Twinj Rab miliya episode 20


The episode starts with all coming back to Amritsar from farm house
Uv : this is so awesome
Mahi : yep we enjoyed alot
Babee : now we will go leela g
Leela : ok babee
Leela hugs twinkle n ask her to take care
They all go to their respective houses ??
Kunj house
Twinj along with babee comes to their house
Babee : u both go n take rest
Twinkle : ok babee u too take rest

In their bed room
Twinkle : kunj ….
Kunj : hmm
Twinkle : we have so much fun na
Kunj : yep this is the only thing that u wanted to tell me
Twinkle : yep
Kunj : say it twinkle u r tensed na
Twinkle : ?actually kunj u will always stay with me na
Kunj : yeah baby I will never leave u he gives a peck on her cheek
Twinkle : promise ?
Kunj : pakka wala promise ? we’ll always stay together now sleep
Twinkle lies her head on kunj chest n says
Twinkle : good night I love u
Kunj : I love u too ??
Next morning
Twinkle n kunj wakes up n gets ready
Babee : twinkle kunj come for breakfast
Twinkle : coming babee
Meanwhile kunj gets a mail from one of the top most company of London to join their business
They go down

Kunj : I am done with breakfast I have some work I will come at night
Twinkle : ok n waves bye at kunj
Twinkle (thinks): why am I feeling like we R going to be separated ?
She gets a call n gets shocked n goes from there
She reaches taneja group of industries n goes inside
Man : come miss twinkle taneja after Mr Rt died nobody is taking care of taneja group of industries if no one will come here to become CEO we have to auction this company
Twinkle : but sir how can u do that
Man : this is the rule in business Miss twinkle taneja u have one week time either bring CEO or get ready to auction this company
Meeting ends they go from there n twinkle gets worried n recalls Rt promise to rebuild his company
Twinkle : I will never let my father dream to be auctioned
On the other side
Man : so Mr kunj sarna we have seen ur all records n u r capable to join our company in London
Kunj : ok sir thanks u will join it soon
Man : but Mr sarna u have to leave Amritsar n come with us Amritsar after 4-5months
Kunj : yeah sir I’ll come with my family
They shake hands n kunj goes from there
Kunj (thinks): finally I got my dream fulfilling if I joined this job then I surely make my business I am very happy today
Twinkle n kunj comes to their house n collides with each other
Twinkle n kunj : I have to tell u something
Twinkle : first Me

Kunj : no first Me I got a job in a famous company of London isn’t it a good news
Twinkle : congratulations kunj
Kunj : we have to go London yep I am so excited he hugs twinkle u have to tell something too na
Twinkle : kunj I she tells him the whole story what happen at taneja industries
Kunj : oh let it be na twinkle well u r coming with me to London
Twinkle : no kunj I have to fulfill dad promise
They argue n goes to their room
Days passes they have daily arguments regarding that topic
Leela comes to twinkle house n sees that she has full fever
Leela : babee can I take twinkle for few days to my home
Babee : yeah leela g
Twinkle packs her clothes n goes with leela
Meanwhile kunj is sitting in a coffee shop n thinking about their arguments so.eone calls him from behind he turns n sees Alisha there
Alisha : kunj r u fine
Kunj : yeah I am fine but where were u from so many days
Alisha : oh actually I have some work n I went for that
Kunj : ohh this is matter
Alisha : but u look tensed
Kunj : no nothing
Alisha: plz tell me
Kunj : tells her everything about him n twinkle
Alisha (thinks): wow I got a chance to destroy twinkle
Alisha : oh that’s why u r tensed I think kunj u r right becoz twinkle is ur wife n she has to obey u in every situation she started brainwashing kunj she turns n smirks
At leela house
Twinkle n leela comes home but twinkle feels dizzy n faints leela calls doctor
Doctor : there is serious she has to take care of her self she was taking stress from so many days which is not good for her
Leela : ok I’ll take care of herself
Mahi drops doctor till door
Screen freezes on every one tensed face
Guys sorry for posting late as I have fever from two days but I don’t want u all to wait I know this epi is boring but after leap it will be fun ??????
Plzz plzz comment whether u r liking this track or not comment either positive n negative
Saby n sidmin guyss plzz post ur ff I am eagerly waiting for it
Thank to all of u guys for ur support in ff n OS too ur support means everything to me
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned???

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  1. Pls don’t seperate twinj let them be together nd fight the problems nd we have been seeing twinj separation in the show so can’t bare any more twinj separation in ff pls don’t seperate twinj

  2. Directionert91


  3. Apoorwa

    sear take care of your health and today epi is not boring it’s interesting dear

    1. Apoorwa

      its’s dear not sear

  4. Nice epi


    hey sameera dont make our twinj seperate pls

  6. Shatakshi

    Hey Sam
    It is damn interesting
    Loved it❤❤❤

  7. Saby

    Hey Sam ?
    I m liking the track….. Keep going??

  8. Superbbbbbbb nt at all boring….
    Do cont asap..

  9. Kruti

    Awesome epi sameera

  10. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam u r too good
    Osum epi

  11. Sayeeda

    Yrr…..Twinj separation track ….
    But go ahead with it as it’s good ….
    Today’s episode was too emotional …
    Plzzz post next one soon only if u r fine …I mean take care of ur health

  12. yr sameera nyc bt k post asap

  13. Lama

    Wooow new twist…today’s episode was Fabulous…plz post asap

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice epi….bt twinj separation…..

  15. Rashiverma2199

    Nice episode sameera…

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