Twinj Rab miliya episode 16


The epi starts with uv n leela shouting at workers to work fast
Uv : leela aunty u go n get ready I’ll take care of everything
Leela : but uv
Uv : no but vut u go get ready after all u r bride mom
Leela smiles n think Anita has given him good upbringing
Anita comes there n thy have cute fights because leela n Anita were childhood friends
Raman ( twinkle mama ) also come there with his family n bubbly goes to twinkle room

Twinkle room
Every one was getting ready when bubbly comes n hugs twinkle from behind
Twinkle : meri cute bubbly ??
Bubbly: kya di itni jaldi shadi kar li ( what di u got married so early ) waise how was jiju ?
Mahi : he is very nice
They 3 have a cute sisterly fight
Mahi n bubbly makes twinkle get ready
At kunj house :
Kunj was dressed in a black suit n a watch in his hand he looks so hot in it
Babee comes n does his aarti then they all leave for twinkle house
At twinkle house
Everyone get dressed n uv says kunj has come
They all head outside the house
Kunj comes in a black Mercedes
Cheryl Maya banne n everyone were dancing uv mahi bubbly Raman n all join they
They all dance on the song London thumakda
Then they go inside

On the door leela does kunj aarti n pulls his nose as a ritual
Kunj was stepping inside when uv ask him to stop n give naik before entering
Cherry comes n says kunj will not give naik
Uv ask him to come at bride side we’ll take 50-50
Cherry n Maya says when u and mahi were in twinkle we will be from kunj side
They get inside kunj walks up to stage
Uv n mahi makes a plan to steal his shoes
Kunj removed his shoes n walks up to stage cherry n Maya were keeping eye on shoes
Bubbly goes to Cherry n says there one man is calling you n he goes
Bubbly gives thumbs up to uv n mahi
Mahi goes to maya n makes her busy in talking
Uv steals the shoes n keep in car dicky ( trunks)
Cherry n Maya gets shocked seeing shoes R stolen
Kunj eyes were only searching for twinkle
When mahi uv n bubbly comes n teases him
They all laughs n goes upstairs to bring twinkle
Twinkle comes there with pinni leela mahi n bubbly
Kunj gets mesmerized seeing her in a beautiful lehenga
Twinkle comes n greets babee
Babee : kitti soni lag rahi hai meri nu Babaji ise nazar se bachana ( how cute she is looking plzz keep her save from evil eye)
Babee takes twinkle to stage n makes her sit beside kunj
Kunj ( whispers ) : wow I can’t believe my eyes meri queen itni cute b lagti hai
Twinkle : twinkle taneja hai hi bhtt beautiful
Kunj ( makes his right eye brow up n says twinkle taneja ya twinkle sarna
Twinkle blushes n kunj smiles seeing her
Uv : attention everyone as u all know that twinkle n kunj married so early n many rituals were left but we cover up haldi n mehandi bow it’s time for sangeet so first performance will be done by me n mahi and Cherry n Maya

They dance on the song tukur tukur from dil wale
Every one claps for them
Next the ladies leela babee Anita pinni dance on
Cham cham cham ??
Then it’s for our twinj
Kunj gives his hand to twinkle
They come on the floor n dance on the song
Meherbaan hua hua meherbaan hua Rab after on itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
He sit on his knees n takes ring from his pocket n makes her wear it ??
Everyone claps for them
They all go for dinner n kunj holds twinkle hand under the table she smiles
Twinkle : kunj plzz leave my hand
Kunj : no I will not
Twinkle stared eating with left hand n everyone ask her about it
Twinkle : wo actually me….meee
Kunj : ha twinkle tu left se q kya rahi hai
Twinkle angrily looks at him n pinches his hand
Kunj : ouchh
Leela : what happen kunj
Kunj : nothing maa ??
Twinkle : kya hua my hubby
Kunj : nothing twinkle while pressing his teeth
After dinner kunj ask cherry to bring his shoes
Uv mahi n bubbly comes there n says
Uv : pehle naik de than jhoote le ( first money then shoes )
Mahi : ya first money then shoes
Kunj : Mahi u r my rakhi sis how can u do that
Bubbly : she us ur rakhi sis but I am ur sali we want money

Twinkle smiles n whispers to kunj think kunj sarna if u want shoes then u have to give them money
Kunj smiles n says how much u want
Uv :51000 in cash
Mahi : 50000 ?
Kunj first decide u want 51k or 50 k
Uv : 51k
Kunj : but its so big amount I have to arm to bring it
Mahi : give me ur card uv will bring money from ATM
Uv : yeah
Twinkle : do ur fast guys it’s so late
Mahi : di we want money first
Kunj : ok bring my shoes n I’ll give u money then
Give shoes from one hand n take money from other
Uv says on goes to bring shoes he gets shocked seeing the car gone in which he has kept the shoes
He comes inside n tells this to mahi
They call the driver n ask him to come here fast
Kunj shouts : kya shoes nahi mil rahe hai
Uv : wo kunj tujhe itni kya jaldi hai pehle paise bata then we’ll bring shoes
Mahi : pehle paise batao tab ham jaake shoes laate hai
Twinkle ask bubbly why they R not telling about it she tells her the whole incident
Twinkle started laughing n kunj ask her
Kunj : pagal hogayi hai kya q has rahi hai ( have u gone mad why R U laughing )
She tells all of them everything they all laughs n looks at mahi n uv
Anita says to leela I want to make ur daughter my dil
Uv ( thinks ) : mom leela aunty ki ek aur beti hai
Kunj : aunty mahi is also there
Anita : oh haa mahi she is also so cute
Twinj teases yuhi saying tumlog k b time aane wala hai and giggles
Driver comes n bring shoes
Yuhi gives shoes to kunj n he gives them money
They all go out for bid farewell
Leela n twinkle cries n mahi also joins them
Leela ask kunj to forgive her I she do any mistake
Kunj : maa I will be with her always n I’ll promise we will come to meet you twice a week
She hugs kunj asking him to take care of u too
Twinkle meets everyone n they left for kunj house
While uv mahi cherry Maya b bubbly also goes there
Babee does twinkle grahpravesh n they go out
Then they play game of finding ring from the milk
Twinkle gets ring first
Cheryl Maya shouts kunj kunj
Then second time kunj gets the ring
Then third time kunj found the ring but twinkle makes puppy face he drops it again n twinkle finds it
Uv mahi showd yeah twinkle jeet gayi
Then all go to their respective homes
Uv : teasing enjoy ??
Twinkle goes to their room n sees it decorated with full of flowers n candles
She goes near dressing table n finds a card there in which it was written welcome to our room Mrs twinkle kunj sarna ??
Kunj comes from behind n hugs her
Twinkle turns n trying to go from there but kunj holds her tightly
Kunj : aaj nahi Jane dunga ( I will not leave u today )
He gets closer n they have a passionate lip lock
He lifts twinkle n makes her lie on the bed n then lights goes off??
Next morning
Kunj wakes up n doesn’t find twinkle there he goes outside n sees twinkle n babbe cooking together n thinks Babaji thanks you for the happiness plzz don’t let this happiness go
The screen freezes on kunj cute face
Guys I hope u enjoy this episode thanks to u guys for all of ur support
I didn’t write much romance as I was worst in writing romantic scenes ???
Plzz plzz plzz comment either positive or negative did u all like the episode or not thanks to all of u guys
N also comment whatever I’ll show their marries life or take a leap plz suggest me
So guyss sorry for taking ur precious time
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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