Twinj Rab miliya episode 18

The episode starts with all getting ready for the trip babee twinkle n kunj comes to leela mansion
All gets inside bus twinj sut beside each other n they all settle down
They all play antakshari while going n finally they reached farm house
Anita welcomes them
They all get inside n uv shows them room
Anita calls mahi to help n twinkle teases mahi
Twinkle : go mahi ur would be saas is calling u
Mahi : di aap bhi na ??
She goes to help Anita
Twinkle was going towards her room when someone pull her n puts his hand on twinkle ,yeah it’s kunj only
Kunj : meri wife to yaha aate hi mujhe bhool hai ( my wife has forgotten since we came)
Twinkle : no kunj n puts her around around him n says how can I forget my lovely hubby she pecks on his cheeks
Kunj : ohh ???
Twinj are in each other embrace when uv n cherry sees them n coughs
They get shy n apart from each other
Uv : we just came to call u fir dinner
Cherry : yep but I u too R busy I will tell aunty u will eat later
Twinkle while pulling there ears : I will take each n every revenge from u both
She goes to help the ladies
Kunj : every time u both come on wrong time
Kunj also goes after twinkle
Uv n cherry burst out into laughter ???
At dinning table
Everyone sat on their places
Twinkle : Anita aunty uv ki shadi kab kar rahe ho (when u were doing uv marriage)
Anita : ha twinkle I thought to get him married soon
Uv : but mom
Twinkle : yep uv u remember when we R child we used to tell we will get married on same day with our partners
Anita : yeah uv u remember
Uv : yep mom
Twinkle : iski shadi jaldi se kar wA do kahi Kafka haat se na nikal jaye
Twinkle smirks looking at uv
Everyone laughs ???
They all finishes their dinner n went to their rooms
Kunj calls twinkle to come outside
They go on a night walk ??
Kunj : so Mrs twinkle sarna
Twinkle : what Mr kunj sarna
Kunj : do u want to drink tea
Twinkle : yep kunj
They go to a tea stall n drink tea while looking in each other’s eye
Boldo na Zara dil me Jo hai chupa plays in by
They came back to farm house n goes towards lawn every one was sitting there playing truth n dare twinj also joins them
Bottle spins at stop at twinkle
Uv : who is ur first crush
Kunj looks at her
Twinkle : UMm he is my fav my love my star Salman Khan ???
Kunj gets shocked n jealous too
Uv n cherry teases kunj n giggles
Next stops at uv
Twinkle : do u love someone truly
Uv : yes I do
Every one look at mahi
He stand up n says yes I love alia bhatt
Everyone laughs expect Mahi
Next stops at mahi
Cherry : truth or dare
Mahi : dare
Cherry : u have to dance
Mahi : ok n dances on aaj raat k scene banare
Uv surprisingly looks at her n get Mesmerized
Next stops at bubbly
She also dances on mera nàam marry hai
Next it’s our hero turn
Uv : truth or dare
Kunj : dare ?
Uv : u have to kiss twinkle
Everyone get shocked
Twinkle : have u gone mad uv
Kunj : ok I will do it
He comes to closer to twinkle n pecks her on cheek
Kunj : uv didn’t mention where to kiss
Uv : yep it’s fine
They play n play n get tired the they all dance on the song kar gayi chill they all started dancing n everyone falls asleep except twinkle
Twinkle : kunj
Kunj : …….
Twinkle : what happen kunj
Kunj : do u really love salman Khan
Twinkle : aww my cute hubby got jealous
She hugs him from behind
Kunj : yep I am jealous
Twinkle : yes I like salman Khan but one person I love the most is. …
Kunj : is …….
Twinkle : my cutepiee baby my hubby Mr kunj sarna
Kunj turns n hugs twinkle saying I love u she replies I love u too n will always love u ?
She pecks on his lips
He also pecks on her cheeks then on her neck n they share a passionate lip lock n then kunj lifts twinkle n takes her to their room
Guys thanks u for the support in my ff n my O’s also I am in cloud nine after seeing ur comments on my O’s
Those who haven’t read my os plzz read
Even death can’t separate us
N also I want to end this ff soon so plzz comment about it also
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Thank to all of u guys zayb zikra rashiverma shatakshi sayeeda apoorwa lama dreamer arundati saby n everyone sorry If I didn’t mention ur name n silent readers plzz.comment too

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  1. Aaaawww. Really cute jealous kunj.. But cute I guess. W
    episode was just fantastic

  2. Mayahtwinjfan

    I loved it plz post soon

  3. Mayahtwinjfan

    I loved it plz post soon??

  4. Hi saeema iam a silent reader ur Epi fabulous like u I loved it post next Epi soon but iam sorry I didn’t get time to comment daily but believe me I read daily ur epi.

  5. Sorry by mistake I wrote saeema sameera

  6. Awwwweeee sho shweet epi dea…
    Loved it so much…..
    Do cont asap….??????

  7. love the episode.

  8. Loved it….

  9. Sameera….it was awesome….fab….loved it….

  10. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Lovely epi..especially twinj part..
    Missed you old kunj..♥
    & ur ff is outstanding.. keep doing..

  11. Sayeeda

    Loved ur episode to the core Sam….Kunj’s jealousy…. Uvi nd Cherry scenes ….Truth nd dare …
    Everything was up to to the extreme..
    About ending i think if u have a good story for further so do continue with ur ff nd entertain us as always u do but if u want to end it nd come up with next ff …then the decision is urs but I love ur ff a lot

  12. Kruti

    Loved d twinj romance …awesome epi

  13. Saby

    kabab me haddi kahike uv and cherry
    and kunj’s jealousy loved the episode…
    sam keep it up

  14. wooow Sameera…its tooooo Amazing…plz give more twinj romance

  15. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam yaar ur too adorable.
    Osum epi
    Cute, lovely, funny, romantic….perfect
    Luv u and ur ff

  16. Aamu

    SAM……………………………..YAAR HAD KR DI i loved it
    how cm u write such sweet n cute wala epi
    n yaa i m sana (aamu) only

  17. Apoorwa

    sameera if you end this ff thn come back with other
    love your writing piece
    about epi
    hmmm it was amazinggggggggg!!!!!!

  18. osm sameera luvd it

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