Twinj Rab miliya episode 14


The episode with starts twinj reaching twinkle home n sees each other awkwardly
Kunj : twinkle i know what you must be thinking but see it meant to be happen
Twinkle : yes kunj what to do now ?
Kunj : we will keep this marriage a secret n aftersome time we will tell this to our family
Twinkle : ok kunj as u say
Twinkle turns to go but kunj calls her n says to
clean your forehead
She nods n go inside saying bye to kunj
Twinkle comes to her room n sees sindoor n mangalsutra
Twinkle pov
Babaji how can u do this I can’t believe I am married to kunj i am happy but tensed to what if kunj doesn’t love me I feel safe whenever I was
with him this is a strange feeling I can’t tell this to anyone
Kunj pov
I am feeling strange how did this happen I don’t
know about my feelings if I love twinkle or not I
need someone to explain me but I can’t ask anyone about it how must be twinkle feeling right now
Just then babee enters his room n ask him if he
is tensed he says no
Kunj : babee can I ask u something
Babee : ha puttar ji
Kunj : what is the real meaning of love ?
Babee : love pyaar mohabbat ishq is a beautiful feeling of the world if u love someone their happiness matters to u most u sees her every
where n even u misses them that is the strange feeling ???
Babee : but why R U asking R U in love
Kunj : no I was just asking
Days passes their finals got over
One day twinkle kunj uv Maya cheery Alisha n mahi comes to college
Uv : I can’t believe guys tomorrow is our last day
of college
Cherry : ya time passes so soon
Kunj ( thinks ) : I can’t meet twinkle from tomorrow and worries
Twinkle ( thinks ) I will not be able to see his
face from tomorrow she too worries
They look at each other but doesn’t utter a word
Next day
Twinkle comes to college n kunj message her
asking her to come to their drama room
She goes toward the room n enters n see that class is decorated with full of balloons n
ribbons and flower petals were on the floor
She sees on the board it is written
Twinkle + kunj =twinj
She turns n see kunj sitting on this knees
holding a rose
Twinkle : kunj
Kunj : shh I want to say something twinkle I doesn’t know what to say but I have to tell u that I want to see u every day I want u to wake up me with ur cute hands I want to grow older with u I didn’t know when did this happen I can’t imagine a single second without whenever u r not with me I used to miss u twinkle I get very happy seeing u happy when I see u sad I also feels sad I wanted to be with u all my life twinkle I love u I love u twinkle
So miss twinkle taneja will u be my Mrs twinkle sarna
Twinkle with tears in her eyes step backwards n comes running towards kunj saying I love u too kunj
I also feel the same I also wanted to grow older with u I love you too kunj
They both tightly hug each other ???
Uv mahi cherry Maya n whole class comes there clapping
Uv comes to twinkle n says omg u too confess I thought u will confess when U’ll get old
Everyone laughs
They all congratulate twinkle n kunj
Kunj : we have to tell about our marriage to our family
Twinkle nods n go to twinkle house
Leela comes there n sees kunj
Twinkle : maa we have to tell u something
Leela : say twinkle
Twinkle tells the whole incident how they got married
Leela gets teard eye n says my twinkle got married saying this she hug kunj n twinkle
Leela ask kunj to bring his parents at dinner tonight
Kunj : aunty my parents R no more they died in a accident nai live with my babee
Leela : ohh I am so sorry
Kunj : no no don’t be aunty
Leela : what called me aunty u have to call me maa
Kunj : ok maa
Twinkle smiles kunj goes from there
Kunj goes to his house
Kunj tells babee about his marriage
She gets happy but then sad saying I want to dance in your marriage
Babee : but who us the girl she is good or not
Kunj : I’ll make u meet tonight I am sure that U’ll like her
At night they go to leela house
Twinkle comes down n greets babee
Babee gets happy n looks towards kunj he nodded his head in yes
Babee gets happy that she got the girl which she wanted to make her daughter in law
Babee: twinkle puttar ye le bangles ( twinkle takes this bangles )
Leela : I have so many dreams fir twinkle marriage but what to do now
Mahi : we will do their reception with all the rituals
Babee : I also wanted to dance in kunj baraat
Uv :so it’s decided that we will do their reception and I will do all the arrangements
Leela: ok first we will do her reception then we’ll do her bidaai ( bid farewell)
Kunj ( whispers to twinkle ) : I will come with baraat to take my siyappa queen no my queen
Twinkle smiles
Kunj babee n uv goes from there
The epi ends on twinkle smiling face ???

Precap : twinj secret romance before reception

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    hey sasmerra where is epi 13 i m not getting it nd when did they got married plssss tell

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    Awesome epi

  9. Fabulous episode….Twinj Romance can’t wait for the next episode…plz update it soon


    fabulous sameera

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    Hey sameera
    The episode was Awesome
    I liked the idea of samuhic vivha
    N wow yaar what a confession…short n sweet
    Loved it????

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    Hey sameera….finally the love confession for which I was waiting …..awesome….

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    Sameera loved it muah
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