Twinj Rab miliya episode 19

The episode starts with twinkle and kunj coming in the lawn n sees everyone sleeping
They smile n wake up all of them
Uv : itni jaldi subah hogayi
Cherry: hum abhi to soye thay
Kunj : oye kumbh karan k bhaiyo utho fresh hojao ( oye brothers of kumbh karan get up fast)
They all go to their rooms to change
Kunj : so Mrs twinkle sarna will u want to come on a ride with me
Twinkle : ride ???
Kunj : yep cycling ride
Twinkle : yeah I will surely come
They do cycling like a small children
Leela n babee smiles seeing them
Uv n others come out n say we will play cricket let’s see who will win
All agrees ???
Uv :bubbly Twinki Maya mom(Anita) n me in one team
Cherry kunj leela aunty babee n mahi in other team
They all come out to play they do toss kunj team wins toss n select fielding
Twinkle comes to bat kunj comes to ball
Uv : Twinki we have to win
Twinkle : yeah we will surely win
Kunj : ohh let’s see ?
Mahi : yep we will see who will win
Kunj balls twinkle takes runs then uv comes on field he do batting n they score 101 in 10 overs
Now it’s time for kunj team to bat
Kunj : I was a superbb cricket player ??
Mahi : we have to show them ? thy hi-fi
They start scoring runs mahi gets out then cherry comes n last it has 1 ball 3 runs
Kunj hits n start taking runs twinkle shows her puppy face with a pout kunj stops in the middle n uv throws ball kunj get out
Twinkle team wins
Kunj : this is cheating ?
Mahi : yeah di u did cheating
Twinkle : ohh my lovely Sis n cute hubby everything is fair in love n war
Kunj smiles looking at twinkle uv whistles
At night
They all come in lawn n kunj says today dinner will be cooked by me n uv
They stand to make barbeque n cherry cuts the salad
The ladies sit n wait for dinner
Kunj uv n cherry comes there with barbeque n salad
Kunj serves them all
Leela n Anita : wow it’s superbb
Babee n bubbly : yeah it’s too good
Twinkle : I don’t know that my hubby n my besties cooks so tasty food
Mahi : yep di even I don’t know about it
Twinj feeds to each other while looking in their eyes
Uv cherry mahi n Maya coughs ???
N they comes back to senses
They finishes the dinner n everyone sit in the lawn chit chatting when suddenly it starts raining
Leela babee n Anita go to their rooms
Twinkle : wow it’s raining too good let’s go n paly
Kunj : have u gone mad we’ll fell ill
Mahi : so what jiju we will play
Uv : both the sisters R mad
Twinkle n mahi : kya kaha ( what)
Uv : no can I say something to u
Bubbly : yep jiju we’ll play
Maya : yeah see its raining too good
Kunj : ok deviyo let’s go
They come to the lawn n started dancing holds each other hand n makes a circle n stated dancing on the song cham cham cham
Twinkle push kunj on the ground
Kunj : I will not leave u now
Twinkle : ahh m runs from there
Cherry n uv runs to change
Then twinkle mahi Maya bubbly n kunj plays
Maya bubbly go inside
Mahi : now what will I do I will also go inside u both enjoy (teasingly )
Twinkle n kunj : blushes ???
They are fully drenched n holds their hand n started dancing on the song meherbaan hua hua meherbaan hua Rab ???
They kiss each other n then goes to their room
Next morning
All comes there sneezing
Uv : achuu I told u not to go in in rain but these mad girls
Kunj : yeah I told them too achuu
Cherry : what can we do now see our stated achuu
Mahi : achuu achuu but we had so much fun last night
Bubbly n Maya : yep I wish rain comes today also
Twinkle : yeah we had so much fun achuu
Leela comes n gives them kada
They all drank saying : year it’s so sour
The screen freezes on their weird faces
Thank u thank u so much all from the core of my heart I’m a really on cloud nine after seeing ur comments thanks guys for supporting me
I decide to take a leap after 2-3epi then I’ll show tashn wala twinkle n kunj
Hope u will like them too
Plzz guys keep supporting me
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ???


  1. Angita


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous but I’m sad as I’ve never go to get wet in the real rain but only fake rain.and cricket match was nice to

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.