Twinj Rab miliya episode 22

4 years later
The episode starts with a black BMW stopped at a beautiful building it was written Kriya group of industries a man comes n opens the door of BMW a beautiful lady is showing getting down from the car she is so hot wear a black jeans a white shirt with googles she went inside
“A man come n says “MAm has came all get tensed n started working
She went inside n sees everyone working n goes to the conference hall
An employee comes n says twinkle mam shall we start the meeting (yep she is our lovely twinkle she has changed so much n possessive about her work )
Twinkle : ok start the presentation
Everyone in the conference hall sees the presentation n claps ?
Twinkle : it was excellent but we need to work more congratulations guys we R in the list of top 10 business of the world if u were all r not with me I hadn’t done it it’s our hardwork n I thank u all for the time u all gave I changed taneja group of industries to Kriya group of industries n now we R now in top most business of the world so now done with it
U all should resume ur work ??
Twinkle goes to her cabin

Inside her cabin there is portrait which has a secret room she goes inside n sees Rt pic there
Twinkle : see papa I fulfilled ur Dean today ur company is on the top wish me all the best
She comes out of secret room n sits in her cabin
She went to her table it has a name plate miss twinkle CEO of Kriya group of industries ( she didn’t use either taneja or sarna )
She started working when leela calls her
Twinkle : hello maa
Leela : where R U twinkle I told u not to go to office today today is most important day na dear
Twinkle : but maa u know na for me work comes first
Leela : nobody can win over u really u r a siyappa queen
Twinkle gets sad listening to it ?
Leela : ok plzz come home at lunch time
Twinkle : ok maa I’ll try to come
Leela disconnects the call
Twinkle : don’t be sad u r the best
She goes n tells her PA to see office work
Twinkle reaches home

A beautiful mansion is shown with white n pink curtain n all over the Lillies decoration r there she went inside n sees the decorations
Leela : tu aagayi puttar ( u came dear )
Twinkle : yep maa say if u have any work
Leela : no puttar how kuch work will u do just go n take rest uv family will come now
Twinkle : ok maa n went to her room
At evening
Guests stared to come leela cherry maya bubbly welcomes them
Twinkle comes there wearing a pink gown she is looking very beautiful
Bubbly : dekho yuvraj jiju aagaye ( see uv has come )
Leela welcomes them n Anita cat fight starts
Anita : huh we R groom family so welcome us at Royal types
Leela : so what if u r groom family uv is my son
Uv : yes leela maa
Anita : what leela maa ??
They started to fight when uv ask them to stop n goes there
Uv : but where is my bride
Twinkle comes there along with mahi she is in golden n blue gown
Twinkle : here is ur bride pointing at mahi
Uv : I can’t believe after 4 yrs of commitment she agrees to marry me mahi smiles
Cherry : this is just engagement just get engaged or else mahi will change her decision
Uv : no n takes ring n makes mahi wear it
Mahi also makes uv wear the ring
Everybody claps for them

Twinkle was checking her phn when she sees some ladies gossiping about her
Lady 1 :this is twinkle na I listened that she n her husband doesn’t stay together
Lady 2 : I also listened this I think she should move me
The ladies continue gossiping about twinkle she gets teard eye n leaves from her room
She gets inside her room “why did u left me kunj why where R U kunj she takes out her mangalsutra n keeps looking it why did u do this kunj she cries like a lifeless body she was shivering
Mahi n uv sees peeps into the door n see twinkle
Mahi : I need to go inside
Uv pulls her n says she needs to get her pained out the pain which she was not showing from twinkle we should give her sometime after that she’ll be alright he takes mahi from there
The screen freezes on twinkle face

So so sorry guys for departing twinj as it was necessary to drag story forward n tomatoes eggs n sleepers all accepted
But I’ll promise I’ll soon unite twinj so don’t stop reading it plzz comment ur views either positive or negative plzz plzz plzz
How was today’s episode plzz comment
Thank u all for ur previous comments that u all gave me ????
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera an awesome twist….really enjoyed new avatar of twinkle….loved it….????

    1. Thank you plzz keep supporting me

  2. Saby

    Hey Sam… Lovely epi…
    Twinkles new look is just killer ha….,
    But y kriya group of industries??!
    Lil confused about that….
    Waiting for kunj’s entry….???

    1. Wait wait I’ll reveal it soon ??

  3. Lama

    Superbb twist…bt plz twinj ko jaldi unite kr dena

  4. Nice epi….bt kriya?????is she twinj’s daughter aur what????

  5. Haye Sam epi ws jus superbbbbbbb
    Loved it…
    It’s OK u departed twinj..
    U shld have sumthg in ur mind…
    Bt anyways do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz….❤❤❤

  6. Kruti

    Amazing epi sameera…..twinkle ka naya look is just awesome
    Eagerly waiting for twinj to unite

  7. Aamu

    hey it was good feeling sad for twinkle but where is kunj

  8. Can’t wait to read what’s coming next!!

  9. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam it was pretty good
    It has bcome more interesting,
    Ctd soon

  10. Sayeeda

    Too emotional…. but nice to see Twinkle’s new look …Kriya industries ..quite confusing why ??
    Hope to see Twinj united soon ..
    Don’t u ever think that we will throw rotten tomatoes …koi pagal hi hoga Jo itne ache ff pe aisa Kuch pheke …
    Eager for next one

  11. SidMin

    Too emotional loved the twist Waiting for the next episode

  12. SidMin

    Too emotional loved the twist Twinkle’s new look and attitude Waiting for the next episode

  13. Shatakshi

    Wow Sam
    It was too good yaar
    Loved it❤❤❤

  14. Shreya098

    wow amazing yr…
    loved twinkle’s new look…
    waiting for next update…so curious to know why kriya industries
    hope twinj will meet soon

  15. Apoorwa


  16. nyc episode sameera sry fr being sooooooooooooooo late

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