Twinj Rab miliya episode 15

The episode starts with kunj calling twinkle
And ask her to come to balcony right now
Twinkle comes to her balcony n sees smiling balloons she calls kunj
Kunj gives a cute chocolate hampers
Twinkle : omg I didn’t knew my sadu sarna is so romantic
Kunj : hey my queen don’t call me sadu now
Kunj shows fake anger n says I will not talk to u now
Twinkle hugs him from behind n says my cute hubby got angry tell me what u need to put your anger down
Kunj : so U’ll give me what I want
Twinkle : yeah
He comes closer to n twinkle n ask for a kiss
Twinkle gets shy they comes closer n leela knocks on the door
Twinkle ask kunj to go n he goes from there kissing in her forehead but turns n says
Kunj : I love u ?
Twinkle: I love u too ? she gives kiss on her cheek n he goes from there
Twinkle opens the door n leela comes in
Leela : why did u take tym to open them
Twinkle : wo maa I am changing clothes
Leela : ok leave it I got this jewelry to give u in ur marriage I don’t believe my cute princess’ becomes so big today she is gonna leave this home
Twinkle n leela get teard eye
Twinkle : maa I promise I will come to meet u daily
Leela : ok my princess they hug n have tears in their eyes
Mahi comes there n says I am also here ?
Leela twinkle ask her to come n they 3 hug
Twinkle : putting her head on leela lap n says can u sing lullaby like u used to sing in childhood
Leela : ok n signs chandaniya chup Jana re …..
She sees twinkle n mahi sleeping peacefully
She goes from there turning off the lights

Next morning
Twinkle gets a message from kunj she gets disturbed n wakes up n reads that message
I know my queen woulf be sleeping right now good morning plzz wake up its our reception today love u kunj ???
She smiles reading it n reply I love u too n good morning my cute hubby
After some time leela mahi twinkle goes to buy dresses for reception
They come into the mall
Twinkle was trying a lehenga but putting her chunri over head she sees in mirror kunj was watching her
She turns n smiles looking at him
She takes another dress n kunj nods no
Then after so many dresses kunj nodded for a beautiful dress
Mahi sees kunj n goes towards him n coughs
Mahi : so bhai what R U doing here
Kunj : wo actually I came with babee
Mahi : ohh then where is babee
Kunj : she was in other side n I came to search for dresses this side
Mahi : ohh say na u want to meet twinkle n teases him
Kunj : mahi plz help me to take this siyappa queen out for sometime
Mahi : ok
Leela says now let’s go home I have so many works today
Mahi : maa u go we’ll come aftersome time actually we have to invite our friends fir reception
Leela : ok but u both will come back at too as we have to do haldi n mehandi ( henna ) ritual
Mahi :ok

Leela goes from there
Twinkle goes outside n meets kunj n he thanks mahi
Mahi : no problem bhai
Twinkle : lekin Mahi ab tu kaha jayegi ( but mahi where u will go now )
Uv comes there n says she’ll come with me
We have to buys so may things for today reception
Kunj n twinkle goes from there
Twinkle sits on kunj bike
They go for a cute long drive
Twinkle : kunj plz slower the bike
Kunj : twinkle if I’ll drive fast then only we can enjoy our long drive
Twinkle tightly hugs him n kunj smiles
They go to have pav bhaji n then goes to a park n twinkle sits on swing n kunj pushes the swing
Twinkle : I am very happy today
Kunj : me too twinkle u have to give me something
Twinkle : what
Kunj : u know fir what I am asking
Twinkle : no I don’t know ???
Kunj holds her by waist n pulls her closer when mahi calls her n says come now
Twinkle : ok
Kunj get sad n twinkle smiles seeing him
Kunj drops her home
They say bye to each other
Twinkle gets ready n come down in yellow clothes everyone started to apply haldi on her face
Leela : may god give u all the happiness
Uv comes there n says I am twinkle besti I need to apply haldi too he pours full haldi bowl on twinkle
Twinkle : Tera b time aayega bete ( winking at mahi ur time will also come )
She smirks

Then it time for mehandi
Some girls come n apply mehandi to twinkle n ask her hubby name
Twinkle : kunj
She gets kunj calls but due to mehandi she doesn’t pick his call
Mahi takes her phone n goes to a side she picks the call
Kunj : oye my lovely wife why R U bot picking my call I am missing u so much baby I want to meet u
Mahi : ohh my sweet jiju cum bro but it’s not your baby it’s me mahi
All the girls laugh
Kunj gets shocked n ask about twinkle
Mahi : actually she put mehandi on her so she can’t talk to you right now
Kunj : oh ?
They all takes pics n sends it to kunj
Kunj smiles seeing them epi ends on his smiling face

Precap : Mahi n uv teasing kunj n stealing his shoes

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    Mahi and Uv teasing Kunj
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