Twinj Rab miliya episode 23


The episode starts with twinkle crying n shouting where R U kunj ? Why did u live me she cries n falls asleep
On the other side
A handsome hunk is shown wearing his blazer and watch takes Googles in full hero style n turns
Man : I’ll reach there in 10 min
He turns n is other other than our hero kunj he gets inside and another man comes n Pat’s on his shoulder Abeer u said kunj
Abeer : yep bro meeting shuru hui kya
Kunj : no yaar ham jayengay tab hi hogi na
Abeer : yep after all this buisness is ours
Kunj : yeah n they hi-fi
(Abeer n kunj r buisness partners n best friends too )
They go inside conference hall

Abeer : so guys how was work going on
Employee(shravan) : sir today some kriya group of industries have reached on top in business chart I think we should do partnership with this company
Kunj : Kriya group of industries India but who is the head of company
Shravan : her name is sir miss ….
Abeer : whatever yaar we have to do partnership with them
Kunj : I’ll talk to the company owner n gets meeting done
Meeting ends ???
Kunj : India ? (thinking something)
Abeer : kya bhai kya soch raha hai ( what R U thinking bro )
Kunj : no nothing let’s call that company owner he calls twinkle n she picks up the call
Kunj : hello
Twinkle (slowly): kunj ?
Kunj : hello hello someone there
A lady comes n says sir a call has come from ur home lady was telling it’s urgent
Kunj gives phn to abeer n goes from there
Abeer : hello is this number of kriya group of head

Twinkle : yes but who R U
Abeer : myself Abeer malhotra I am head of AK group of industries from London so I wanted to partnership with ur company
Twinkle : yep I’ll call u later n then give u answer about partnership
Abeer : ok miss….
Twinkle : twinkle
Abeer : ok miss twinkle we R waiting for u response
Twinkle : we ??
Abeer : yep me n my buisness partner ku…
Twinkle : ok I’ll call u later
Later twinkle calls everyone in conference hall n take advice about their proposal
Employee (Sid ) : yep mam think we should go ahead with this deal
Everyone agrees
Twinkle calls Abeer n tells him yes for the proposal
In london
Kunj goes home n calls babee
Babee : kyu chilla raha hai ( why R U shouting )
Kunj : why have u not taken medicines
Babee : wo chudail ne tujhe sab bata diya ( that witch has told u everything)
A lady comes there n says I told babee to eat medicines
Kunj : Alisha thanks for calling me

Yes she is Alisha she was staying as care taker of babee from past 1 year
Abeer comes n greets babee
Kunj: Abeer u here
Abeer : I came here to give u good news that indian company has said yes fir the proposal
Kunj : are u serious
Abeer: yeah
They hug
Kunj : so when we have to go India to complete the deal
Abeer : I am leaving for India today u come there within 2 days
Kunj : ok man this deal will give us so much benefit
Babee : I’ll also come India
Kunj : but
Babee : no but vut it’s my final decision
Abeer : ok my lovely babee kunj let it be na
Kunj n Abeer goes from there
Kunj : so what’s was the company owner name
Abeer : twinkle
Kunj coughs

Abeer : r u okay
Kunj : twinkle ??? Surname
Abeer : no she didn’t use any surname but her voice is so cute
Kunj reminisces of twinkle n his moment n smiles
Abeer : ok bye I am leaving u come there too
Kunj : ok bye
He comes to babee n ask her to do packing today we will leave for India tomorrow
Alisha : India
Kunj : yeah we have deal so to complete this we have to go India
Alisha : ok I’ll also come to take care of babee
Kunj : ok
Twinkle calls uv n says about the deal
Uv : yaar twinkle very good I’ll pick up the man who is coming today
Twinkle : ok
The screen freezes on twinkle n kunj face

Guys I know u have so many doubts regarding why kriya group of industries but I’ll reveal it in upcoming epi n shab e khabar Mubarak to all I am a lil bit busy so I’ll post next epi long n unite twinj soon

Thank u all for
the comments but plzz yaar read my ff n do comments even silent readers too
Do read keep calm n stay tuned ???

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  1. Lama

    Awesomeeeeee episode yaar…good going…loved this new track…nd yeah Shab e khabar Mubarak to u too

  2. Lama

    Amazinggggly Awesome episode dear…good going..loved this new track…unite twinj soon…nd yeah Shab e khabar Mubarak to u too

  3. Kruti

    Awesome epi sameera ….eagerly waiting for the next one

  4. Apoorwa

    it was awesomeeeee

  5. Sayeeda

    Tumhe bhi shabe kadar Mubarak ho…..
    Yrr day by day I’m becoming huge fan of ur ff ….the episode was more than good …
    I was so engrossed in reading that I didn’t wanted it to end ….
    I’m very excited for next one …plzzz post soon….twinj meet.. whhooo…
    But it seems that kunj is not so sad after the separation as twinkle is…



  7. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera it was fab… Waiting for next part eagerly…..

  8. Angita

    Fantabalous episode

  9. Amazing ???????????

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome epi….& tumhe bhi shab e khabar mubarak…..

  11. Shatakshi

    Hey Sam
    It was Awesome
    Please do post next episode asap

  12. SidMin

    Amazing episode hope Twinj unite soon and that Alisha Chudial right word used by bebe she is really a witch Waiting for the next episode

  13. Dreamer...arundhati

    Dolly.. Seriously the epi was too gud..when twinkle heard kunjs voice.. I was just like.. My god..
    They r gonna meet soon na?
    Luv u dear
    Ctd soon

  14. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sorry its not dolly but sam.
    So sorry sam.. .By mistake i typed dolly… So sorry.

  15. Saby

    Wat a episode year…. Sam loved it.
    Waiting for twinj’s meet

  16. Shreya098

    amazing episode..
    loved it.

  17. Haaye me marjawa…. Twinj pain ,love wz very well potraid… Aaj ki episode was too good… Waiting eagerly fr next epi… U nailed it 2dy

  18. osm sameera amazing dats gr8

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