has also came
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle n she sees twinkle both R shocked to see each other
Screen freezes on their shocked face
Well guys thank for u comments I hope u also like this epi too so my silver jubliee has reached next epi will be big n more tashn wala so do comment either positive or negative
Do read keep calm m stay tuned ???

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  1. epi was amazing ..
    Disappointed !!!
    .who will wait for this time :p
    Awesome epi
    Do continue ASAP…..
    Plz post tommorow only

  2. Kruti

    I seriously can’t wait for d nxt epi yar…..jitni jaldi ho sake post karo pls pls pls
    Aaj ka epi toh matlab awesome se bhi zyada awesome that
    Love u

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera the episode was awesome……. Love it…..can’t wait for next episode….
    But tell me 1 thing….why twinkle’s company name is Kriya industry?????

  4. Shreya098

    it was awesome…. loved it
    finally twinj will meet….I am so excited
    eagerly waiting for next update….
    continue soon

  5. Saby

    Zatka laga dala twinj ko…..??
    Great epi…. So much impatient yaar….
    Jaldi se update ur next epi….

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing epi….can’t wait for next epi…plzzz post asap…..

  7. Angita

    Oh god suspense !amazing episode

  8. Lama

    It was Fab Sameera

  9. The episode wz awesome…. Fially the wait iz over fr twinj meet… I’m damn excited 🙂 post the next epi soon

  10. Amazing episode!!!!
    U gave me a shock also …why suspense????????
    Plz post sooooooooooooooooon

  11. Sayeeda

    Amazing..yrr…mujhe lag rha tha main TV pe dekh rhi hho …
    itna suspense…what a superb episode…
    Yoohooo ….ab aega maza jab twinj aamne saamne honge…post next soon as I can’t wait …

  12. SidMin

    Loved the episode waiting for Twinj’s reaction and your next episode

  13. Amazing yaar…
    Loved d epi…????
    Do cont asap

  14. same era its amazing….pls post next one asap

  15. hey sameera nyc episode bt yah i hp dey soon unite

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