Twinj Rab miliya episode 17

The episode starts with kunj comes to kitchen n greets babee
Babee : puttar tu uth gaya dekh Teri nu nai tere liye kya banaya hai ( son u wake up see ur wife had made something for u )
Kunj : kya banaya hai ( what she has made )
Babee : aloo puri ur fav
Kunj : wow let’s go n do breakfast
They go to the table n started eating
When leela calls babee n ask to send twinkle fir pag phera
Babee : ok leela g
Kunj : what happen babee
Babee : u have to drop twinkle for pag phera
Then pick up tonight ok
Kunj : what she has to go making a sad face
Babee : yeah n twinkle this so tasty
Babee gives twinkle usha bangles n ask her to get ready to go to leela house
She agrees n take babee blessing

In their room
Twinkle comes to her room n sees kunj sitting with a sad face
She hugs him from behind asking what happen
Kunj : u r going ?
Twinkle : yeah I’ll be back tonight
Kunj : I will miss u
Twinkle : oh my cute hubby and gives a peck on his cheek
Kunj : ( teasing) only on cheeks what about lips ???
Twinkle Pat’s him : besharam ( shameless)
Kunj : so what I am asking from my wife
Twinkle : ohh kunj just go I have to change
Kunj : ok I am going I will ask for a kiss from my gf??
Twinkle : pulls him n says if u see any other girl then I will kill u Mr kunj sarna
Kunj coming closer: ok Mrs twinkle sarna n about to kiss

When babee shouts
Babee : twinkle puttar get ready n come down fast
She push kunj asking him to go from room??
Kunj : uff ye zalim duniya wale
Twinkle gets ready n comes down
She takes babee blessing n they both head towards leela mansion
At leela house
Twinj comes n leela does their aarti
Leela ask kunj to have break fast n he denies saying I already had it
Mahi : wow di aap to bhtt beautiful lag rahe go ( wow di u r looking so beautiful) and teases her
Kunj gets shy n says
Kunj : maa I have some work I will come at night
Leela : ok beta
He touches leela feet n goes from there
Kunj : byee twinkle
Twinkle :bye kunj come soon ?
Kunj goes from there
Twinkle comes to her room n sees it messed up n shouts mahi
Mahi : what happen di
Twinkle : see my room it’s looking as if it is not cleaned from many years
Mahi laughs ??
Mahi : di can I ask u something
Twinkle : yeah
Mahi : di batao na kal kya kya hua ??
Twinkle blushes n says : nothing
Mahi : oh really di
Twinkle : yeah ?
Leela calls them n they both go down N sees uv Maya cheery there
They all a cute fight ??

At night
Kunj comes to leela house n uv cherry welcomes him
Uv : welcome Jamai raja
Cheery : kunj come u wife is waiting for u
They go inside n find Maya mahi n twinkle there along with bubbly
Leela : I have some work u all chit chat I will come later
All teasingly ask twinkle about their last night
N they gets shy
Twinkle : ur time will also then I will see u all
Uv : ok we’ll see that
Bubbly : it’s so boring can we go out for some outing
Twinj reminisces their previous outing how they becomes n how they get married they smiles
Mahi : yeah it’s so many days n we have not go for any outing
Uv : we will go for 4-5 days trip
Twinj : where
Uv : wait love birds
Cherry : we will go to uv farm house
Uv : yep it’s a very nice idea
Leela comes n says how can we go out
But all of them request leela n she agrees
Then babee calls kunj
They takes leela blessing n meets all of them
Then twinj leave for sarna mansion ???

Precap : twinj romantic moments at farm house
So sorry guys for the late updates but I am bit busy so plzz forgive me n thanks to all of u after seeing all of ur comments I am on cloud nine
Plz plzz keep commenting n silent readers plzz comment too ??
Byee guys t.c
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  1. zayb_zikra

    Sameera ws waiting for ur ff dea…
    N epi ws too osmmmmmmmm loved it…..
    Do cont asap….????

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