Twinj Rab miliya episode 21

The episode starts with leela taking care of twinkle n gives her medicines
Leela : take this medicines
Twinkle : maa I am absolutely fine see
Leela : what fine look how weak u r looking I am going to make soup u should rest
Twinkle : ok maa
Leela pecks on twinkle forehead n goes from her room
Twinkle takes her phone n remember her n kunj fights?
Suddenly she gets call from kunj
Kunj : twinkle
Twinkle : yep kunj
Kunj : I want to meet u right now
Twinkle : ok I’ll meet u bye
He ends call
Twinkle (thinks): I’ll clear all our confusion
She goes to the park n sees kunj there
Kunj twinkle : I wanted to tell u something
Kunj : first me plzz
Twinkle : ok

Kunj : I know twinkle u want to fulfill ur dad dream n I wanted to fulfill my dream
Twinkle : but
Kunj : shh I am not done yet let me continue plzz see twinkle we have to fulfill our dreams so we have to get separated
Twinkle gets shocked listening this
Twinkle : kunj how can u think about separation we R made for each other
Kunj : no twinkle I’ll go my way n U’ll go ur way it’s better if we stay separated n when we don’t obey each other what’s the meaning of this marriage
Twinkle is in tears listening all this
Kunj : ok twinkle I am done now I am going best of luck for ur future life ?
Kunj heads to leave but turns
Twinkle (thinks) : I know u can’t stay away from me
Kunj : n I more thing if u wanna come me u have 3 months to decide I am leaving for London after 3 months so it’s up to u know bye twinkle take care
She broke down n have tears in her eyes
Both go separated ways twinkle turns to see kunj after few seconds kunj also turns to see twinkle

Har lamha dekhne ko
Tujhe intezaar karna
Tujhe yaad karke aksar
Raaton main roz jagna
Badla hua hai kuch toh
Dil in dino yeh apna

Kaash woh pal paida hi naa ho
Jis pal mein nazar tu naa aaye
Kaash woh pal paida hi naa ho
Jis pal main nazar tu naa aaye
Gar kahin aisa pal ho
Toh iss pal mein mar jaayen
Mar jaayen….mar jaayen….
Mar jaayen….ooo ho mar jaayen
Mar jaayen….mar jaayen….
Mar jaayen….ooo ho mar jaayen plays in back ground

Twinkle pov
Why kunj why u said it so easily that we have to be separated I can’t leave without u kunj u haven’t heard me she cries

Kunj pov
I know twinkle I said that harsh words but I want u to fulfill ur dad dream n I don’t want to come in between I wish u also come with me to London I also can’t stay without u
Mar jaayen….ooo ho mar jaayen
Twinkle comes to leela house n breakdown
Leela comes n ask twinkle
Twinkle: tells her everything thing what happen
Leela : puttar don’t cry plzz I will talk to kunj
Twinkle : no maa U’ll not talk with him
At kunj house
Kunj comes there with teard eyes
Babee : what happen puttar g
Kunj tells us everything
Babee : but kunj why do u tell about separation
Kunj : it was needed babee n I don’t want to discuss about it
Babee : Babaji plzz mere bacho ku help karna
They sit sadly in their rooms thinking about each other
Tuhjse juda hone ka tasavur
Ek gunaah sa lagta hai
Jab aata hai bheed mein aksar
Mujhko tanha karta hai
Khwab mein bhi jo dekhle yeh
Raat ki neendein udd jaayein
Mar jaayen….mar jaayein….
Mar jaayein…ooo ho mar jaayein
Days passes they didn’t meet each other n even didn’t try to contact
Twinkle health gets more worse leela mahi n uv gets worried for her
Kunj gets his packing done n look at twinkle pic n says I will miss u my siyappa queen
Aksar mere har ek pal mein
Kyun yeh sawaal sa rehta hai
Tujse mera taluk hai yeh kaisa
Aakhir kaisa rishta hai

Tujko na jis din hum dekhen
Wo din kyun guzar hi na payein
Mar jayein…mar jayein
Mar jayein…ooo oh mar jayein
Twinkle faints n leela n uv takes her to hospital kunj heads to leave n comes infront of taneja mansion n sees no one there
He leaves for airport
The screen freezes on both having sadness in their eyes
Guys thanks for supporting me my health is fine now I have seen many comments about don’t separate twinj plzz comment whether u want twinj separation or not plzz comment guys about it based on ur comments I will take story further n also comment guys how u like the episode
Plzzzz support me thanks to all of u for supporting me
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ???

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  1. SidMin

    A good and emotional episode .I hope Twinj do not get separated. Please post the next episode soon ,waiting for it .

  2. Kruti

    Emotions ka flood aa gaya…loved d epi

  3. Mahi

    Pls don’t separate them yar

  4. Emotional epi yaar…???
    Don’t separate twinj..??????
    Do cont asap…

  5. No separation plz

  6. hey sameera don’t separate them yaar.

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Emotional and nice epi….vt plzzz don’t separate twinj….

  8. Lama

    Very Emotional Episode…plz don’t seperate twinj…plz plz plz plz

  9. Emotional episode

  10. Angita

    Extremely emotional yaar.pls kunj don’t go to London without meeting twinkle

  11. Shatakshi

    It was so emotional Sam
    U know according to me…now u should take leap…n after that they will meet again…
    Or else u can show that when twinj r parted away…they had memory loss or something like that… N they forget their past…
    So u can again start a new story…
    Its just a suggestion
    N the episode was too good❤❤❤❤

  12. Sayeeda

    Soooo emotional one nd uske upar song bhi inna emotional …loved it.
    Well I also agree with Sattu…..the idea she gave is nice wrna separation nai aega toh story aage kaise badegi.. their should be some twist.

  13. Saby

    it was too much emotional yaar SAM and upon that the song which expreesed the scene more…. plz dont seperate twinj

  14. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    it was too emotional yaar…I think u should separate twinj. will help u to move further ur story with fresh concept. ..or its ur decision. …I would always read ur ff as ur a great writer. .

  15. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam it was very emotional and song used was fab
    No twinj separation

  16. Aamu

    hey sam sry i m late
    ur epi was too god but emotional
    plz let twinj unite sooon

  17. yr sameera nyc n emotional bt pls dont separate sidmin

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