Twinj Rab miliya episode 2


The episode starts with twinkle uv cherry n Maya gathering towards Alisha n ask her
Twinkle: why R U getting friendly with that kunj
Uv : is u stated liking him
Cherry : he is our enemy
Maya : yeah
Alisha : guys guys hold on actually I am getting friendly with him so that we can take revenge from him
Twinkle : bas yehi baat hai na
Alisha : yes
They go ….. Alisha says I have to make sure that no one knows I like kunj??
Next day
Twinkle calls uv n asks him to pick her from home
Uv : where we R going ??
Twinkle : gurdwara
Uv : ok
Uv comes to twinkle house n knocks door
A beautiful girl comes n opens door n finds uv there it’s mahi
Mahi : who R U ?
Uv doesn’t respond
Twinkle comes from behind n says he is my bestii uv and uv she is my sister mahi
Uv : sister??

Twinkle : yep
Twinkle : chale ab
Uv : ok let’s go n waves bye to mahi n mahi smiles
In car uv asks twinkle is mahi ur real sister
Twinkle : yes actually she stays with my grand mom since childhood but few days before she died n mahi come back
Uv : oh that’s the story but yaar she is so beautiful
Twinkle : so u stated liking her isn’t it
Uv : no not at all
Twinkle : I know u since childhood and teases him
Uv blushes
Twinkle : blushing ha …
The reach gurudwara n twinkle goes inside while uv goes to park car
Uv comes out of car n thinks so mahi taneja ur so beautiful n blushes
Twinkle goes n prays
Twinkle : babaji thank u mahi ko wapas bhej me k liye
Twinkle was going on a way n kunj also coming on same way n they both collides bhusssh
The fall down n have a eye lock sajna ve plays
Twinkle stands n ask kunj
Twinkle : andhe ho kya dekh kar nai chal sakte
Kunj : tum b to dekh kar chal sakti thi
Twinkle : wo me imp mail check kar rahi thi
Kunj : ohh bill gates daughter no actually u R a siyappa tu jab b mere Sarah hoti hai koi na koi siyappa aa hi jata hai
Twinkle : just shut up … tere ye Jo attitude hai na wo mein tod kar rahungi
Kunj : try karle
Twinkle : I will show u by doing top in major project
Kunj : we will see that who will do top
The screen freezes on twinkle n kunj face

Today no precap bcoz of new twist

I want to thank all of u for supporting me guys plz do comment thank u

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